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  1. Today I decided to tackle changing out the black trim section of the door panel on my Claret/fixer upper. After getting the panel off I was perplexed by the upside down metal "thingys" holding the trim piece on the door panel. Using pliers, I had to turn them millimeter by millimeter to get the darn things off - whose bright idea was it to use these things? How is one supposed to remove them in the real world?? I ended up flipping half of them over when re-attaching the trim. Unfortunately, some of them could not be tightened so I had to turn them upside down and, once again using pliers, tighten them millimeter by agonizing millimeter.

    One of the reasons I had decided to replace the black piece was because the door strap couldn't be held on because the hole was stripped/cracked/screwed up. Well guess what - the replacement I put in was just as bad and worse - I cannot attach the door strap AT ALL because both of the holes are messed up! mad.gifcry.gif Does anyone have any idea what to do to get the strap attached once this has happened?? Any and all advice would be appreciated!

  2. We went to the Kruse spring auction this past Saturday and were disappointed to find that the event was MUCH smaller than the auction this past Labor Day weekend. Has the spring auction always been much smaller? Is there a problem that there were only a handful of vendors?

    They had some nice old cars go over the auction block, and the "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" car went for $505,000. <img src="" alt="" />

  3. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Was the 32-33(?) sedan for sale? How much? Looks original, what kind of shape was it in? Looks like it had a paper on the windshield. </div></div>

    Bill, no, the car was not for sale. Yes, it was original and appeared to be in GREAT shape!

  4. We were there as well - found some running boards and enjoyed looking at all the beautiful cars! I even bought a '55 Caribbean.. diecast (!) I'd post a photo or two myself but I'm presently at work so that's not do-able, perhaps later.... The weather held out for the most part - not as sunny as the weather reports led us to believe it would be, but no downpours.

  5. Today around 5:30

    Us - Black Reatta

    You - in a Driftwood Reatta trapped in a stream of traffic due to a crash where a Honda Civic rammed into the back of a Mercedes SUV that had stopped to turn <img src="" alt="" />......

    Didn't know if this was someone on this forum or not - I know there are a lot of folks in the Greater Cincinnati area on this board....

  6. You can go to and - they are a good source for parts. Steele Rubber is a good place to go for your seals. Hopefully someone else can advise you where to go for carpet. I think the 12V vs. 6V depends on if you want to add extra stuff (radio, etc.). If your wiring is original, you may want to go ahead and get a new harness - Rhode Island Wiring is a good source. Just my $.02 <img src="" alt="" />

    Good luck on your car! Sounds like it is pretty nice!

  7. FYI from the sema san website....

    "Ohio H.B. 560, the bill to allow townships to confiscate inoperable vehicles deemed to be ?junk,? including collector cars, from private property died when the 2006 Ohio legislative session adjourned for the year. The bill was approved by the House, but was not considered by the Senate. It is highly likely that the bill will be reintroduced in 2007.

    The SEMA Action Network supports legislation that permits the outdoor storage of a motor vehicle if the vehicle is maintained in such a manner as not to constitute a health hazard. These vehicles could be located away from public view, or screened by means of a suitable fence, trees, shrubbery, opaque covering or other appropriate means.

    We will work with the Ohio legislature in the coming months to modify the bill?s language to provide that project cars will be guaranteed protection when properly maintained on private property."

  8. Ah - "officially" back to being clipped!! <img src="" alt="" /> Sounds like you have been having a good time with your car though - and of course I'm very envious! I saw the photo in another thread - what a GORGEOUS vehicle!

    I have a quick technical question for you - any idea how to remove the speedometer cable from the transmission? We are (finally) removing our engine and can't figure this out, and the service manual doesn't seem to be much help <img src="" alt="" /> ..... car is a '41 110 Deluxe (I like the way the Packard video for the 1941 models called it a "Dee-Lukes"). Have fun pulling the rear hubs off to pack the bearings - I know we did! We did research and heard about hitting it with the lug tool a couple of times and letting it sit overnight and it should be on the floor - that sure didn't work for us! The driver side was worked on for a couple of days, with much WD40 being used. The passenger side took about 3 days of pounding, spraying and waiting. <img src="" alt="" /> Finally got them off and it was a good thing - the bearings were completely dry! <img src="" alt="" />

    I guess you are having snow again today like we are?? I personally would like to see much more! <img src="" alt="" />