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  1. Thanks again for response. I have since removed manifold and discovered that the manifold to carb surface was not flat and even with new gasket had vacuum leak. After correction, vacuum improved to 15 Hg and runs better but still isn't right. Wiper hose is fine and blocking off pipe doesn't change operation of engine. Will look into loose distributor shaft. Thanks, Ted
  2. Thanks for response Reid. I couldn,t remove the idle jet below the float but carb cleaner goes through ok. Also adjusting the idle mixture screw @ 700 rpm has a definite effect so I assumed that the circuit was ok. I have never separated the upper and lower manifold sections for fear of breakage. Is there a tube in there that could have rotted through causing low vacuum condition ? Ted
  3. Thanks to help from this forum, my engine has run like a watch for four years. Two weeks ago after idling for about 15 minutes, the idle speed became a little erratic, so I gave it some gas to clear its thoat but no improvement. On the way home car would die at stops unless I kept up rpm with pedal, choke or dash control. Tried car again since then with same result and some lack of power at higher speeds but smooth. When trying to lower idle speed below about 700 rpm, engine will die suddenly. I can catch it with a blip on the throttle(has a Carter BB-1D updraft w/pump). Cleaned the points & plugs-no change. Glass bowl on fuel pump was clean and pumps 4-5 lbs and will hold 4 lbs for a few seconds after shut down. Disasembled carb and still looked as clean as four years ago. Float is even with top of bowl which is 1/16" higher than spec but it ran great before like that-still no change. Vacumm test(from wiper tube)only showed 12 Hg at any steady speed but only 10 Hg at 700 rpm. I believe this engine pulled 17 Hg four years ago. Gaskets look ok. Noticed that iron carb spacer(1.5" high) sweats a lot after running for a few minutes. Is it possible I have a breach in the intake/exhaust manifold ? Sorry for long wind and thanks for any help. Ted
  4. Need help with procedure to adjust the oil pressure relief valve on a 1932 model Six. I don't have a manual and don't want to break anything. Also, any source out there for a service manual or copy ? Thanks for help, Ted
  5. Thanks for the response. I've since discovered that four of the rods have perfect clearance but two have .005 & .008. So I reshimmed accordingly. How is the oil pressure relief valve adjusted ? Should there be a gasket on oil pump cover ? Ted
  6. Not having a manual for my 32 Pontiac 6, I'm looking for some advise. The oil pressure runs at 30 psi for about 20 minute of driving then drops of to about 5 psi at idle and only about 10 psi while driving at moderate speed. Bearings, oil pump, relief setting ? All the above ? Flywheel has radial play of .005", front damper .007" and end play of .009". Are the main and rod bearings babbit or replaceable shells ? Are the caps shimmed to allow take up of clearance ? What is proper clearance for rods & mains ? I believe engine has about 76,000 miles and runs great with no smoke or engine noise. Thanks for any help, Ted
  7. occurs hot or cold. Is 4 dr sedan
  8. I have hesitation when first pushing on accellerator. Engine pulls 17 lbs vacuum at any constant rpm and is eguiped with a Carter model BB-1D. Improves somewhat with choke partially pulled. There seems to be two settings for the accelerator pump by relocating the top attachment screw to one position or the other. This would change the length of stroke. Under what conditions should this be changed ? Other suggestions for cure appreciated, Thanks, Ted
  9. I understand that the chassis and general underside should be a semi gloss black. Please correct if wrong. What color is the engine block & transmission supposed to be. Please advise of other items not black. Thanks Ted
  10. Thanks Jon You describe exactly what I have except for a brass sleeve that interferes with getting to that little pin. The sleeve has opposing holes that must be to access the pin but haven't been able to line it up. Putting it back together should be extra fun. Ted
  11. Thanks for the help. It seems to starve. In attempting to separate the upper and lower carbuator sections, I can't seem to extract the accellerator pump plunger. It is a Carter model BB-1D and seems to differ from the 3 jet carburator shown in advertisments. Ted
  12. Have stalling issue while slow speed braking, usually while negotiating an intersection or just coming to a stop. Also stalls backing up on steep hill from a stop. Float level high or low ? Problem does not seem to be electrical. Thanks for help Ted
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