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  1. Guys, Has anyone else had this same problem? The rear light strip on the back of my Reatta (where is says "BUICK") is "foggy" looking. What can I do to the plastic to clean it up and make it look new again? Is there a plastic cleaner that I can use to clean it without stratching the plastic? HELP?
  2. Guys, I put in a new battery a few months ago. Just this week. I noticed my Reatta wont start. The dashboard will light up but the engine would not turn over. So, I put the battery charger on it for about 2 hours and then it started. As soon as I turn the engine off, it won't start again. Got any ideas? Ansel
  3. Guys, I am looking for a grey replacement center console compartment cover (the cover pops up for storage of your junk). Does anyone know where I can get one? Ansel
  4. Does anyone have a list of the "Front plate required" states in the US? Is IL one of them? Ansel Chicago, IL
  5. Guys, I have a 90 Reatta convertible with slate grey interior and carpeting. There are some dark brown-ish carpeting stains by the seat track that I dont know how to get out. What cleaner would work to get them out? Ansel
  6. Guys, Where can I find the replacement fabric for the side door speakers for my reatta? It is all torn.
  7. There is a maroon? coupe for sale in the city of Chicago. I walked by it last week. Sitting parked in a dealership (dont remember the name) on Damen St. Ansel
  8. Guys, I just got my oil changed last week. The last two days as I am driving (as various speeds) the H to L Oil indicater on the dash will drop to L and say Low Oil and which time the car dies out. The dashboard remains lit but the cars just coasts until I apply the brakes. What gives? Ansel
  9. Barney, Can I purchase a set from you? Ansel
  10. Guys, I thought I read from someone else about a brake rattle that sounds when you hit a bump. I think I am experiencing this on my 90 Reatta. What do I tell the Buick dealership to check? The pads? How do they fix it? Ansel
  11. DTerry, Not bad - you made it through life without all that stuff. And, now you use the internet and you know the defination of software! IMPRESSIVE, Dude! Ansel
  12. Guys, I have a 90 Reatta convertible that has an ANNOYING squeaky rattle coming from underneath the car. I assume it's the exhaust system. Anytime I hit a bump (even a smaller one), I hear the rattle and it drives me crazy! What should I do? Could the dealer check it out? Ansel
  13. Nikki, I think you are correct. You are one of the few girls who own a Reatta on this forum. Reattas are mostly Dude cars! It's all good, though... :-) Ansel
  14. I know I've asked this in the past and get referred to the guy who is supposed to make a mold of the clip and manufacture them. But, that ain't gonna happen unless he gets 1,000's of orders for them. So... Where can I get used sun visor clips? Do Buick dealers still carry them in their parts departments? Ansel
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