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  1. Back issues of newsletters, timing belt ,rt side rear quarter window , head gasket, valve cover gasket for 2.2l 4 cyl , both Mopar OEM new in packaging ,blue service manual , Infinity radio test cassette and 1-issue Sept. 2011 Hemmings Sports & Exotic Cars with the TC article . Also one chrome Maserati liscence plate holder and Maserati grill badge . All for sale send a pm for inexpensive pricing and pics if anyone wants any or all. Joe47
  2. I have a '89 blue book well used but ok condition . Use my email jnantist@optimum.net and we could make a deal . Don't need the '90 book . Joe
  3. '89 blue book , qtr. window , owners manual , plate holder and head gasket for sale see ebay............. Chrysler TC by Maserati parts Joe47
  4. Happy ending to story........... I did receive the amount owed for the mats . Received a postal money order Friday . Joe47 :)
  5. Ghosty......here are two '89's taken by sandy the insurance co. totaled both cars 1- 202043 -yellow/ginger/ black auto no cd wood grain fuzzy speakers 2- 201230 -same as above except no wood grain
  6. Had two ' 89's both gone to sandy . Tool kit is also gone. Still have the blue book , plate holder , Maserati badge ,head gasket , quarter window and " sports.... magazine . Joe
  7. yes . Are there reproductions ?
  8. All items are for sale . Make offers. 1- set of ginger mats 2- MOPAR parts unopened bags oil pan gasket, head gasket, and timing belt 3- chrome Maserati plate holder 4- passenger side quarter window 5- blue book for '89 ,Maserati grille badge 6- owners manual with carry case 7- tool kit w/gloves and test cassette for infinity radio 8-2002 SIA magazine with the "sleeper picks " article about the TC and the Sept. 2011 Hemmings magazine with the Buyers Guide TC article.
  9. Blue book for sale, pages a little curled , it was well used. I also have 2-sets of ginger mats , good shape. Make an offer . Joe47
  10. I have a hard top and original stand for sale . Liner is good ,paint is good ,portholes have some lamination but overall in better than most condition. Stand is like new with soft cover . $200.00 takes it priced for a member that needs it . Pick up preferred. If it needs to be shipped you pay . I'm on Long Island , NY . call @ 516 428 4301 Joe47
  11. Hondo Too bad about the no insurance . Seems nobody is interested in our cars. I've contacted my insurance to take the cars . I know of another TC in the Rockaways , I sold it to the guy last year . He contacted me ,wanted to give it to me but I can't deal with my own . That's 4 Tc's going away . Joe47 I kept the hard drive so far no luck . I tried at Best Buy but they could not get the info off the drive . Will try again.
  12. corrected email jnantist@optimum.net
  13. Both my '89 yel/ginger/blk cars were damaged by hurricane sandy. The insurance co.has totaled both. I have the option to keep the cars with a deduction from my settlement . The water was about 3/4 above the wheels and enterd the interior . There are stains on the seats and the floors are soaked . This was salt water from the canal. The water did not enter the trunk . The cars were in great condition , running and in appearance . The cars are complete were on the road and are salvageable . I live in NY on Long Island and by NY motor vehicle law the title change will reflect salvage but this can be changed if the cars are restored . They can also be parted out . If anyone is interested contact me by email . I'm asking the difference that the insurance co. will hold back and of course transportation costs . Both cars started after the storm but not now batteries are dead . Mileage on both are under 90k one was from an original ownner and comes with that paper work . I have to act quickly the ins. co. wants an answer . The salvave rate is 15% of the agreed value minus the deductible. Each car will cost you about $1600.00 plus transportation . My pictures were in my home comp. which was destroyed . These cars were better than your average TC . I would value them before the flood at $4000.00 to $6000.00 . I will leave my cell phone because of the time frame so either call or email. c 5165468154 jantist@optimum.net Joe47:(
  14. Reel Happy-- My logos mostly stayed attached to the 2nd glass .. As I peeled the membrane off they started to lift off but you can push the pieces back down . One little bar came off but it will go back on before the beveled glass is restored.
