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  1. still have louvers and several rad shells for 1930 buicks stan mclbuick 2002 bc canada
  2. I have a spare somewhat rusty metal plate from a 40 series.They were painted black. Send private message so I can get your email with address .I have many spares for a 1930 40 series including all body parts,wood wheels,brake drums , frames , trans etc. Stan B.C.
  3. I bought a set of Diamondback WWW radials for my 1936 Buick several years ago. They were the only source of WWW radials at the time.Diamondback claimed they were the equivalent of the stock 650/16s. They were at least an inch wider than a 650/16 and would rub on fenders when cornering.They were too wide to fit in fenders of my 1935. Diamondback took radial truck tires and glued on a wide white wall. Within a year the whitewalls were pealing off. Needless to say the radials I bought last year for my 1935 Buick were from Coker. They are a true 650/16 as stamped on tire.Their WWW are part of tire and not glued on.
  4. I do not add lead to gas for my 1936 Buick 233engine that has factory aluminum pistons. When I bought the car in pieces in 2000 with 60,800 on odometer, I scraped out inchs of sludge from pan as the 36 did not have an oil filter. I ground and set valves but did not touch bottom end. I use detergent oil that I change when dark. The only fuel readily available has added ethanol. The ethanol attacked the fuel pump diaphragm in the 36 , the carb gaskets in my 1930, and sediment bowl gasket in my 1928. The 1936 now has 81,000 miles and runs as well if not better than in 2000. So : No lead Detergent oil changed regularly Use ethanol added gas but change gaskets as needed 1915 McLaughlin 1930 model 47 1930 model 61 1935 model 40 1936 model 40 Stan
  5. Has anyone tried swapping a 233" 1936 40 series 8 engine and trans into a 1930 40 series 6 engine compartment? There is room in engine area and wheelbases are same but will the 1936 trans output shaft bolt up to the 1930 torque tube? I could use 1936 rear end with hydraulic brakes but then would have to change front end also. Want to retain 12 spoke bolt on wood wheels. Stan Powell River BC
  6. Claude I removed all 10 spokes , sanded , and mounted back on turned drums for my 1930 model 47. I then found a parts car with the bolt on 12 spoke wheels. The 1930 model 40 drums have same part number as the 1931 model 60s. I will sell you the complete set of wheels and drums for far less than it will cost to re spoke your 1931. I am in BC. email if interested I also have many spare parts for 1930 [ 40 series McLaughlin] Buicks- headlights,tail lights,fenders, running lights , frames, cowls,frame covers , gas tank covers, etc stangis@shaw.ca
  7. JHave 1 at home .Away in boat .Will get back to you early in Aug
  8. Michael I have a spare 640-Y. It is missing rotor,cap and points.Are you sure a 640-Y will fit on the 331 engine? I found the dual point distributor works well if set up as in the shop manual. Stan
  9. Kenny Bob's automobilia in California has some new parts. I have some used parts for a 1930-47. Send me a personal message with your email. Where are you? Stan BC Canada
  10. The wiring harness you have is for a us Buick that used a cutout relay on generator. I have shop manuals for both McLaughlin and Us models.The Mcl voltage regulator terminal marked ign 16gau goes to vacuum starter switch. The one marked grd goes to terminal 8 of light switch.The 12 gau wire marked A goes to + of ammeter and through 30amp fuse to terminal 6 of light switch. Because I couldn't get voltage reg to work properly I added 6v alternator. Worked so well changed my other 36 and my 35 to alternators. Any other questions send personal email. Stan BC Canada
  11. Jeff The 1936 McLaughlin Buick special used a 5 terminal voltage regulator. No cutout. The #12[ heavier] wire from gen goes to voltage reg terminal marked Gen. The lighter #16 wire from gen goes to the F terminal.This is from 1936 McLaughlin Buick shop manual.I have converted both of my 1936s to 6 volt single wire self regulating alternators. Battery always charged and quartz halogen bulbs bright. Stan B.C.
  12. Mark None of those chev wiper arms will fit on my early 36 production wiper drives.The early drives had a nut that slides onto round drive shaft with male threads facing out . These are threaded into wiper arm and clamp onto drive when tightened. Stan
  13. Grant Bob's does not have the correct one for either of I my 1936 -40series. In 1936 there were 2 types of wipers . A splined drive shaft which Bob's used to have which I think is out of stock . The OLds restoration supplier still stocks. The other type slides over a round knob with a locking nut . Look at drive on your wiper . Is it a splined shaft or a round knob. Stan
  14. Maldwyn I will look and see if I can find one and get back to you next week.Send private message so I can get your email address.Do you also have a model 61? Stan
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