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  1. I use a J hook for my tie downs. These come in sets that attach directly to an available hole in the frame. This eliminates crawling under the car, and the springs on the suspension keeps the tie downs tight. Tow trucks use thes all the time.
  2. I use a Warn 9000# winch, which I bought from GoWarn.com. I do not like the wireless controls. I had one which had a mind of its own and I had to quickly disconnect the old winch before it caused damage. As for tie downs, You can purchase J hooks, T hooks or other tie downs used by tow trucks. These go into the frame of the car, and you can tie down a car without crawling under.
  3. I, too< painted the walls of my trailer bright white. Be sure to get a high reflective paint. The floors I sprayed with a pickup bed coating (line-X). It is a rubberized rolled coating. My floor is dark grey, although many colors are available. This coating provides great anti-slip properties, and has been on my trailer for 6+ years. I also highly advise the use of a vent. Old cars are not potty trained, and a very small amount of gasoline can produce a flammable mixture.
  4. I put a sub micron filter on my fuel line and solved the problem. You MUST use a low pressure drop filter, since you have only the vacuume. I used a Dahl filter. It is a cast bowl, and allows the vacuum tank to pull the fuel without problem. I empty the bosleach fall, and get a small amount of rust/dirt each time. Have not had a problem since I put this in.
  5. I live nearr Midland MI. I have a 24 DodgeBrothers, and have rebuilt my brakes. If you can give me a specific problem, I would be happy to help. I can comeby sometime, if you wish, the next time I am headed north. Frankly, it is puzzling to me since I have had more help in the DB club than any other I have belonged to.
  6. Just a comment. I own a 29 Chrysler Model 75. The bleeders for that car have a slightly different flare than modern bleeders. Using a replacement bleeder will leave you with a slight leak. I had to polish my old bleeders and seats, and theey work just fine.
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