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  1. I'm considering using a spare 455 I have out of a 70 Riviera in another vehicle. I'm not sure of the condition of the motor as the car was bought as a parts car. But as I considered this, I'm fairly well informed about the 455 Pontiac motor but I know little about it's cousin the Buick 455. Is this engine more closely related to the Chevy big block or the Pontiac 455? I'm curious about this mostly from a rebuilding cost perspective, but also from a performance perspective. Like the Chevy's, is the Buick a totally different block than the small blocks or like the Pontiac's just a bore and
  2. Learned to drive in a 72 Nova 350 3 speed....never could drive that car slow. My first car was a 64 Chevy Belaire 4 door, 3 on the tree with a bashed driver's rear door. Knew nothing about cars and it started running poorly (I know now it just needed a tune up) and when it got a flat and I rounded off a lug, sold it for $50 to a soldier across the street. My biggest screw up with a car <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />
  3. Reading the post about shifting a standard 3 on the tree, I'm sitting here thinking, "Wow, I must be getting old." I don't really feel "old" (except in the morning when my back is sore and creaking). My youngest kid is in college though...hmmm. Old? maybe. A 64 Chevy 3 on the tree was my first car. Everyone knew how to drive a stick on the tree in those days...we all had standards it seemed. So, I'm thinking...for us late 40 somethings...what else do I remember that makes me "seem to be old?" I remember gas at 32 cents a gallon and not thinking twice about pulling into the station for
  4. Sintid Collector car and truck list #2 Skylark 2 dr. sedan at $4500. I find this magazine/site to be fairly accurate as to car pricing. I also subscribe to the mag. It's a nice looking car, not particularly rare right now but it will be as the years pass. Additionally, it will provide you with good service for less money. I expect that as it ages it will increase in value if kept up because they aren't making any more and it's got that sporty look of the era. Buy it is my advice if you can get it at or below the price above. If they're asking much more than the above, I'd say pass and fi
  5. Have you replaced the vacuum hoses? Replace all that old rubber. Also replace the steel vacuum lines. Blowing out your old gas lines is probably part of the reason for your running issues. If the car had set up for a long time, the lines got gummed up. Running it now with previously gummed up lines is probably breaking chunks off (well, they're probably very small pieces) which is creating carb issues internally. I would redo the gas lines completely. I redid mine on a station wagon for about $30. Check fire at every plug. Backfiring through the pipes would indicate unused fuel hit
  6. I wanted to publicly thank Peter since my post here brought him to my aid. I bought a 40 Plymouth coupe near him and he volunteered to inspect it/check it over for me to give me the "feel goods" before tossing the full amount to the seller. So, Thanks Peter. He was really wonderful through the whole process and spoken of highly by the seller also. I feel great about buying the car now (I've been burned before buying cars on ebay)and feel certain that not only did I get a solid car, but that I got a pretty good deal in the bargain. And while I was going to hot rod it because it had no motor
  7. the type of fun I like to sit around and discuss for hours...what cars I like and why. As a collector car, I'd say you can't go wrong with the Cadillac. I don't own one, don't really want one but if the right deal came along would buy one. From your list, I'd go for the 38. No particular reason except that it would probably be worth more down the line when I sold it...which I would do. I have no deep longing for a Cadillac (except maybe the 60-62 year models) 58 Roadmaster would probably be my top pick from your list, despite the price. Why? Because I was born in 58 and really want a 58.
  8. What is the resting RPM? Does it have power steering? My idea is that the RPM is set too low and with the power steering pump putting an extra strain on the system in turns, it just dies from lack of idle. Up the idle a bit. No power steering? I'd still try the idle speed first. Barring this, sounds like gas problem as it seems you've explored. Maybe one of the jets is clogged? Barely keeping enough gas in bowl?
  9. Thanks Bill, turns out I did exactly as you recommend (well almost). I got it out yesterday. I already had out the radiator and all supplemental attachments. I pulled the front of the radiator support, but lo and behold, a 1" bar that would require the front clip to be disassembled to move it (or a hacksaw which I didn't want to do). Anyway, had to rig up as long armed as possible, 1/2 ton point on lift (which was probably not enough as the lift almost turned over) and actually had to pry the timing cover/motor mount attachment over the crossbar. Got some 2x6's under it to support it and re
  10. JDHolmes

    New 40 owner

    I just purchased/won (ebay syle) a 40 Businessman's coupe. It has no motor or tranny so the wife and I are going to do the "hot rod" thing to it (just motor,tranny and rear end). Can anyone give me specs and/or make recommendations of what will actually fit. I'm aware that there will probably me some metal work associated with motor mounts, crossmembers and the like. thanks JD
  11. Last night, my wife and I were running to the third Lowe's looking for that just right Christmas decoration to add to our scene this year. It was across north Houston and being held as the last one in the region. As we rolled, we noticed a Kroger's parking lot with a lot of old cars parked in the lot and decided we'd stop by on the way home. I remembered that that parking lot did a regular cruise in but couldn't remember the details. On the way home, we pulled in, farily early and spoke with a couple of folks. It turned out to be the Niftee 50's group who's there every Saturday night but l
  12. I just bought a car via ebay and it's located in Reading. I'm wondering if someone in the area would mind inspecting it based on the description before I pay the total amount. It is a 40 Plymouth Business Coupe, supposedly with no rust (hence the need for the inspection). I'd of course be willing to pay you for your services and or time.
