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  1. Thanks, I'll give them a call.
  2. Anyone know of a source for old six volt wire. I'm going to replace the wiring in the 53. It will remain 6volt but I'd prefer period correct wire than thhn off a spool.
  3. They have to speak to me, tell me their name and how they want to live out their life. If they don't have a soul, I pass. But, to start trying to talk to them, they must have a look I like, have promise for a brighter future, and some hope of bringing me some enjoyment as I help to let them fulfill themselves.
  4. fusicks They carry everything for these cars...fenders? don't really know, but their selection is vast though a bit pricey. I just bought front pan and service was excellent.
  5. After 15 months at the rebuilders, the L8 is finally done. But, before dropping it in, I'd like to finish up the engine bay properly. Could some of you post pics of your engine bays please, 53 Pontiacs. thanks, JD PS did a search with no luck
  6. Here's another link from a site I use when buying a car. I also subscribe and these folks are quite knowledgeable and realistic. http://www.collectorcarmarket.com/menus/ccmprcs/56buspal.htm It appears that you might be able to get your investment back and then some on a 2 door in #3 condition. Trim, interior, and appearance are going to be the determining factor. Shoot us some pics for a better guestimate.
  7. I need to remove the exterior trim around the windows on a 70 Riviera. I have the fisher body manual which states that it's "spring" mounted, but there's no description of how to remove it. Prying seems to have little effect other than damaging the trim (which I haven't done..YET). So, the question is, how is it removed?
  8. 53 Pontiac Cheiftain, not full body off because it's in good shape, but will be restored to original (motor at rebuilders for 16 months now ) 72 Olds Cutlass getting a stock restoration, though won't be a show car. 70 Riviera will be restored to original, stock condition. 72 Pontiac Grandville convertible So yes, in my shop of 7 cars, 4 are being restored to original condition.
  9. The 70 Riviera parts car is about ready to go to the scrap heap. First, to obvious questions which have been asked before. No, the trim is not pristine (it's a parts car). Most parts are driver quality, not show quality (if show quality it wouldn't be a parts car). Yes, the trim has dings and no, it's not perfect. (Sorry for the sarcasm but some folks expect a lot out of a parts car) 1. 4 Buick drums in good condition; $50 each OBO 2. Bucket seats in remarkable condition considering the length of time the car was parked. White, can be used as is with a bit of cleaning but they function
  10. These items came in the trunk of the 40 coupe and unfortunately, no block came with them. Price is $5 each except for the intake, carb and breather which is $20. Not pictured but also available are two clutches and two pressure plates, one set looking new. These are all for the standard six cylinder mopar, 201 (207??) cid engine. Parts are heavy so shipping may be more expensive. Will be shipped from 77386.
  11. Interesting read. My advice is to keep going to the shows, enjoy the people who like your car and smile brightly to those who have negative comments. If you can't smile brightly (like ME ) then have some smart comments planned such as "which one's yours?" "different strokes for different jerks" or some other witticism. One thing is certain, not everyone likes the same things. I seldom appreciate tri-5 Chebbies...how many red 55, 56, 57 Chevies can one look at? I practically run through them. I like "off brands" (see sig) and interesing vehicles but I'm sort of a rebel...I despise followi
  12. Well, I bought the car. After a 4 hour trip with trailer and deposit, I drove off due to issues not displayed in the description. However, when I called the owner and told him I was passing, he wanted to sell it and we made a deal. Biggest issue is passenger floor pan replacement needed but I can do that without problems. On checking vin/data plates, the car seems to be true, in original color and trim. I've yet to check the block numbers to see if it's the original motor. My follow up questions and requests are for a couple of pictures of engine bay and exterior. So many small parts/trim
  13. Thanks guys, this is exactly what I was looking for. Apparently timing chain has been replaced and is double roller per description. I'll check for frame stress cracks as this is one I wouldn't have thought of and wouldn't expect from GM A bodies.
  14. While I agree with what the others have said, try SMS fabrics. They stock OEM stuff from way back. A bit pricey, but from the samples I have, it is great stuff.
  15. I've bought/am buying if the car is as described a 72 Cutlass Supreme (350/350). It will be my first Olds, so are there any known issues with these that I should look for/check on as I go over it? Thanks JD
  16. So is it 3800 to mustang readers but 4800 for old car guys? Or just a pricing mistake one place or another?
  17. original head 632955-5 exhaust manifold 604501-8 flywheel (3 of them) intake manifold 859518-?? Carter BBR-1 with air cleaner (not sure this is the original air cleaner) Transmission cover Oil pan fan blade starter pressure plates with clutch (2) head gasket (new) All of these parts are used and came off the original motor. They appear to be in usable shape. I did not take the motor apart but the previous owner took the motor apart to rebuild it then left the block somewhere. I also have 6 new pistons on connecting rods though there's a bit of rust at the joints. Prices are low as I'm just
  18. I listed this also in the main buy/sell section but there will be more interest here. I bought this 70 Rivi as a donor for my other Riviera and unfortunately, the parts that I needed are also bad on the donor (trunk). This car is in fairly good shape, very little rust and I've found no rust through. I'm keeping the motor and transmission for the present but the rest of the car is for sale. Inner fenders are in great shape. The drivers inner has a rust battery tray. Fenders are excellent. trunk pan is excellent. Most trim is available and in excellent shape. Mechanicals are there and presume
  19. I bought this car without title as a donor for my Riviera. In actuality, it's in reasonable shape. Most parts and pieces are available as it's just now getting torn down. Fenders are good and rust free. Inner fender on passenger side is great. Inner fender on drivers side has rust in the battery tray, but the remainder is excellent. Most trim is available. I'm keeping the motor and transmission for the time being. Trunk pan is exceptional. Trunk deck is trashed as you would expect (that's why I bought this car). Email if you have other parts interests. Pricing is negotiable and rea
  20. SMS will have the original materials for the interior.
  21. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">MCHinson, I read this the other day and I'll admit I failed to see the humor in it. What part of picking out a flaw in another AACA members car and then posting a picture of it was funny? Would it be funny if some strangers did it to you? I would think not. No, I agree with Dan. This should not have been posted on this AACA forum and I'm glad to see Dave removed the picture. </div></div> Actually the only negative that could be gleaned from what the two discussing t
  22. I've purchased a dense closed cell foam for use in making arm rest pads and I think this would work very well for dashes as it is quite firm but still can be pressed like foam. Drop me a PM with your addy and I'll send you piece so you can see it. It is very workable if you're going to do it yourself or you can give the info to the person doing the rework. I use a grinder with 3" pad to shape it.
  23. Lift the rotor button a bit. Sometimes the button gets pushed down in the box and doesn't make contact with the cap correctly. This is based on your "see spark at points" comment. I'd initially think of a faulty distributor wire and corrosion being the problem but if you see spark, you should be getting some.
  24. www.hirschauto.com most vintage engine colors in heat resistant paint.
  25. I speak French but the print is too small for me to read. I'll try and save the photo and go through it later.
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