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  1. Bill, this tractor is being offered for sale on an antique tractor website. I e-mailed the owner and he said a friend told him it was a 364 but he also stated it was out of a '55 buick. I e-mailed him and told him it would be a 264 or 322 in '55 and also told him where the #s' where. He hasn't responded but even if it is a little 264 thats a lot of horses to plow with!!!!!!!!!!!! Ed
  2. Smartin, no fusible links on that car. It should be real easy to track down the problem with a simple 12 volt test light or volt meter, or I could taker your sweetheart for a drive in my '56!!!!!!!!!
  3. Thats easy, I always want the Buick that belongs to "someone else"!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. It was 1969, I just graduated from High school and landed a job at my local Chrysler Plymouth dealer. We had a contract with the city and serviced all the city equipment, Police cars, etc. I was also the "new car serviceman" and I got to service and test drive all the new cars which included a 1970 Plymouth Super Bird, It would literally fly! That car sat on the showroom floor for a year and then sat under cover in the shop for a year, they couldn't sell it! I don't remember what happened to it....Ed
  5. You might try O'Reiley if you have one in the area. They had an oil filter in stock for my '56 322 #51121. They were more surprised than I was!!!!
  6. John D, Where can I get a filter for my top hose? My '56 Buick has the same problem and I have been using my wifes' panty hose for a filter in the top inlet!!! It works good though and it sure is fun getting the hose!!!!
  7. 2-ML-105776-ML-<br /><br />Moved it to the Buick Forum! RWB
  8. I found a 455/tranny combo in a 74 225 that is for sale, he wouldn't sell the whole car, I believe he is prepping it for the local demo derby!!! The rad is gone but he "claims" the car was running/driving before he pulled it. What is this combo worth? It needs rescued....THANKS, Ed
  9. I don't know mileage but will get a look at it this week end.....Ed
  10. I found a 455 engine and tranny still in a 74 225. The guy wants to sell them but will not sell the whole car. I think I need to rescue them. He said they were running before he pulled the rad. and the engine still turns over. What is a fair price for this engine/tranny set up? (it would be COOL in my 56 Special!!!!!THANKS, Ed
  11. Hello, CC, I can not believe someone could not help you with your problem but I will try. The old mopar bigblocks did not use exhaust manifold to head gaskets. They were notorious for the bolts or nut/studs, especially at each end of the maniflod to loosen and then you will get a ticking sound. Also a lot of overhaul kits were supplied with ex man gaskets and they were commonly installed when overhauled, they are not needed and one could be leaking. Also the lifters and rocker arms are non adjustable, this could also produce a ticking noise if the lifter is worn The suspect lifter would have to be identified, I would replace them all in a set. To isolate the noise take a piece of fuel line hose(5/16 or 3/8) about 3 foot long, stuck one end in you ear and move other end around manifold with engine running. If no tick is detected then its probably a lifter. Take a very large plastic handled screwdriver and place the steel tip at joint between intake and head, then place your ear against the large plastic handle and move down the head till you find the loudest tick. (its all old school like ME!!!!!!)GOOD LUCK, RH
  12. Are these interchangeable on all '56 Buicks?
  13. Skylark, before you pull the engine again, make SURE of where the leak is coming form, clean the underside GOOD, dry it, run the rngine at idle and shut it down as soon as you see a drop. Then thourghly inspect the area with plenty of light to make sure or the location! You stated it took twenty minnutes for the leak to appear. If something was installed wrong it seems the leak would be almost instant, 20 minutes sounds like the seal was being "chewed" up? Look at it good sometimes the problems are so evident we tend to overlook them! Also a good trick to find an oil leak is to paint the area with silver spray paint, when the oil runs down the paint it will wash it off and leave a nice trail!!!! If you would state your location in you profile maybe some one close can come by and take a look!!!!1
  14. I am really getting tired of seeing these scammers saying they will sell you a $30,000. car for $5,900.!!!!!! But you can help, If we report these as soon as they are listed and the scammers don't get a chance to scam anyone maybe they will give up and go rob a bank! Here is how to tell if you are being scammed. #1 The car is usually an exceptionaly nice car. #2 The starting price is extreemly low. #3 There is a no "buy it now" but the seller claims he will sell it at an unusally low price if you e-mail him direct and NOT through the "ask the seller" link. #4 When you click any where on the page another window comes up to contact the seller directly. DON'T DO IT!!!!!! What you should do" #1 Write down the item number. #2 Get off of the scammers page. #3 click on "security center" ususlly at bottom of page. #4 Click, Report problem Listing policy violations Inappropriate links etc. Item desc or terms hosted outside of e-bay E-mail us Key in item # in window I reported 4 items yesterday and they were cancelled in a matter of hours. The sooner the scams are cancelled the less chance they (the scammers)have of scamming someone! Lets run 'em out of business!!!!!!!!!!! <img src="" alt="" />