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  1. thanks for the opinions and "rant". They are appreciated. I intend to show Herman at local shows and put him/keep him more or less in orignal condition. I don't intend to add stereo, A/C, fluff, or whatever. He'll be for cruising on cooler evenings ( I live in Houston, HOT HOT summer nights) and for "joy rides" (the job of driving an older car). It's been recommeded by friends who have done restoration type work that the conversion would be beneficial. Personally, I fully intend to redo all the electrical wiring anyway. And, right now, having a 12volt system would be much simpler because
  2. I have a 53 Chieftain, all original, in fine shape. How would converting to 12 VDC system affect the value of the vehicle and how well it shows? I know 12 volt well and there are fewer problems. Thanks for the input.
  3. I have a 53 Chieftain. I'm having ignition problems. I WAS able to get intermittant fire at the plugs, but no start. I have replaced, coil, condensor, rotor, cap, points, plugs. I am now unable to get fire from the coil lead to ground (replaced condensor and coil again with same result). I have 6volts at the + side of the coil when ignition is on, 0 VDC when ignition off. I'm unable to find any reason that I can't get fire from the coil. Help please.
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