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  1. The plate on the front is from 1928. Need help identifying the make, model and year of the car. Believed to be a Rolls Royce. Not sure about anything else!
  2. Really close - looks like a winner!
  3. No guesses? Is the car too generic looking?
  4. In a dog forum onFacebook they are trying to ID the dog, but the person also was looking for an ID of this car. Thought I’d bring it to the experts!!
  5. Don't know how I missed this Barney - your '39 is GORGEOUS!!!!!
  6. ncgirl05

    '90 Radio

    Hi All, As you may or may not know, we just bought a 90. We pulled out the radio because it wasn't working. Someone had removed the tape deck and cut the wires as opposed to just pulling the plugs (see photo attached). I'm not sure if these wires are needed for the radio module to work. Can someone please advise how to test the radio module? I don't know why there are idiots out there that did what they did to this radio just to remove the tape deck! It blows me away why people are so destructive. ?
  7. Perfect @vwlfan !!!! Thank you SO MUCH! ?
  8. Cleaning the contacts worked like a charm!! A million thanks!!
  9. Stupid question, but what is used for 'contact cleaner'?
  10. Yes! That's the one! One owner, garage kept, but the owner let a few things slide but they are all pretty easy fixes from what we see. Got a great price on it as well. ? Driftwood has always been my favorite color so I was pretty excited.
  11. ^^^ This. I use to be able to search the forums quite easily. That is no longer the case. You can't even use the car name to try and narrow down the search because then EVERY SINGLE THREAD with that car name comes up. Sooo frustrating. Thanks all. Looks like there's not much to be done for it. ?
  12. I'm sorry if this subject has been beaten to death but I am having a very difficult time using the search function (haven't been on the forums in a while and everything has changed!)..... We bought a 1990 driftwood today with 77,800 miles on it. There are several issues, but I'm not going to put that all in one post (that would be very bad). The one we'd like to try and tackle first is the climate control. Currently the only function that seems to work are the "off" button and the "auto". The temperature control will not go up (only down), the heater button, bi-level, front and rear de-frost as well as the fan speed all do not light up and don't work. The AC works fine and blows cold. We've checked fuses. We've only owned 88's and 89's so this is something new. Tips please on where to begin? On the plus side, we were thrilled to discover it had all manuals including log book and pens, tire pressure gauge, flashlight and atlas as in pristine condition! I'd only heard of these items, I'd never seen them so it was pretty exciting ?
  13. Hello! I am having a mighty hard time finding anything using the forums 'search' function. I recall that we used to be able to only search specific forums. Now when I try to search it pulls information from ALL forums using the key words. Is there some kind of tutorial? Thanks!
  14. Hello, I'm not a vendor but we have 40 Chevy parts we could possibly bring. Could you please define "junk"? Are you saying you are only interested in re-chromed parts? Or are you interested in parts that need to be/can be re-chromed? Do you have any parts you have duplicates of that you'd be will to sell i.e. windshield wipers, arm rests, hood nose trim piece etc?
  15. I had the same thought - SO MANY SL's! I have a '77 so I was looking at them all as well.
  16. Awesome - I am so glad to hear this! There were some mighty long faces that morning before they left to go see the show. I am very happy it went well :-)
  17. We left Saturday morning so we did not attend the car show. I know there were a lot of disappointed men at the hotel we stayed at because they were under the impression that the show would be rained out. So, was it rained out? Was the car attendance lower than expected?
  18. Yes, thanks for letting us know. Just sorry it wasn't me!
  19. Well this is good to know!! Considering the weather reports that are coming out now I will keep this in mind! As for our Clipped Pelican... well.... Neal keeps getting distracted with other car purchases. He needs to STOP buying and START restoring. Oh, and then we decided we wanted to get into dog showing and breeding...... One thing after another! :eek:
  20. We'll be there. Missed it last year, but since it was a wash-out I can't say I'm too sorry about that. Looking forward to walking around and seeing what's out there this year! We've been counting down for the past 3 months!
  21. And the convertible I posted above sold for $18,700
  22. I know the red convertible sold, but don't know for how much.
  23. Also a 90 convertible - red with black belt and claret interior - 9865 miles. seems to me I have heard of this one before. Anyone remember?
  24. Is there any benefit to being at Hershey on 10/7? I heard that some vendors start selling on Tuesday but don't know if that is really the case or not. What day can cars start parking in the corral? Thanks!!