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  1. Just a quick thank you to all those who provided advice, both technical and otherwise. The 55 wagon is legal, inspected, tagged and on the road. Also, my home owners' association can now bit by butt too. Thanks for all your help in getting her...my wife named her after our recent ride...Ethyl, on the road.
  2. Personally, I'd say keep it even if you have to drop the insurance, that would then be a "free" car with no cost associated. If you don't have room in your garage, storage can be had for $30 a month for outside storage. Put a good cover on it. (At least here in the South I can do that). If you HAVE TO HAVE a hot rod, make it the big car. You see Dart's everywhere...Mopars answer to Mustangs. Be different, draw attention rather than that blase, oh, another Dart hot rod...kinda like a 57 Chevy...they all look the same.
  3. IF they EVER open the website. If you read the latest edition of Smoke Signals...they are going out for bids on the website....ummmm...why wasn't that made public? Also, once the bids are received, then maybe it's going to be back up in six - eight weeks. Well, like are they going to rebate some of our dues? And, what did the new vendor bid on? Did he not bid on website? And if not, why doesn't the old vendor still have it up? And if yes, then why are they spending more money to hire a new web guy? Somethings fishy here and it stinks badly.
  4. Don't really know what yours looks like, but i needed two for my 55 wagon. They are very special and very particular. The last pair of used ones I saw went for $250 on ebay...wish I knew then what I know now...I would have paid more. Anyway, I went to a trailer supply house and bought some lights of the same diameter and used them as replacements for the inspection. I now have tail and brake lights. It's temporary but effective. Note, I just used the lenses , not the whole taillight.
  5. Thanks Ron, enjoy Carlisle. Wish I could be there too. Thank you for your efforts. I'm confident in the interior color scheme and choices. I have all the door panel trim so that's not an issue either. I have morrokide examples but perhaps I need another color example. I'll make a trip to my supplier today. This bolero red is a bit oranger than anticipated so I may have just bypassed that red option. More next week. enjoy the weekend.
  6. Quickly, both are 69 GTO's built in Atlanta,while not 1000 apart, they are 9,000+ apart. Body of one in baltimore the other in atlanta. 52 paint=matador red with 257 trim = black and/or parchment. I've found 257 as black upper and lower on autocolor library, but it also lists parchment on lower so... the other one, paint 59 = limelight green poly with green interior (actually midnight green poly), 256. Good luck
  7. Thanks for the names and info. I guess the driving issue is that the windlace is only manufactured in one color red anymore. Therefore, it either gets dyed or everything else matches. I've checked with SMS and my local, and both are the same red. Also, online only "red" is listed. So.... I'd appreciate the color verification. I feel certain there wouldn't be multiple shades of red too. They all three are in close proximity at each door edge, so shade variations would be obvious and unwanted.
  8. Thanks Ron. I got the correct code from Ditzler charts and have a pint mixed up now. I'll spray some this afternoon. This issue is that the windlace is one color of red, the vinyl another color of red and the paint a third shade of red. I've gotten "original" materials and color from SMS but the vinyl color is even further away from the paint than my normal vinyl supplier has in stock. And the windlace...ack. Can I dye, using normal cloth dye, windlace (prior to adding foam of course)? I would hate to have to find vinyl and match a non-original paint color to windlace and have the only co
  9. I have to agree with Dongle on this one. For HPOF, the car is awarded a certicate of authenticity which carries no significance among the community. However, a restored senior carries big kudos and would command high dollar on resale. Something seems amiss here. My 53 could be classified as HPOF, but do I really want to drive around in a car with torn door panels, scuffed paint and 53 years of road abuse even though it only has 60k miles? If I take it out, I want it to be admired and enjoyed by others as well as myself. Does it make it any less original to put on a new nice paint job and p
  10. Wow, thanks Fred. I had no idea. Mine are working fine now, but this type of information is gold, solid gold.
  11. Today I was out in search of a small quantity of paint in original color, Bolero Red, to spray so that I could match the interior vinyl coloring and the windlace coloring on my 55 wagon. But, in the process, I thought that this could be used to paint the interior (which also needs to match and be painted) but I didn't know what kind of paint to use on the interior. I intend to paint the exterior BC/CC in Bolero Red and black or white (undecided). What paint forumla/type of paint is used on the dash and door panels? And for those in the Houston area who use PPG brand paints, I would like to re
