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  1. Back issues of newsletters, timing belt ,rt side rear quarter window , head gasket, valve cover gasket for 2.2l 4 cyl , both Mopar OEM new in packaging ,blue service manual , Infinity radio test cassette and 1-issue Sept. 2011 Hemmings Sports & Exotic Cars with the TC article . Also one chrome Maserati liscence plate holder and Maserati grill badge . All for sale send a pm for inexpensive pricing and pics if anyone wants any or all. Joe47
  2. I have a '89 blue book well used but ok condition . Use my email jnantist@optimum.net and we could make a deal . Don't need the '90 book . Joe
  3. '89 blue book , qtr. window , owners manual , plate holder and head gasket for sale see ebay............. Chrysler TC by Maserati parts Joe47
  4. Happy ending to story........... I did receive the amount owed for the mats . Received a postal money order Friday . Joe47 :)
  5. Ghosty......here are two '89's taken by sandy the insurance co. totaled both cars 1- 202043 -yellow/ginger/ black auto no cd wood grain fuzzy speakers 2- 201230 -same as above except no wood grain
  6. Had two ' 89's both gone to sandy . Tool kit is also gone. Still have the blue book , plate holder , Maserati badge ,head gasket , quarter window and " sports.... magazine . Joe
  7. yes . Are there reproductions ?
  8. All items are for sale . Make offers. 1- set of ginger mats 2- MOPAR parts unopened bags oil pan gasket, head gasket, and timing belt 3- chrome Maserati plate holder 4- passenger side quarter window 5- blue book for '89 ,Maserati grille badge 6- owners manual with carry case 7- tool kit w/gloves and test cassette for infinity radio 8-2002 SIA magazine with the "sleeper picks " article about the TC and the Sept. 2011 Hemmings magazine with the Buyers Guide TC article.
  9. Blue book for sale, pages a little curled , it was well used. I also have 2-sets of ginger mats , good shape. Make an offer . Joe47
  10. I have a hard top and original stand for sale . Liner is good ,paint is good ,portholes have some lamination but overall in better than most condition. Stand is like new with soft cover . $200.00 takes it priced for a member that needs it . Pick up preferred. If it needs to be shipped you pay . I'm on Long Island , NY . call @ 516 428 4301 Joe47
  11. Hondo Too bad about the no insurance . Seems nobody is interested in our cars. I've contacted my insurance to take the cars . I know of another TC in the Rockaways , I sold it to the guy last year . He contacted me ,wanted to give it to me but I can't deal with my own . That's 4 Tc's going away . Joe47 I kept the hard drive so far no luck . I tried at Best Buy but they could not get the info off the drive . Will try again.
  12. corrected email jnantist@optimum.net
  13. Both my '89 yel/ginger/blk cars were damaged by hurricane sandy. The insurance co.has totaled both. I have the option to keep the cars with a deduction from my settlement . The water was about 3/4 above the wheels and enterd the interior . There are stains on the seats and the floors are soaked . This was salt water from the canal. The water did not enter the trunk . The cars were in great condition , running and in appearance . The cars are complete were on the road and are salvageable . I live in NY on Long Island and by NY motor vehicle law the title change will reflect salvage but this can be changed if the cars are restored . They can also be parted out . If anyone is interested contact me by email . I'm asking the difference that the insurance co. will hold back and of course transportation costs . Both cars started after the storm but not now batteries are dead . Mileage on both are under 90k one was from an original ownner and comes with that paper work . I have to act quickly the ins. co. wants an answer . The salvave rate is 15% of the agreed value minus the deductible. Each car will cost you about $1600.00 plus transportation . My pictures were in my home comp. which was destroyed . These cars were better than your average TC . I would value them before the flood at $4000.00 to $6000.00 . I will leave my cell phone because of the time frame so either call or email. c 5165468154 jantist@optimum.net Joe47:(
  14. Reel Happy-- My logos mostly stayed attached to the 2nd glass .. As I peeled the membrane off they started to lift off but you can push the pieces back down . One little bar came off but it will go back on before the beveled glass is restored.
  15. Well I did get them off . One side released with the suction cup device and came off fine . The other side cracked ,too much heat . Even after it broke I had to actually chiesel the glass off the plastic membrane before I could peal the plastic off the inner window . It was two completely different expierences. The one side that came off did so without heat and not much effort . I'm bringing the good beveled glass to a friend who owns a glass factory . They have water jet machines and grinding /polishing machines . I'll let you know if the glass can be duplicated .
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