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  1. I would probably be more excited about a car like this verses a restored one - just me though.
  2. Yes, the sidemount covers are correct for a 1931, rare as hens teeth too. Sidenote: I will rarely consider buying a car without sidemount covers as whitewalls in the sidemounts look like crap.
  3. They made the body style with a very close coupled trunk. The problem with the trunk rack is that it is two different heights and if you did not know that there were adapter brackets (via their being missing) you would wonder what they were trying to do. The one thing I did not like about my car was how far the trunk sat away from the body.
  4. This is basically a "Dover" style, but it a Town Car called a "Saint Martin" or "St. Martin" - it is basically the same body style (excepting town car feature) in sheet metal/aluminum that was on my RR PI (nice body style too). And AJS Series is nice as it is LHD and .... Sidenote: My guess is they are loosing money on this at 185K - very few RR cars ever reach this level of restoration. The only fault I really saw is the rear seat clock is missing - hard to find as it is a Brewster/Tiffany part. And the original trunk probably was separated
  5. This Chrysler sold for $47,850 with very older restoration, not the best colors, and needing quite a bit of care and upgrading. I would say a realistic price for a well done, but no longer really show quality car. If you had a car capable of AACA or CCCA awards you would be hard pressed to not have a 90K number involved. https://rmsothebys.com/en/auctions/af20/auburn-fall/lots/r0408-1931-chrysler-imperial-close-coupled-sedan/972740
  6. DO NOT BUY REBODIED CARS THAT WERE DONE IN THE 1970's to 2000's unless it is an exact recreation of the exact original body that was on the chassis when the car was new (ie a roadster chassis that lost its roadster body due to say a tree falling on it) - far better ways to spend your money. Also falls under category of "Ghosts of Christmas past and ....
  7. I am not talking about this specific car - I just mean you are buying wood, so make sure what you are buying is not pretty scrap wood. The MAFRC probably has done articles on unrestored original cars in past (and I am sure there are plenty of other resources) - a great resource.
  8. I suggested one earlier via the 31 Club Sedan that RM recently sold - that said though, I am not sure the Chrysler Club is focused enough so perhaps a good first car and perhaps not so good- just depends and have not done that homework. When someone wants to have a car and an active club combined, I generally would steer them to Auburn Cord Duesenbeg Club, Packard Club, Pierce Arrow Club, Franklin Club, and ... - interestingly, all marques no longer manufactured, so the club is a bit more focused.
  9. By the way: If anyone has started making one of these Fords, has not finished their project, and wants to move on - I am in the purchasing mood.
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