  12. Wish I was closer. Just don't think I'd trust her for a 1500 mile trip.
  13. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> After discreetly storing two cars next to my garage for eight years, someone has filed a complaint with the county - Stafford, Virginia. The gentleman from code enforcement was very nice and understanding, and from our conversation I have two choices to deal with the situation. 1. Put up a privacy fence, taking the cars out of view. My wife does not like this option. 2. Get one of the vehicles tagged - Stafford allows me one vehicle untagged, and putting plates on one would ge
  14. Duplicate post with AACA tech board so....... HELP! This is the last item to get working correctly til the beast is inspected and on the road. Windshield wipers... 55 Pontiac wagon, vacuum wipers. There is an vacuum inlet from the fuel pump which is identifiable. however, in the center of the motor, there is another fitting which is open. I've closed it off with some hose but the wipers barely move (1/2"). Does this fitting get vacuum and if so, from where. I've checked my 53 which doesn't have the second fitting. I've checked 53, 55 and motor's manuals but none even picture the wiper mo
  15. I don't know about the engine in your car. I recently priced the rebuild on my 53 straight 8 and "depending on parts needed", $2000 to $2500. I priced parts for doing a rebuild myself and the parts were $1000.00. On top of that, machine shop time would be needed so I figure I'm spending only $500 or so beyond what I could do it for myself...that's ok in my ball park. My time is worth that much alone. I don't know where you are located, but ask in main forums for recommendations in your area. The people here are great about knowing who to deal with with these classics and there's a wealth
  16. HELP! This is the last item to get working correctly til the beast is inspected and on the road. Windshield wipers... 55 Pontiac wagon, vacuum wipers. There is an vacuum inlet from the fuel pump which is identifiable. however, in the center of the motor, there is another fitting which is open. I've closed it off with some hose but the wipers barely move (1/2"). Does this fitting get vacuum and if so, from where. I've checked my 53 which doesn't have the second fitting. I've checked 53, 55 and motor's manuals but none even picture the wiper motor so I'm here. *** edit I've fixed it. I re
  17. 3Jakes, As always, you're a sound voice of reason. I've recently read on PY forums that there was much behind the scenes drama that hasn't played out publicly. This political drama resulted in two BOD members resigning (at least that was the number mentioned in other post) when the vendor changed. I too find it bizarre how POCI does business. I've served on national and state wide BOD's in various other fields, but I've not seen anything like this. This news of political infighting has really piqued my interest to know the "facts" of what is happening in the upper leadership ranks of our o
  18. The same reason they sell it for 40 cents less than here in Houston where we refine it. I actually think they have to ship it from Houston to Iowa to toss in some corn stalk stuff then ship it back, that's why we pay so much.
  19. Here's what I know. These are actual companies that provide the magazine, provide and maintain the website and the organizational offices. They are paid by our dues. Last year, bids were accepted to replace the existing (at the time then) provider. Don Keefe and his company's bid was accepted and his company replaced the previous company as provider of services. Based on what I have read, from Don Keefe on PY forums (long thread there), the previous provider left with all this toys and did not leave any pertinent information. I would imagine he was peeved at what took place. I understan
  20. thanks Ron. It's always good to know you're around. you've been the wealth of information to me thus far! I've got the paint already and agree, Hirsch is excellent. I send folks there as often as I can. I don't know if these covers were stripped and just so covered in old oil that they didn't rust or what, but they have the rivets where the plate was and the original wire looms still in place...they are just chrome. I would have thought after market also until I saw a pic of the passenger side and recognize the rivets on the cover. Thanks for your help , as always.
  21. I've pulled the valve cover gaskets from my 55 wagon. They are chrome. Was Chrome a stock color for 55 engines? And, what color should the oil filler caps be on this car? Black or Pontiac blue/green? thanks Jeff
  22. You could sell it to me <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> Just joking. (well not really but that's another story) Drop the tank and clean it/have it cleaned. I'd probably replace the gas lines too. Rebuild fuel pump and carb. While this is going on, pull plugs and drop in some Marvels to make sure the pistons and valves are feed up. Others will have other suggestions on what to use but the base idea is to soak loose the mechanicals. Might also be a good time to replace valve cover gaskets and let you inspect the top of the heads. While motor is so
  23. Thank you all so much. In reading your responses, I will first apologize for not making it clearer in my original post. This is a 55 Pontiac wagon. The next logical question is why am I in the Buick section asking advice. Well, I do have Buicks, two Riviera's and the Buick people are much more helpful in my opinion that the Pontiac folks. Nothing really against those that I've spoken with or chatted with, but just an issue I've found even to the point of getting rid of my Pontiac's and focusing on Buicks. IMO, restoring old cars is difficult enough without having to pull hen's teeth to f
  24. I think it has the potential to be a #1 car, but I'm not planning on taking it to that level. This will be a driver and #2 car when it leaves me (at least that's the goal). Thanks and keep the opinions coming <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />
  25. Opinions please... I'm redoing the interior this week for my 55 wagon. The interior is red /white with red dash etc. I will be repainting as soon as I get it ground down and primed and a small bit of body work completed. Thinking as a rationale human, I was thinking of doing the exterior in two tone, red and white. However, this would not be the original colors which was two shades of gray. But, I thought that the red and white would have been a factory option. It is not. Red/Black and Black/Red were the only two red combinations. Currently, the car is original, matching numbers running
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