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  1. My 1910 Buick 10 needs a new carb to complete the total engine rebuild and get back on the road. Is there a recommended replacement for the brass Schebler Model D, as I can't seem to prevent flooding on start up, even with a new synthetic float. Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. It is dripping a small amount, enough to leave marks on the driveway.
  3. Hints needed for real wheel seal replacement. Does the axle require removal? 1930 Stutz Blackhawk.
  4. I'm installing my newly rebuilt engine. Does anyone know the recommended oil capacity?
  5. Complete restoration in 1970, Paint is showing its age. 52,000 original miles used for monthly car club events in British Columbia. Owner would like someone a little younger to enjoy this fine automobile. $42,300 contact
  6. I could use some direction as to how to install 12 volt starter to my 1910 Buick. Getting harder to crank as the years go by.
  7. I think an impulse coupler is the way to go. Is info available as to degrees of spark retard for 4 cyl. I would like to install myself rather than send it out. I see them on ebay but which one?
  8. Thanks for the heads up. The mag is a Bosch DU4. It sparks but my 70 year old heart can't spin it fast enough to start. There is an old "Splitdorf" box on the firewall marked "battery/off/magneto". Only a simple kill switch is currently hooked up. It must have been changed at some time. I would like to hook up a battery for starting if possible. Doug
  9. Thanks for the tip re Bosch mag. I'll try and find a supplier. I posted 2 pics of the existing magneto. Can anyone identify it for me? The car is currently on the west coast of BC. Our family did a frame off restoration in 1970 and the car has sat in storage most of the time. Once I have it running well I will do a full redo stripping all the cracked lacquer. The garage is cleared out and I have nothing but time. New gears were cut for the rear end and apparently top speed is around 30 mph.
  10. I have just inherited a 1910 McLaughlin Buick with magneto ignition. The spark is weak and I would like to add a 6 volt battery to run full time. Is what I need a buzz box and how do I go about it? Any help would be appreciated.
  11. Worldwide


    I am interested in door and window handles but wont be at Hershey. Can I get some info?
  12. Price per casting is $90.00 US + shipping from British Columbia which should be minimal. This is for the bracket only not the mounting block.
  13. Will get back to the maker with price per
  14. Just had some bronze brackets cast to replace pot metal ones. Fit a 1929-30 Blackhawk. Ready to buff and nickel plate. The caster is willing to pour some more if there is any interest.