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  1. Thanks I will try adjusting clutch.
  2. I forgot to mention that when car is not moving it doesn't seem to be a problem only when under power
  3. I have a 41 l z sedan and shifter won't shift out of first gear sometimes. Once I stop the car and turn off engine it is free again. no problems if you take off in second gear. any ideas short of tearing into tranny. Incidentally the transmission was rebuilt about two years ago with new sync rings.
  4. i just removed and installed the tranny in my 41 sedan. the spring will rise up when you remove the shackle bolts. i just took a piece of round steel pipe, heated up and flatten out ends for spreader. the force of the spring actually slightly bent the spreader pipe. i got the length by placing two big boys in back seat to compress spring cut pipe to correct length and slipped it in bottom of spring at each side. there is a lot of pent up energy in that spring so be careful. david i also would recommend that you replace the frame insulators and transmission mount while you have this apart. the rubber in those parts is likely disintegrated.
  5. i bought frame insulators, motor mounts and transmission mounts from warren rice in michigan. he takes the old ones and revulcanizes them with new rubber. they are like new. i dont have his address or phone # but he is listed in lzoc member directory. call him and he will fix you up
  6. As previously posted I run my v12 without thermostats. I also have Skips pumps. After the car is driven and warmed up it will sometimes puke up water through overflow after it is turned off. I also have a non pressure 41 radiator cap. I have been told that this may be caused by not having thermostats. david
  7. the thermostat fits in the upper radiator hose and is held in place with a clamp. i run my 41 without thermostats. perhaps earle browne or narragansett (listed in sources) may have an idea of where to find some)
  8. thats true on my 41. there is a slot on bezel that locks bezel in place. if you have new door panels it may be difficult to get it to lock in. i had to trim some cardboard off the back of the door panel to get them on. david
  9. taking out the radio involves a lot of upside down in floorboard work and it is time consuming. david
  10. i used a company named the clockworks. they are on the internet. i was very pleased with the repair and cleanup. clock now runs great and keeps good time. david
  11. earle brown listed in sources on lzoc site has them with installation instructions. ask skip if you need them with his newly rebuilt pumps.
  12. jake rebuilt the radio in my 41 and it works great. he is a retired radio man so he knows his stuff. he is very reasonable and a really nice guy. he has helped me with several projects including coils, distributor, points, transmission removal, voltage regulator, etc. he can talk you through about any diagnosis on the phone. just give him a call.
  13. Try jake flemining. he is listed under sources on this site. just call him--he doesnt email. david
  14. i had a similar problem with two cylinders and my problem turned out to be a warped aluminum head. i found another head and it cured problem. i used gaskets from earle brown that are made by felpro with no problem. david
  15. the rubber rots with age and when it gives up the whole spring is loose to shift from side to side in rear. the insulators are actally three pieces of steel with rubber holding them together to form the insulator. It appears that the rubber is vulcanized to the steel.
  16. i was driving my 41 lz sedan a few weeks ago and heard a banging noise in rear. i thought it was a loose or broken shock absorber. when i got back to shop i looked under car and the rear end was shifted several inches toward the drivers side. luckily i didnt have fender skirts on or it would have torn it up when driving. the frame insulators were broken completely loose so that the axle was not connected to frame. i would suggest that those who havent checked out the frame insulators on their lincoln do so to avoid the same predictament. i have now replaced them and everything is the way it should be.
  17. here are two lincolns at winthrop rockefeller museum in arkansas near little rock. lots of packards, fords, chryslers. well worth the visit david
  18. here is web site showing puller and where to purchase http://www.mindspring.com/~bozarth/id5.html
  19. thats a great looking engine with great upgrades. the beauty of it is that all those parts can be unbolted and the engine returned to pure stock if desired. i recently had conversations with lee hopkins and he is a great guy.
  20. i just had my 41 zephyr carburetor rebuilt by ken isidore in connecticut. he is on the ford barn as kenct. i am quite pleased with his work and turn around time. the engine runs better than ever before.
  21. i drilled out the hole for the disconnect switch on my drill press and it works fine. i also broke one trying to force it to fit. david
  22. the car had push buttons when i bought it. i think they were original to the car but i dont know if they were a dealer installed accessory. the car was built in december 1940. the doors dont have the kicker springs. i sometimes see these pushbutton on ebay,
  23. based on my experience i would start with the mechanicals first--replace all rubber in brakes, wheel cylinders, master cylinder, hoses, then clean out cooling system, check out water pumps, change hoses and then clean up engine compartment. skip haney is great for water pump rebuild and jake fleming in dallas is great for distributor clean up. i would do all this before i started on things like dash refinish and other details. i notice you are missing some parts of heater. also be careful of the heat exchanger on exhaust since if it is leaking it can pipe carbon monoxide right into front seat. all this is just my opinion. skip haneys contact info is skip haney, punta gorda, florida email: skip@fordsrus.com david
  24. I think the photo i attached was a big file and that accounts for slow download. i think i have solved that problem by resizing my photo. i did it on a free site i found called www.photsize.com. see if this doesnt solve the problem.
  25. keep us up to date on your progress. i am glad that wasnt water in oil. dd
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