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  1. Can you talk more about how you did the wood grain.
  2. Had a 1947 chevy 6 cyl. that was stuck and it turned out to be two lifters on number 6 had some rust in their bores.
  3. I thought it was an automatic trans. So i would think if you gave it a short pull in low gear it might work. I had a 48 olds. that i push started once by hand and started it in low gear. the car had broke down on me and the battery was bad so i just tried the push by hand and it worked and suprised the he-- out of me.
  4. If you think the clutch is stuck just put it in 3rd gear and rock it to see if it will turn.
  5. mix some trans fluid and karoseen and put it in the cylinders to soak a day or two.
  6. I droped the little red tube in mine so now what should i do?
  7. I cant get any of the pictures to open so i can see them. I am a member here and am logged in. Can some one help me?
  8. sounds like the ring land(grooves) had wore and been cut to exept spacers to take up the ware. I had thiis done years ago. pete
  9. Thanks for the information. So does the 49-52 sedan hinge fit the Catalina H/T? Pete
  10. I was wondering if a chevrolet door hinge is the same? I have a set of hinges from a 51 chevy coupe. My pontiac needs the lower pass. side as it is bent bad from a accident long ago. The pontiac is in storage so i can't compare at this time. Thanks for any help. pete
  11. looks to be the center grill support.
  12. I am very sorry to here you are going through this. I have a 1950 catalina that is in the same condition as yours and was following along with the great work you have done.I hope the next person will do half as good as you have done on this fine car. I will say a prayer for you and your family pete
  13. has anyone restored a nash with this same issue? any help pete