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  1. does anyone have a way to get to the top starter bolt? I,ve tried short, long, box, open , crows foot, socket, socket w/universal, and the bent starter manifold wrench. no luck. am I going to have to drop the exhaust or is there another way?
  2. there's a 65 skylark g/s for sale on ebay. seller says it's a 401 with factory 2x4 carb set up. my info shows 2x4 was only avaiable on 425 in wildcats and rivs. anybody know any thing about this?
  3. i posted this on the restoration side. someone suggested i might get a better response over here. what would be involved in putting a later model nailhead (401 or 425) in a 56? secifically what to do about the torque tube.
  4. not getting a lot of help here, maybe i'll have to put in a ford 9" rear, a mustangII front end, and a chev small block
  5. how difficult is it to change a late model nailhead and th400 trans into a 56 buick in place of the 322 and dynaflow? particularly what about the torque tube?
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