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  1. Your Knowledge is appreciated. The rebuilder suggested ceramic sealed on start up. I did that yesterday and have yet to see how it works out. I flushed out both drain cocks on the jugs. one had appreciable bits if hard crud. I assume it hadn't been drained for years. I have brass galley on the left side of the engine but that is for oil. I would like to follow up your suggestion re a rusted out core plug. How do I investigate that?
  2. Thank you for your help. It was exhaust valve backpressure. Pin holes in the block near valve cage were sealed and problem solved. I lapped the float needle. Engine starts and runs well now. The oil turns green quickly indicating water contamination. This one has me stumped as the plugs are dry.
  3. I have replaced the float with a synthetic one as well as honing out the seat slightly. The float bench tests well but floods when cranked. I had back pressure from a faulty exhaust cage but had that repaired. I don't think there is any back pressure. The solution seems to evade me. any help would be appreciated as I want to keep the brass carb.
  4. I have a 1910 Buick model 10 that news a new carb. Will a Ford Model A or Model B work and if so which is more suitable. I cant seem to get my Schebler float to seal.
  5. My 1910 Buick 10 needs a new carb to complete the total engine rebuild and get back on the road. Is there a recommended replacement for the brass Schebler Model D, as I can't seem to prevent flooding on start up, even with a new synthetic float. Any help would be much appreciated.
  6. It is dripping a small amount, enough to leave marks on the driveway.
  7. Hints needed for real wheel seal replacement. Does the axle require removal? 1930 Stutz Blackhawk.
  8. I'm installing my newly rebuilt engine. Does anyone know the recommended oil capacity?
  9. Complete restoration in 1970, Paint is showing its age. 52,000 original miles used for monthly car club events in British Columbia. Owner would like someone a little younger to enjoy this fine automobile. $42,300 contact dmlott08@gmail.com.
  10. Worldwide


    I'm interested in the Blackhawk chassis Where are you located?
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