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  1. why not an 148L? this is a 135 with a 7 inches longer wheelbase, but same chassis, only slighter longer. A grown-up person can not sit in the back seat of a 135 model, but in the 148L there is plenty of room and the bodystyles are rhe same as the 135
  2. complete cowlsurround + cowllight mounts for a Chrysler 75 (? l not sure but they were mounted on a -929 Chrysler. good chrome, no lights, plug and play
  3. here are my favorites: Matra Muren S, , but also our 1929 Chrysler 75 roadster
  4. my favorite French car is the Delahaye ;
  5. have a complete cowl surround and the cowlllight .supports for a series 75 sent a PM if you want it
  6. the seal is for our 1929 Chrysler 75 Roadster Does anyone know where I could buy such a seal? kind regards, Pete The Netherlands
  7. to prevent leaking oil, there has to be a seal between the last crank bearing and the flywheel. It is made of rubber or felt. Can anyone tell where I can buy such a seal and what it is made of ? thnx in advance Pete
  8. yes, Vintageben, it is original and often there is rust between the two chassis rails near the battery. Check this carefully, eventually cut one rail partly out a bit and weld a new peace in. we have a 1929 chrysler 75 roadster and restored it some years ago, and had to cut out 15 " at the lower inner rail .
  9. for sale cowl surround and light stanchions ( no cowl lights )for a 1928 / 29 / 30 Chrysler. Nice chrome, plug and play, see picture. Pieces are in The Netherlands regards Pete
  10. Hello John Sent picture and price ( incl shipping to The Netherlands) in a PM please kind regards Pete
  11. Hi Graeme, please count me in from The Netherlands. We drive a 1929 series 75 Roadster, the engine was completely rebuild last year. kind regards Pete
  12. Hello Bill, need some other parts for a 1910 Cadillac model 30 : gearbox complete, headlamps ( acetyleen "Clay & Davis ) acetyleen supplier for these lamps radiator cap hub caps Hope you or someone can help. kind regards Pete
  13. Problem solved, I visited the company that overhauled the master break cylinder, they found out that the seals were swelled up and did replace them. Since I drove about 300 miles and the brakes did not lock up anymore. So I ordered three new sets of seals for eventually solve this problem if it occurs in the future. Many thanks to all for the help and support on this matter! Pete
  14. you also can fit a Powerspark device, it is simple and is an excellent electronic and very cheap replacement, that does its job perfectly. The condensator on the picture is only there for show, you do not need it anymore. The spark on the sparkplug is really super.
  15. hello Craig, Thanks for your answer! Can I use the original for our 1929 Chrysler with silicone oil? If yes, please sent an email with price and shipping to the Netherlands regardPete
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