  15. Well I did get them off . One side released with the suction cup device and came off fine . The other side cracked ,too much heat . Even after it broke I had to actually chiesel the glass off the plastic membrane before I could peal the plastic off the inner window . It was two completely different expierences. The one side that came off did so without heat and not much effort . I'm bringing the good beveled glass to a friend who owns a glass factory . They have water jet machines and grinding /polishing machines . I'll let you know if the glass can be duplicated .
  16. Hi Lee.... I've tried with a large plastic paint scraper..I could try your method with the heat applied . As for the glass I have a suction cup with a handle , as the type that holds glass or mirror for carrying . Thanks for the idea.
  17. I know this has been discussed many times ...........but has anyone found or used a tool to separate the glass of these windows to clean the mess between them? I've read the post in the TC newsletter which said to use a knife to seperate the glass but this does not work for me. I am talking about doing this with the windows still installed in the top. I know some have taken the windows out but this seems extreme , with possible damage to the fabric . I've heated the windows with a lamp only to make them look worse . Took the car to an Autolite dealer and he would not try . Afraid of damaging the area around the window by prying with a tool. Has anyone done this before? Thanks. :confused:
  18. Speaking of these windows.... I have read all the posts and the recent newsletter reprint of how to separate the windows. I can't find the right tool to get behind the outer glass.. Anyone have a suggestion ? Joe47 :confused:
  19. I was able to get the motor out . Hemi, you were right, a nasty job. One thing you don"t have to do is take the top cap off where the seat belt goes through. Where do you get a good motor . I found the part # for the pass/side front , from Cardone Inc. #42-406 . But no listing for the 1/4 window. Can they be the same part ? Anyone know ? On the motor is the name Rockwell part # looks like 400036 I'm not sure . Anyone know for sure ? I have a message in to a Rockwell distrib. with this info. Looks like my problem is the gear wheel which seems worn. Any help would be appreciated. Joe47
  20. I am having trouble with the passenger side rear quarter window. It sounds like the gear wheel is stripped . How do you remove , or what do you remove to get to the motor and window bracket ? Are the front window units the same as for the quarter units ? Does anyone know if there is a match for the unit from another Chrysler car. ? Thanks . Joe47 :confused:
  21. With that code you probally have a corroded electrical connection at one of the injectors. I had the same problem ,rough idle and check engine light on and after much trouble shooting that was it. Cleaned the connector and the light was gone. Also , that cylinder began to fire. Joe47
  22. You can order Sept. issue with the TC article from booksamillion.com . Cost is $4.49 ea . I went to many stores to find the book but no one seems to have it. Save time and effort. Joe47
  23. Oil and filter just changed . It just seems odd that the reading is so low when the oil is hot. I understand that the gauge is not very accurate and a true reading with a portable guage would give the correct reading . By the way, I did find the unit by a picture in the red book in the wiring diagrams. Thanks for the input.
  24. Has anyone changed the oil sending unit on a '90 3.0 TC? I've done the unit on an '89 which is easy to find . For the '90 the book lists a combo temp and sending unit but where is it? My dash gauge shows pressure but falls off after the engine is hot. As I accelerate the needle does move up but slightly. :confused: Joe47
  25. This triple black 3.0 auto w/83,000mi is going up for sale. Car is in great condition , no known mechanical issues. Everything works . Some wear on the drivers seat including a rip in the leather at your back. Has headlight protectors,new brake accumulator with brake fluid changed just recently. Portwhole windows have a little delaminating starting . Wheels are beautiful , tires have plenty of thread but also some drying. Radio is the Chrysler cd type , which occiasionally has a loud buzz but clears itself. New gas filter and hoses replaced at the filter and a recent oil and filter change. I am trying to be as clear and honest as I can so another member of this club gets to enjoy this car. Soft top is in very good condition with glass rear window. All glass is original, AC is cold and battery is new. I bought this car 3yrs ago from some one in Scottsdale,AZ and I think it originally came from Illionois making me the third owner. Asking $5,500.00.
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