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  1. Hey guys - sorry for the late response - seems the thread has taken on a life of its' own! LOL!

    I will post some pics later - do not have any yet. It's been on the lift since we brought it home for some brake work and clean up. It's a business coupe - very similar to the pics shown in this thread. And I have to say, I loved the "does this white paint make my butt look big" comment - too funny!

  2. Thanks for the help everyone! I picked up the car last Saturday. It was hard to start but eventually got it on the dolly for the 15 minute ride home. We'll have the brakes and steering done this weekend. Reading our Motor's Auto Repair Manual it specifies that this car is positive ground. It wasn't hooked up that way - so what damage was done?

  3. Hello,

    I am getting ready to purchase my first Dodge - I'm told it's a 1946 but according to the serial number it's a '48. I found the tags on the cowl but can only make out numbers that are engraved - 11972TPC - does anyone know where I can go to find out what these numbers mean? The tags were worn and I can't tell what the numbers represent.

    Also, any leads you can give me on getting exterior trim pieces would be appreciated.

    I've been working on this guy for over 2 years trying to get this car and he's finally given in. What attracted me to the car was the nice rear-end :)

  4. Let's just say I understand why folks have restoration projects that last 20 years ;)

    No chance of buying back issue of CCM either, eh? I'm still mourning the newly-discovered loss and am now gathering up all the issues I have so I can read them again.

  5. I LOVED this magazine! I thought my subscription ran out because I quit receiving the magazine, but I get so many each month it took me a while to realize it. I actually was just trying to find their website because I wanted to renew my subscription and saw what the OP was talking about. Gosh - truly - what a shame. :( It was, bar none, the best.

  6. ED-12 will display what the ECM "thinks" is happening. Is the odometer reading correctly ? If not I would check for a wiring issue first, if not at sensor then at bulkhead connector or BCM. FSM (8A-82) says to check voltage at VSS with front end jacked up & secured properly and wheel turning (in air).

    I am having a similar problem with my '89 - speedometer "seems" to be reading correctly until I go over 40-50 miles per hour, then it starts reading too high - I know for certain that traffic that usually moves at 65 mph did not decide to suddenly go 82 mph when I drive my Reatta. I have a dumb question - quote above says to check voltage at VSS - what is VSS?

    Anyone else have the problem? It started after we changed out my alternator. Related? :confused: Don't know.

  7. You could list more than one car in your signature line. That would help the people in the other forums as well.

    Hi Ronnie,

    I had my sig set up like that at one time, I just found it cumbersome so when I go into a specific forum I usually specify "my '41 Packard" or "my 39 Buick" or whatever... ;)

    Thanks for the info!!

  8. Okay - we are experiencing the exact same problem Leadguy was having so now I have to ask a stupid question (and I don't like asking stupid questions!) - WHERE is the coolant temperature sensor located?

    Many thanks guys! Oh - and Leadguy - we have an '86 XJS as well! Hope you enjoy yours as much as we enjoy ours :-)

  9. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: West Peterson</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Does that mean the Packard will be ready? smile.gif </div></div>

    I wish, West. frown.gif We're going to go look at all the other Packards that I'm sure will be there to get inspired to start up the work again! smile.gif

    We booked our room at the host hotel already, and then realized that this show is probably NOT like Hershey (swap meets, car corral). Figured we better find out what the events were and decide what we'll do. We definitely wanted to see the car show, and if there was a class, take that as well.

    Guess I'll wait on that flyer.....

  10. Hi All,

    We're planning on attending the meet in Gettysburg but I'm having a difficult time finding information on what's going to be happening over the 3 day period - can anyone here fill us in on the events? And will there be a judging class?


  11. We've got a parts car so we're going to switch out the heater programmer and see if that works.

    Just to be clear, the air flow is fine, it's the temperature that's messed up - we only get hot air when the setting is at the max heat position - anything below 85 results in cold air. BRRRRRRR! shocked.gif