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  1. Need a favor. I would like the dimensions for the 1940 sedan bumpers, overall length, and measurements between bolt holes both front and back bumper. The 40 Pontiac and Chevy used the same chassis and I am hoping that the bumper length and mounting were the same. Pontiac bumpers are hard to come by and I am hoping I can use Chevy bumpers instead.
  2. Would you have a couple of 1940 vent windows for a series 26 4 door sedan?
  3. Shop manual calls for a valve clearance of .011 to .013 hot. What clearance should I use cold? Also is there any easy way to set the valves? I feel like I need three pairs of infant hands to set them.
  4. Has anyone fit an alternative gas tank to a 1940 series 26 4dr sedan. I have had absolutely no luck in finding an original Pontiac tank and my original was rusted beyond repair. Any info would be appreciated. One person suggested a 68 Camaro tank that he fit in his Pontiac, but my spare tire well is in the way for that one to fit.
  5. The finish on my 1940 bumpers does not look like chrome. Anyone know what the finish is? Could it be nickel?
  6. My 40 Pontiac running board rubber is shot. Anybody with a good idea what to use to repace them? Also outer edge trim missing. Any ideas there?
  7. I bought a set from chevoftheforties only to find out they have different mounting. I was very surprised GM would use two different types of windshield wipers, but both 8 1/4 inches. The Chevy type are common on the internet, not the Pontiac.
  8. Who sells 8 1/4" windshield wiper replacement blades to fit a 1940 Pontiac.
  9. I have one from a 6 cyl some surface rust, some original GM paint. Accumulation of old engine oil on the inside. I will be glad to trade for a 1940 series 25 or 26 gas tank. Just kidding. Email me at arrallen@att.net for further info.
  10. Story of my life, that is for the Pontiac based on the Oldsmobile chassis, but thanks for the lead. One never knows when the next one will be the right one.
  11. There is one in Smoke Signals and I got all excited only to find out it is for the Torpedo. Yes, went through Hemmings, eBay, and listed several times on Antique Auto Club site. Took mine to a tank rebuilder only to be told it it too shot to rebuid. I have been looking for several years now. A 67 Camaro tank is close, but requires a lot of modification, That may be my only option.
  12. Still looking for a 1939 or 1940 Pontiac gas tank from a series 25 or 26. Filler tube is on the drivers side of the car.
  13. Thanks for the info. Hubcaps.org showed me they are worth a lot more than I thought.
  14. Can anyone identify the attached picture hub cap model and year. I have had these for years.
  15. According to my interchange manual the 39 and 40 gas tank for the series 26 and 28 models were the same. It has the filler neck on the drivers side and the original part number was 501945. looking for one in good shape.
  16. On a 2010Reatta. Is there anyway of silencing the rear door beeper when I am carrying something longer that the space available and have the tailgate held down with bungee cords? It is a long way from the lumber yard and it drives me nuts.
  17. Need both headlight buckets for a '40 Pontiac series 26 deluxe 6., or let me know what other makes/years will fit. Thanks
  18. I can only answer one of your questions. The U according to my 1940 Pontiac Shop Manual means upper
  19. You bring back the memories. When I was in the service I owned a 57 Star Chief convertible. That car, with the top down, got me a lot of dates in Colorado Springs. Loved it. Wouldn't mind owning one again.
  20. It is the instrument panel control box. It is rectangular and after fighting it for two days I sprayed the connector from the outside with contact cleaner and that finally worked for me. Thanks everyone for your replies.
  21. Still looking for a good 1940 gas tank that fits the series 26 4 door 1940 Pontiac. It is the one that has the filler pipe on the drivers side of the car. Any leads would be appreciated. As far as I could determine the tank is exclusive to that make, model, and year.
  22. How does one take the cable connector off the back of the climate control (A/C heat) module. I looked for some type of catch and didn't find one. The temp switch does not work unless I squeeze the connector to the box. I thought a shot of electrical cleaner might help. I tried pulling it straight off but it doesn't move. I have the repair manual so if there is instructions in the manual a page number would help. I couldn't find anything when I looked. It is a 1990 if that makes a difference. Thanks.
  23. Can someone please identify the year of the 6 cylinder flat head engine with a serial number 511720. Has to be either late 40's or early 50's. I know the engine is not original to the car so that doesn't help. I remember seeing a listing back when, but I can't remember where, probably one of the car manuals.
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