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  1. WTB a <span style="font-weight: bold">nice</span> right side (passenger) windsheild frame 812 westvhester with or W/O glass okay contact: soniccruiser01@hotmail.com
  2. Looking to purchase a nice 41 Hollywood, no projects please I have looked at the 80-100K cars out there on the web. Chassis #710590 is great but it is priced out of the market @89K. Looking for a weekend in the park show and tour car. Thanks Any leads would be helpful. SFCNOMAD
  3. I am looking at a purchase of the subject car and notice from my reseach that the factory photos show dual side mounts. The car I am looking at does not have side mounts can any one tell me if this factory and if so and why? Thank you
  4. Thank you for Rogers contact information The freewheeling doesn't sound like a good thing.
  5. I agree, someone will be able to help I am sure. There is a man in Tacoma WA. that I have heard may have some information the only name that I know the Dodge folks call him is Roger Dodger. Any one know Roger? or have contact info.
  6. Yes we are talking about the same thing. The person selling the one on ebay lives about an hour from my home I too am trying to get in contact with him I will let you know what I find out. will stay in touch
  7. Sorry for the general request I am really looking for anyone who has any information, knowledge, experience with the 33,34,35 Dodge/Ply freewheeling Clutch. Any Body out there with information your reply is appreciated.
  8. Does anyone know of a expert on the freewheeling Vacuum system? A diagram would also be helpful. Thanks, Scott