  13. You're probably not going to have any luck because you can't title the car in California as you are not a resident. you are definately in a catch -22 situation here, but short of legal immigration to California for a time, I don't know how you would do so. Although, in CA, I'm sure there are many illegal ways to accomplish what you wish...I just don't know them.
  14. Randy, I'd love to but it really doesn't say anything about it. It just says it's possible and then gives the steps one would expect...i.e. remove the hood, disconnect all, hook up hoist and no direct mention of the tranny as part of the process. And, honestly, I really thought someone here would have done this with a 50's straight eight before and had some tricks and pointers to offer. I guess it's not as common as I thought.
  15. The manual says they can both be pulled together. The issue with the transmission removal in the car is that the motor has to be raised, turned moved and the tranny also, as well as jacking the tranny while under the car. I thought it might be easier to jerk the whole thing, then separate outside the car. As for space, I don't have space to pull the front clip and probably wouldn't anyway..just more parts moving to scratch/dent/damage and another piece of equipment to move around and work around. I have a 75' driveway and the car is facing the driveway, backwards in the garage on roller doll
  16. I'm getting ready to pull the motor out of my 53 for a rebuild. It's the first time I've ever pulled a motor, let alone one this old. My question is should I pull it with the transmission attached or detach the tranny before pulling it. Reading the manual, it seems there's a bear of a situation detaching the tranny first especially with access. FYI, the transmission is assumed to be good, no leaks and was running prior to my purchase. thanks all JD
  17. Got your pictures...thanks. I've been going crazy trying to remember where I requested them from. Guess I finally know now. I'll be in contact, via email, in the next day or so. JD
  18. can you give a better location. I live in spring and am interested. check pm's also for email address for pics.
  19. I did a frame off resto on a 59 Chevy pickup, replacing every bolt, redid the wood in the bed, had it painted (poorly). Bought it for $400 in 77 and sold it for $500 in 93or94 after the resto because it was unused and need master cylinder rebuilt. 72 Nova 350, all original, let my wife trade it in for a camaro in 77. 64 Chevy Impala, I sold for $50 because of a flat, rounded lug and it needed a tune up. 69 Grand Prix I sold for $500. 70 Monte Carlo I sold for $500. 68ish Cougar I sold for $300. All were running, driving, inspected tagged and rust free. If I only knew then.....
  20. Another option is a leather dye itself. Do a google search for leather repair and there will be 3 companies that are above the "kits". One of them will mix leather dye to the exact color match of various manufacturers. I used one of these when I redid the seat centers on my daughters BMW. The gray needed touch up and it was a great match, unnoticeable from the original. Here they are. I went and found them. www.leathermagic.com www.leatherworldtech.com www.leatherrenew.com I used leather magic with results as noted above. All 3 sites have good color charts and info.
  21. I had 20 purchases last month...don't know what that means really. If there was another outlet where the items could be purchased, I would probably go there instead. I've been burned twice on car purchases through ebay and well, they did nothing and don't really care. They are going to take care of their powersellers and car nothing about buyers. that being said, I still search weekly for cars and buy up all the parts I can for any of my cars.
  22. Don't weld a patch til you clean it.... just joking. Where are you? And what are the issues with it?
  23. I like the "bite me" sign Moepar, but my wife doesn't. I was, truly, going to put a sign on the front windshield with arrows pointing to the stickers. I'm sure the complainers are across the street. She backed out of her driveway and into my 72 grandville. I made her pay for the repairs. We don't talk anymore.
  24. Is the car running and driving (and not on a gallon can)? Where is the rust through? Interior condition? I think I've seen you advertising this also on craigslist. Yes? Lots of 58's out there now for some reason. I'm interested as I've been hunting a 58 for a very long time. But, there's a reason I don't have one yet. And finally, what's "the very little money" that you're looking for?
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