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  1. Got cut loose from the Monticello therapy center, still have some therapy at the Mercy medical center,Dam, it is hard to type, Thanks go out to all of you with good wishes while I was down. Many thanks to all of you that crowded my room in Monticello, the girls still talk about that.I got the hell better, Don. See... Anyhow, I will work on getting better from home now. Was not driving when stroke happened thank goodness, but can still barely see keyboard now. Thank you Donna.
  2. welcome back "Berta" you are probably the only one who understands how hard it is to type right now.
  3. Well, we have passed the deadline for signing up for judging. Any sign ups from here will be display only. We have 80 folks registered so far, should be a great show. You can still sign up and we will do our best to get you parked in your class.
  4. It's too bad that the forum breakfast had to turn to brunch. I guess if we are having a discussion about it, moving the time hurts me more than paying $20 for food. I value my friends more than that. But, I also need to stick to my commitments made. Therefore, I will join in if possible.
  5. Hurry up, man.There are plenty of cold ones here waiting.Drive safe though.
  6. Sorry you can't drive Mikey. Text me when you get in, I got something that will make your back feel better. Some Heartland Hooligans sitting in Billings right now, Boring part of drive done, pretty part starts tomorrow at @$$ crack of dawn. See yous all soon!
  7. Dayum. Not within stumbling distance from hotel. We may have to look into renting a bus. Get well Mikey, we got some catching up to do.
  8. Drive safe boys. Looking to see you all there. Heartland Hooligans hitting the road Sat. AM.
  9. My favorite Buick thing is all the cool friends I have acquired since I joined the clubs. Well, I have many more pictures of Buick friends, I am having a hell of a time attaching them to this post. You guys know who you are, and thank you.
  10. wildcat465

    Hi Ho

    Safe travels, Frank. See you there!
  11. That looks pretty cool. But, I do have to say, I did like riding on that indian blanket (can we say that?). Looking forward to seeing it in person. The heck with brewpubs, I am ready for the parking lot shenanigans!
  12. John, none so far. But, alas, registrations just trickle in typically until just before the cutoff when the bulk of them finally come. Makes planning difficult, but every show seems to be this way.
  13. Welcome to the ROA Lamar!
  14. Probably there because of the transmission. I am really bummed that your car puked and even more bummed that we won't see you there Ship. Hope to get some time to spend with you somewhere next year my friend. I was really hoping to share some "Nordeasts" with my Northeast friends. Joe's auctioned off a few years back, I will try to find the thread where I posted a bunch of pics before the auctioneer and the car crusher went through. Not gonna happen at French Lake though, older cars come in regularly from all over the country. Yes, Tom, you need to swing by the Regional.
  15. Phoenix car, probably never had anything but water in the cooling system. Calcium and/or lime in straight water over the years will pile up like that. I bet the heater core is plugged as well. It clings to the walls of all of the cooling system. Vinegar will cut the stuff, but a serious flush will be necessary, may not get it all out either. Sometimes the block and heads will need to be boiled out. Sorry to say my friend, but you got a lot of work ahead of you.
  16. Pete, the problem with those is that used ones can be as bad or worse. The oil pump cavity wears as well, some guys have thrown on used ones to find they have little oil pressure. It is an expensive option, but, check out a new one from these guys. http://www.taperformance.com/products.asp?cat=191
  17. Thank you for the link to the pictures Dick. Too bad I had to miss it. See you in Portland, unless I have more nightmares.
  18. I'll be there, if you will have me in the hospitality room. Many of you know, I will be busy in the parking lot.
  19. The pricing is a little high in my mind, not so much to some minds. You can negotiate at the counter. They do have projects for sale, does turn over though, cars coming in all the time. Here's a few from last fall: I think you and Rita should find a way up and join in the fun. Just for you Jim, missing the sport wheel though, Ahem, someone already got it, cough, cough. More Rivieras. Oops, snuck a Regal in there, sorry. Hey Ship, got one for you too.
  20. I wouldn't doubt it. We could make it a sub - event. "Find the coffee mug next to the 56 and we will fill it for you for free." Or something else really cool like that. How about some oldies for tonight. The cut off date to join in on the fun is July 28th. Get your registration filled out and sent in!
  21. Ah, John you noticed long shadows and general lack of greenery. I took these October 28 last fall. Doubt much has changed since. With all the rain we have had, one needs to wear mudsuckers in there. Here's some more pictures. Yes, each one is a different car.
  22. The more the merrier I say! Ready for some more teasing pictures from the junkyard we are touring at this meet? Anyone else want to go?
  23. Tom, what Dick is saying is that in BCA judging, the radials are not what is called a mandatory deduction. It will get a minimum point deduction for being a radial, but does not disqualify the car from getting a gold award. Mandatory deductions (example - Aluminum wheels, Chevy motor, 4-speed trans, flamed paint job)on the form during judging will disqualify the car for a gold award.
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