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  1. Hi Folks, Just wanted to let everyone know that a 1928 Chandler Phaeton to be auctioned at Mechum coming up in October 10-12 in Chicago. This car was owned by the late John P. Chandler one of our members. This car is very rare! One of only 3 know. http://www.mecum.com/auctions/lot_detail.cfm?LOT_ID=CH1013-167064&entryRow=25&lottype=&startRow=21 Just letting everyone know, just in case one of our members would like to bid on it. Good luck! Jerry
  2. I have a nice barn find looking for a home. I was hoping you could help me find someone looking for a Chandler Radiator. The tag says 1919. Asking $500.00. Jon Metivier Jon Metivier [jonmet@comcast.net]
  3. Yes, Great job. Thank you Chris for saying so, it does mean allot from the past editor. We will try and keep it up. Who all is going to Hershey? Best Regards, Jerry Hill
  4. There is a 1927 Chandler Sedan For Sale on Ebay. Other Makes | eBay Item number:150624906015 Green on black out of PUYALLUP, WA,
  5. Hi Guys, I received a call from a Mr. George Cook. He is looking to buy a Chandler Sedan. He would like it to be restored, running driving car. The year does not matter. He lives in Utah and can be reached at 801-540-4119 Thanks Jerry Hill Cleveland-Chandler President:)
  6. Jeff, I was told Du Pont centari Acrylic enamel #YS542A I have not purchased this paint yet, so I don't know the shade of it. This was passed onto me by Roger Chandler. I will more than likely go with this color since no one seams to knows the exact color it should be. If you find out more info, please share it with us! Jerry Hill 29 Chandler 75 32 Ford Roadster 35 Chevy Delivery 41 International Woodie 56 Chevy Bel Air 63 Sunbeam Alpine 68 Camaro 69 Camaro RS
  7. I had the privilege of meeting Fred a few years back at Hersey after joining the Chandler club. What a Gentleman. Got to spend a few days with Fred and Jan at the Chandler get-together in July. We had a wonderful time and they did a fantastic job pulling the event together. Fred had a love for the Chandler’s and enjoyed talking about them. He made my wife and I feel welcomed, and he would give you the shirt off his back. He will be missed!!! I feel lucky to have known him. Jan our prayers to you and the family in this tough time. God Bless, Jerry & Kim Hill
  8. Hi Ron, Please contact me in regards to your 75 to swap info. Best Regards, Jerry Hill 818-772-9256 Jerry@steadimoves.com
  9. Hi Ron, I own the car that Chris is referring to. My Chandler Royal 75 has all the items that you have listed. According to Chris my serial number is the latest in the club. I would be interested in what number yours is. I also have the same thoughts about restoring the car. I could not see it going to the wayside. The biggest hurtle for me has been finding the original parts. A few parts, I had to make. The club has been a great help in the restoration. Swapping notes with the fellow member/owner’s has been a big help. Also new friendships have come about since joining the club. I would be happy to share any insight with you that you might need. Best Regards, Jerry Hill jerry@steadimoves.com
  10. Hello Fellow Chandler?s, Anyone out there have or know of a cam sprocket for a ?29 Royal 75 -8. Maybe someone knows of a shop that can recondition the gears? Or make new? I found a new timing chain and would like to change the gears if possible. Thanks. Hope all is well. Jerry Hill jerry@steadimoves.com
  11. Hi Fellow Members, I have been busy stripping parts off a parts car. A 29 Royal 75-8 There are a few things that I will not need. If you guys are restoring this year and model and are in need of some parts, contact me to see if I have it. I plan on placing an ad in the next newsletter. This is a wood wheel car non-side mount. Thanks Jerry Hill jerry@steadimoves.com [color:\\"black\\"]
  12. Hi Guys, My name is Jerry Hill and I have aquired a new project. A 1929 Chandler Royal 75 De Luxe Sedan. The paper work has been sent in to join the club. I will be needing some parts, and hopefully advice on what how to restore this old girl. I spent a few hours over at Chris Gorman's house last Saturday going over the history and parts. Thank you Chris that was a big help. I will get a list together later on the parts I will be needing. Just wanted in introduce myself and look forward in speaking with you guys. Best Regards, Jerry Hill