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  1. The tires I have on my '39 LZ sedan are probably over 25 years old. Although cosmetically they are in good shape and have tubes that are only about three years old I think its time to get a new set. The existing tires are Lester 700-16, six ply polyester with a 4-1/2 whitewall. I really like the "gangster" whitewalls. Lester tires is now owned by Universal Tire company. I looked at the Cocker tires which makes a reproduction Firestone tire but only has a 4" whitewall. Any suggestions on purchasing either a Universal/Lester tire or the Cocker/Firestone tire. I want to make sure I am safe driving. Thanks,
  2. Hi everyone, There is an "original" "stock" '39 LZ sedan on ebay Lincoln : MKZ/Zephyr: eBay Motors (item 280507222466 end time May-21-10 19:09:23 PDT) Someone bid $27,000.00. Seems a little high to me but who knows.
  3. No snow here (but lots of green rolling hills from all the rain) in my part of Northern California (Marin County about 25 minutes North of San Francisco). I took my '39 LZ Sedan for a test drive. It was sunny and a balmy 72 degrees and the LZ ran perfect. I must say a 1939 LZ black sedan driving on a road with snow in the background is a gorgeous sight. Quite an amazing contract against the white background. Wednesday is supposed to be the warmest and sunniest day of the week. I'll post some photos if I get the chance.
  4. I am using a "vintage" Peerles engine analyzer that a a closed auto shop was throwing out. I use the 'low" RPM setting (under 1000 RPM) and place the lead on the number one or number cylinder ignition cable. Make sure the direction arrow on the lead is pointing towards the spark plug. I look at the RPM on the tachometer and then just accordingly. It is usually best to have the engine completely warmed up. You can find hand held engine analyzers cheap on Ebay, Craigslist, etc. You don't have to buy a big huge Sun engine analyzer just to check RPM.
  5. Could someone explain what the "special cap" does in regards to testing an LZ distributor stroboscope. This special cap keeps getting mentioned in the Service Bulletins but it is unclear what its function is.
  6. Speaking if old Allen Dist. machines check this one out from the San Diego Auto Museum. I must of not noticed it on my last trip to this museum. I was too fixated with the cars and motorcycles. Another amazing piece of automotive equipment to go with our LZs. Quite a different design from the Suns and Heyers. I love the two industrial lights above the turntable.
  7. If owned this equipment I wouldn't mind putting it my living room instead of the basement. I could use them for serving cocktails. Just a fantasy. I am sure my wife would never agree to that idea. It amazes me what craftsmanship American products used to have.
  8. I plan on following the manual word for word. Your fortunate to have an Allen dist. machine. Another good piece of vintage equipment that is tough to find in good shape.
  9. Attached are some photos from a recent auction of vintage Ford testing equipment (circa 1940s/50s). They are gorgeous looking pieces of equipment and have been cosmetically restored but sadly no longer operate so they will look good in someone's garage but won't used to keep any vintage Ford/Lincoln/Mercs on the road. I understand that the three pieces of equipment sold for about $2500.00 each. I am curious does anyone on this board have and/or use this equipment.
  10. Thanks. I have been looking for some kind of distributor tester in California for about five years with no luck. I finally "stumbled" on this one in Montana (no too many classic cars in Montana but a lot of pickup trucks !!!). I'll let you know how things progress once it arrives.
  11. Hello everyone, Knowing that the ignition system and in particular the distributor and coil are the major cause of poor engine performance on LZs I decided to take the plunge and purchased a "vintage" Sun distributor tester. The tester I purchased is from 1950 and has all the manuals, adaptors and specifications for classic cars from the late 30s to about 1949, including LZs. This unit is designed to run on a 6 volt system and came with a built in six volt battery charger as well as some portable Sun testing equipment (e.g., generator tester, battery tester, tachometer, etc.) The unit I purchased is in perfect operating condition and was used most recently by a mechanic that worked on classic cars. he purchased it from the original owner. In fact this unit came with the original 1950 sales receipt. It is not my intention to replace Jake Flemming (no one will every know as much as he does about the LZ ignition system) but to learn as much as I can to keep my LZ on the road. I will post a couple of photos. If anyone has any advice of using this particular Sun tester I would like to hear from you. I also recently purchased some vintage Snap On tool boxes from the 1930s and early 40s. I will post the photos of the tool boxes on a separate thread.
  12. I was thinking of bidding on a Sun distributor tester on Ebay. Does anyone have any experience using a Sun for timing a LZ V12 distributor ? Are they any particular models better suited for a LZ distributor (e.g., Sun MD1, 400 series, 500 series, etc.) ?
  13. I would be interested in the paint application process. I have a '39 LZ and would like to touch up/re-paint the hub caps as well as the hood ornament. I am going to assume the Rustoleum Regal Red is also the correct color for a '39. I want to make sure I apply the paint properly.
  14. I might be interested in the '39 radio. Do you have any photos you can post or send to me.
  15. I converted my 39 LZ into a hybrid and am now getting about 55 mpg.
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