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  1. Wow - wish I'd seen this one! I occasionally check to see if there are any low mileage burgandy reattas out there... would love to have one some day.
  2. Thanks everyone for the responses! Looks like I will need to consider my options, although I do want to stay original.
  3. Here are some photos of what I am talking about, note that two of the emblems have different type of fasteners on the back :
  4. We a '77 Buick Century Station Wagon. When we purchased it, it had the spoked hubcaps with the Buick emblem in the center. Someone jerryrigged the emblems with silicone or something and now they are all falling off. Does anyone have instructions on how these are supposed to attach? It looks like the emblems have clips on the back of them, but there is nothing for them to attach to. I would appreciate any assistance!
  5. Thanks guys. The problem is he can't get the nut off now because of how it's located (behind the gas lines), so how would he get it back on after doing one of the above listed methods to get it off? It's still going to be behind the fuel lines to get it back on - this is where the real conundrum lies. Sorry if I made it sound like it was stuck :eek: NTX5467 - This station wagon came from VA, low miles, and is very clean underneath, thank goodness, so rust hasn't been an issue Now if we could only get the darn shock off & the new one back on!!
  6. Hello, We recently acquired a '77 Buick Century station wagon. One of the things needing to be done was replacing the rear shocks, as the ones that were on it were way past due. We were able to get the rear passenger side done, but the driver side is another story, as the bolt holding the nut is right behind the gas lines. Anyone happen to know how to accomplish this job? We've thrown every tool we can at it, but it is proving to be most difficult. We even bought a service manual, but believe it or not it was no help at all. I am hoping someone on this forum has a '77 and can impart some wisdom. Thanks in advance!
  7. Hello! We are currently looking for a 73-77 Chrysler Town & Country station wagon. We would like something that require little work - we have enough projects already :-) Please PM if you have a lead or are selling! Thanks!!
  8. Looking for a 76-77 Town and Country station wagon that needs no work - we have enough cars that already need tweaking and fixing and fiddling. Any and all leads would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Found out, by searching online, that there were a few issues we just didn't want to tackle - not getting it. But thank you all for your responses!
  10. That would be awesome if that's the case - I don't think the production number on the station wagon was very high. I'm still having difficulty locating a place that sells the rocker moldings... Google is coming up with a bunch of no help!!
  11. Hello, We are interested in purchasing a '77 T&C Station Wagon (hideously two tone green but that's what we love about it!) We have located one and the only fly in the ointment is that it is missing the stainless strip on the passenger side that goes under the two doors. How difficult would this strip be to locate? I've been unable to locate any sellers online. Thanks in advance for the response!
  12. Saw this at a swap meet yesterday. I have never seen anything like this, and I can't find anything similar online. The seller told me it was used on the back of a truck and there are two shelves in it to carry greases and oils. It was shown by salesmen to potential clients. He estimated it was from the 20's. The wood was in great shape, the patina is wonderful. It has not been restored. Don't know if you can tell but it even has pinstriping on the front panel. He was asking $1,500 - I really didn't know if that was a fair price or not. If this belongs in another forum here, please let me know.
  13. Padgett, I didn't think you ever wandered out of the Reatta forums!
  14. Found this behind the Packard Museum in Dayton, OH when we visited yesterday. Can't quite figure out what it is, as it has two sets of front and back tires and looks nothing like a truck... :confused:
  15. Thank you Barney. My two main concerns were 1) could I swap an 89 into a 90 and 2) all those electrics!! Great idea on the video. We are considering getting another Reatta but it has 225k miles on it. We have a couple no longer in commission that are parts cars - not due to engine issues but other things like body and electric gremlins. If we decide to buy then it will definitely be recorded.
  16. Just a straight Reatta to Reatta engine swap - no supercharger, nothing fancy - straight swap. Looking for a thread that has things to consider, time usually spent, best processes, etc. I am assuming this has been asked before (since every possible question has likely been asked once) but I cannot find anything except supercharger/other engine types swap info. Also, can an '89 engine go into a '90 or are there too many differences? Thanks in advance!
  17. Thanks for the info! Much appreciated!
  18. I just watched a video on the ReattaOwner site and according to that video it said that the MAF cannot be serviced separately, it must be serviced with the throttle body because it is calibrated to that throttle body. If the MAF is bad it looks like you have to replace that part and the throttle body together - is this correct? Or the MAF would have to be calibrated to the throttle body - is this correct? And if so, how is that done? I am enquiring regarding '89 Reatta.
  19. My sweetie was driving his '89 Reatta and noticed that the transmission was very sluggish when changing gears. When he checked the transmission fluid he discovered that it was WAY over the full line. Short of a mysterious stanger pulling up in our driveway and putting extra transmission fluid in the car, how would something like this happen? I can't figure this one out. :confused:
  20. We just saw the episode of "Shipping Wars" that featured your cars. As soon as the cars were being delivered we saw you and said "That's the guy from the AACA forum!!" Did you know when you were looking for a shipping company that you would be featured in the show or did you find out after the fact? I always wondered how that worked out. Did you ever get the green car running? This thread seems to have ended abruptly....
  21. Thanks Ed - I appreciate it. I could have sworn one looked different than the other as far as the rear went - I guess I was hallucinating!
  22. Hi guys, First time posting in the Riviera section so forgive me if this question is somewhat ignorant. I love the late 90's Riv body style, but I have noticed that although they are very similar (I think the years for the style was 95 - 98) there is one year where it seems the "tail" is much more elongated than other years - I would like to know what year this particular style was out. And I hope you understand my question! I'd love to get one some day, but need to know what year it is I am so fond of - I usually see them driving down the street or parked somewhere and the owner is not around to ask "what year is that?" Thanks in advance for the help in identifying!