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  1. No, still have the windshield, it is crated in a 2X4 crate ready to go, let me know thanks, Jeff
  2. It's been a while, to the top. Lots of cheap parts!
  3. Custom Charlie- I have the dash vents from a Super 4 door hdtp, and the car did not have power windows. I can send you a picture of the dashboard vents if you want, give me your e mail address. Lancemb- Sorry, I forgot to get back to you; all of my letters have the tabs broken off except for 1 letter, I beleive the "B".
  4. Custom Charlie- This car did not have a/c. I do have the regular vents, though. Thanks for the inquiry.
  5. I have a 1957 Buick Special 2 door for sale. It is a restoration in process. Check it out on ebay. Any serious inquires, please let me know.
  6. Can someone please tell if a complete dashboard out of a 1957 Super 4 dr. hdtp will bolt right into a 1957 Century? Not sure if the Century is a 2 or 4 door. Thanks!
  7. All- Be careful when dealing with that company called CARS, inc. I had to return an item and had a hard time doing so. Also, I sent back two gaskets and was only credited for one. Further, I have been restoring cars for 14 years, and have NEVER been charged a restocking fee. This guy charged me, and also lost one of my returned gaskets! So, they are like used car salesmen- they are your best friend up to and during the sale, but after that, forget about it.
  8. Hi. I may have the parking lenses. Let me check the condition of them. I may be in the process of selling a complete dash out of a 57 Super. If he doesn't buy it, I'll get back to you. The vinyl needs to be replaced, though. They are there as a good pattern. JB
  9. Hi. I have a set of two used working horns from a 57 super. I want 30.00 for the pair + shipping. Please mail me back at jmb641@psu.edu to let me know. Any other odds and ends, let me know. JB
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