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  1. One more. I Like Big Buicks and I Cannot Lie !
  2. My 1940 Limited model 81. These were taken when my wife spent the day with some friends. I don't know what it is about dogs and old cars. All of my dogs liked to go for car rides, but they always loved going for a ride in my Buick. They got a lot more excited about riding in the Buick then in a modern car. Maybe because they knew the Buick meant total fun.
  3. I fond this picture online and noticed that it has an interesting top. The caption for it says : San Francisco circa 1920. "Buick, Pacific Heights." Wearing a spiffy "California top."
  4. I just read it today. I enjoyed it as well. Thanks Lamar.
  5. Does anybody know the name of the color on this car. Or is it even a Buick color ?
  6. Hey Bernie, she didn't put those pants on...she grew into them !
  7. I think this is a '39 Buick. What do you think ? Can you tell what series it is ?
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