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  1. OK OK ... now that you've finished laughing at me for trying to get my hands on one of these beauties on here... I want a 53 Skylark- needing a complete restoration (If I could afford one that didnt need a restoration I obviously wouldn't be looking for one on here- I would be at B-J bidding one up) Barn finds would be great... as original as possible... not extensive rust thru. jebaileyjr@gmail.com Jim
  2. Any Pictures? jebaileyjr@gmail.com
  3. Ok stay with me here, because this will be a long one! I am looking at a 57 Buick Super 4 Door HT- VIN:5 D1050438 The car doesn't have its origional paint. There are some rust bubbles on the lower half, but nothing through. It needs rear bumper ends. The guy says the engine is the origional engine (I have yet to verify this). He also says there is a transmission leak, and he thinks it needs a new front transmission seal. He is asking $4000 for it. He said he would take my 77 Triumph Spitfire and $2k for it. VMRINTL.com says that a # 4vehicle is worth $2750(it definately isn't a # 3- need
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