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  1. One more. I Like Big Buicks and I Cannot Lie !
  2. My 1940 Limited model 81. These were taken when my wife spent the day with some friends. I don't know what it is about dogs and old cars. All of my dogs liked to go for car rides, but they always loved going for a ride in my Buick. They got a lot more excited about riding in the Buick then in a modern car. Maybe because they knew the Buick meant total fun.
  3. I am not too far from there. I live in Deer Park, about 20 minutes East of Bellmore. How soon do you need it looked at ? You can send me an email at rottweilerpawrent@yahoo.com Phil Pfersching.
  4. From the Hemmings daily blog. A car that has not been seen for more than 60 years. The two young gentlemen who built were inspired by the Le Sabre concept car. http://blog.hemmings.com/index.php/2016/02/08/unseen-for-more-than-60-years-the-one-off-manta-ray-will-once-again-return-to-the-spotlight/
  5. Leon Bee, it's cool. I like your pic too. By the way, if you like pics of dogs in cars and are a member of Facebook, there is a page called Vintage Photos of Cars with Dogs. Yeah, you can find anything on the internet.
  6. I may have missed it, but I don't think anyone mentioned that there is a line that says advanced search. That is what you click on and there will be an area where you can type in the words that you want excluded. I generally just type in Fits. That eliminates most of the useless junk that has nothing to do with your car. I have found that because most sellers have no idea what they are selling, they have creative or strange ways to list their item. That is why I don't want to be to restrictive in the search eliminations. Therefore, I only eliminate the word fits. For example, in addition to m
  7. You can buy new faces from Bob's Automobilia if you want to try and restore them yourself.
  8. I do the same that Ed has suggested, and it works well.
  9. I fond this picture online and noticed that it has an interesting top. The caption for it says : San Francisco circa 1920. "Buick, Pacific Heights." Wearing a spiffy "California top."
  10. Also, all of the door and window handles are not correct for a Limited. Limited handles all had a plastic insert in them. The ad says that it has Trippe Lights, or at least implies that. Those lights are cheap aftermarket lights. If he would take $ 5,000. for it, it would be a great starter project. p.s. The 1940 Limiteds are more closely related to the 1938 cars than the 1939 cars. Basically it is a 1940 Buick from the cowl forward, and a 1938 Buick from the cowl back.
  11. I enjoyed all the pictures. I especially enjoyed the Continental sedans, and I got a kick out of the '53 Buick Skymaster woody wagon.
  12. I just read it today. I enjoyed it as well. Thanks Lamar.
  13. I was at a local car show today. This show has a great mix of cars, especially a nice turnout of Pre - War cars. I met two young ladies who were probably in their 20s. They had digital SLR cameras and they were excitedly running from one car to the next snapping lots of pictures of each car. I noticed that they were not taking the usual pictures of the cars themselves, but were taking the pics at odd angles and extremely close up. So I asked one of the girls what she was seeing that she wanted to take a picture of. She explained that she was taking pictures of the shapes, colors and reflection
  14. That is really cool ! Thanks for sharing.
  15. Welcome to the forum John. I second what Mike said.
  16. Today is March 22 or 3/22 aka National Nailhead Day. Celebrate this day by taking your nailhead powered vehicle out for a ride. You can celebrate the day by just starting your nailhead, or by working on it. You can celebrate the day just by daydreaming about nailheads. Show us your nailhead !
  17. Does anybody know the name of the color on this car. Or is it even a Buick color ?
  18. I know...it is too cold for silly comments. I couldn't help it.
  19. I enjoyed that. Bernie, if the snow is light a fluffy, it will blow like dust when you drive by.
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