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  1. Mick from your pictures I think you have a 1920 Maxwell. Randy
  2. The 1919 Maxwell was the first yaer with the gas tank mountes in the rear of the car. Also the window was slanted back in 19 and straight up in 18. I have a 1919 and part of a 1920. Thanks , Randy
  3. If your Maxwell has a distributor you can go to your local auto parts store and purchase a universal coil. If I remember correctly your car should be a 12v system. Get a 12v coil with a internal resistor. The original Atwater Kent distributor runs on 6v so the voltage needs to be reduced. If you can't find a coil with the resistor built in the coil, purchase an ignition voltage reducer. By all my literature magnito ignition was for export cars unless special ordered. You will also need a coil bracket . Also the Atwater Kent distributor housing will mount in place of the mag. Your mag mounts on a bracket bolted to the side of the motor block and the distributor mounting bolts on the same bracket. I know this dist was used until 1920 or 1921. Thanks Randy
  4. You have two model SR S = 1 1/4 bore and R = accelerator pump , down draft carbs . I think they were introduced for sale around 1932. The ser # are together, they were bought at the same time. The air horns don't look like they are damaged, and if the throttles are free you have a great find.The 90 degree manafolds were also offered by Winfield. A $100.00 offer is a real steal for this pair of carburetors.
  5. RWitz


    Your 17 Maxwell came with a K.D. carburetor.My parts books call it K.D.B. with a stationary "L" on bowl for gasoline line using Dohner coupling. It was used from 1915 thru 1918. a After that they went to a Johnson carb for 1919 thru 1921.
  6. RWitz

    1916 Maxwell Touring

    The radiators are similar from 1916 thru 1919, but in 1918 the radiator filler neck was increased in size. In 1920 they went back to a flat front on radiators. Randy Witz
  7. Ok, I've done a little diging for you and found out that the demountable wheel assembly used on your 1917 was used thru 1919. The model T rim won't work on the stock wood wheel without modification. I have a 1919 and took a picture of the rim locator on the wheel and the rim,but I can't seem to add it to this message. I would be glad to sent the pictures in an email. Randy Witz
  8. RWitz

    Maxwell Messanger

    The new Maxwell website does not include the later cars from 1916 thru 1925. Why? They are just as important as the brass era cars! The Horseless Carriage club limits cars to 1915, is this the objective of the website?
  9. RWitz

    looking for clutch

    Have you found a clutch for your Maxwell yet?