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  1. saw this on craigs list in portland all the info is here, seems like a good price if you need it. Old mopar carb plate ? I don't know what it is but if you do you may be getting a good deal because i don't know how much it is worth. For more info on the thing please call me. 503-999-4828 Salem, Or
  2. ordered a manual but in the mean time i an curios. the plate says color 11k and the trim is 71 can any one tell me what this means.
  3. Well i guess the answer to the original question is all of the above. i paint,body work,weld poorly,tinker extensively and on a good day write a check that is good at the bank. i can not afford to write too many checks so out of necessity and curiosity i go on. as an example working on a 1947 cad. Engine was supposidly rebuilt and so far---the problems that shop would charge dearly for are electric fuel pump was installed directly above the rear axel. but below the body stop. smashed!! points burnt battery dead car has new wireing but the quality so far who knows whats next. gas in tan
  4. check it out is it advertisement or do you think they will really sell. I think 210 cars on ebay they say the astor collection. i would like a couple of these cars but i can not even afford the 13% buyers fee let alone the thier cost of cars. http://www.liveauctions.ebay.com/catalogs/24961?from=R11
  5. CHECK THIS OUT IS WAS TRUELY A HEADACHE. I also live in oregon and i bought a model a some years back. when i decided to sell i ebayed the car and it sold to a guy in Australia. Since it had a valid oregon title and the guy that bought it came to get it and ship it we went to the dmv and did a title change. Here is where it got sticky he shipped the car home but when he went to do paper work he found that the serial on the engine did not match the title i had never looked! lucky the serial was on the frame also. Buyer beware always check the numbers, i did not since the car had a valid oregon
  6. Just checking out a couple of studies the other day at a Salvage yard and the old guy i was talking to decided to try and sell me a velie, while not the greatest knowledge of cars and i am getting a little older(memory shot), i had to pause to look up velie auto. i was first embarrassed for not knowing what a velie was then i saw the light in the old guys eyes and relaxed for the Story i was about to receive. Goes to show you one mans ignorance is anothers bliss. i enjoyed the story almost as much as he enjoyed telling it. Now for the root of the post how much interest and how hard are parts
  7. ricko1

    51 nash?

    help in identifing if this nash is a 51 and what model it might be thanks in advance.
  8. could be the thow out bearing stuck on something
  9. boy its sure not tht different than my 52 desoto, i love it
  10. Thanks guys looked at it today the only rust is in the trunk the rockers and fenders are really nice. The owner was selling it as a 300h but it was not so, now we are negotiating on a price. it is a non-running car with a bad trunk lid,(owner said the people he bought it from were kidnapped and locked in it so the police had to pry it open) and the front fender is mashed, hope to save it from the crusher. thanks again for the help.
  11. Where on the west coast? i sold a model t to a guy in australia and he shipped from portland,or to sidney with eastside Mayflower located in Portland,or on powell bvld directory assistance should get you there.
  12. I am going to be looking at a 1962 chrysler 300 to buy and am looking for information on the known weak spots or expensive repairs, or hard to find parts that i should check out. The car is very reasonably price so i am very weary.
  13. thanks martylum pm me with the cost of the decals and how you want to work it.
  14. I bought a generic one from napa for about 15 bucks worked great for me
  15. Too gruesome? matt that kindda looks like hoffa, that car could really get a good price on ebay haha
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