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  1. Thanks for posting !!! Yes, bummer of a car year this year, but working on my projects and hopefully things will be a little more clear by this time next year. It was very sad to have a zoom meeting this past week and have to discuss the problems of 2021.
  2. Do step 3 and forget about the other steps. When you are at 3 then fold upward into car and then back and forth up on the top of the pile of bows (the install boot). In some cars the fabric can be folder upward and into car - up into the car behind the bows (ie space between the seat back/body tub and bows for it).
  3. Correct - as you put it down pull all the fabric out of and away from all the center bows.
  4. This is buddy a 2.5 year old Airedale (Shadow named after the comic book character) - probably the best dog you could ever have (thank god though we had his wagon fixed as there would be nothing safe on the globe from puppies and whole personality was out of hand prior), but still a terror (oh, I mean Terrier - they are pretty textbook all alike). He can dig a better hole than a bulldozer too. He also takes about 2 hours + a day of care.
  5. I have stayed away from the Midgets and the Sprites, but I do have an appreciation for smaller cars. As to British, there is a 1963 AH 300 BJ7MKII in Colorado Red in the garage - it was a quest of looking at perhaps 30 under 30K miles to find a 60K mile car that was a hobby car from new and I am the first owner who was not an AH Club President. It also for the longest time (and still may be) the only mostly unrestored car that has ever achieved Gold level status in the AH Club. Interesting, the car has pedal extenders on it and it is dreamy to drive as a result - the pedal extenders allow f
  6. If this were sitting in my garage, I would find a set of factory metal sidemount covers and paint them the darker fender color (I often go body color, but in this case darker may be the better choice), I would change the wheels to a very dark maroon (and pinstripe too), and I would add a heron ornament/mascot. You probably still took some sort of hit on sale via price or time via colors, but price probably possibly was offset by it being a V-12 and overall a fairly well restored car too.
  7. I tend to pull all the fabric away from the bows and then fold fabric nicely on top prior to installing the boot - when the fabric is in between the bows it can get pinched and also worn via bow movement when driving
  8. If they "call" to you, then ... There are a bunch of people out there that can help you - My friends with them are great and I love the ACD Club. When they are right they are probably the finest driving cars pre-1953. Sidenote: My brother-in-law's cousin bought a Supercharged Custom Beverly from an Cord Family member (post their being in an accident with it) and dove right in - he loved it, but with zero/zippo mechanical skills he grew weary after a couple of years. Dad's 3 questions: 1. Are you an Engineer ? 2. Are you handy ? 3. Do y
  9. This "height" will knock you out of a whole bunch of cars - if you want to drive them without being crippled after 20 minutes. Dad is 6"2 and I am 6'1. Sedans with adjustable front seats not attached to the center door posts work well and certain Packard/s with fixed seats and an adjustable drivers cushion (but you have to try them out). Opera Coupes and 2 door Broughams work well too. Interestingly, the 1932 RR PI was FABULOUS seating once you performed your monkey moves to get into it. As to Convertibles - I have had to redo the front seat cushions on most. Th
  10. Froghorn is probably going to have to take a price reduction on the paint colors - just saying !!!
  11. Paint Color is a whole discussion too: Color choice can really hurt a cars value, but it can also allow someone to get into something nice more inexpensively (just know going in that you will have the same issue on your sale too - ie problem does not go away). I have put a lot of people into cars that have paint color issues - and most never get changed due to the cost/difficulty/timing/etc., but I preach touching up, changing wheel color, changing fender color, changing pinstripe color, and .... (pick and choose the battle). By the way, I have also put people into cars needing
  12. I have serious issue with the Martin tires - I told you about the seemingly nice ones on the Packard Darrin that had the beads 3/4 broken through and ... - it was horrifying to see them once off the car and that was an accident waiting to happen - WE WERE LUCKY. And Ed has told you of the dry rotted ones he has encountered. And, I know you recently had them off and replaced the tubes, but .... They had to stop making them sometime in late 1960's - if not earlier. As a sidenote, we replace the Packard Darrin tires with Coker radials and someone missed a sticker in the casing - we had
  13. By the way, we did not get into this topic either, but how tall are you ? The reason why "height" is important is if you plan to drive you need a car you will fit into and we could start a whole discussion about that. Your best bet in a sedan is one with an adjustable front seat, albeit there are some cars with a fixed consul crossing between door pasts that have some adjustment to the front seat and some cars that the consul is not straight and extends into the passenger compartment. If you are tall and there is no seat adjustment, then you often need to make a new more shallo
  14. Clean it up underside and paint the frame - nobody wants rust under a car.
  15. You may need to find the page and insert the link - ie. not finding the article
  16. Perhaps Varnish the underside - albeit they were probably stained black though when new.
  17. If he is not capable for some reason, I would suggest trying one car on www.bringatrailer.com - choose the I will do nothing other than fill out this form and then pay the $350.00 price and let them do the photography and ... https://bringatrailer.com/account/listings/new/?processing=1&tab=1 Basically, though it all comes down to photos and a description any way you go about it.
  18. Please take no offense, but he needs 4 separate posts, better photos, and a better description - he can do it the way he is doing it, but he only hurts himself. Hope is a great thing, but a check in the bank is better.
  19. This is a very nice locomotive !!! Model 41 Seven Passenger Sedan Click photo to enlarge This is a completely original example of a top of the line Pierce for 1931 It is finished in a dark blue over gray interior and features rare and beautiful stainless steel wheels This a a great running and driving car. The side windows have de-laminated and should be replaced for touring It was formerly owned by Jack Passey The car is located in Indiana. The price is $67,500 Contact: Click to Email Matthew Shor
  20. Yes to some degree, but I am not seeing a lot of this, the kids tend to not have the same interests as their parents and do not seem to hold the cars as long. What I do see is a lot of kids that are unrealistic to pricing and a lot of elderly that also have not been watching the market either (their 40 to 48 Lincoln Continental Convertible is worth 100K plus .. - NOT).
  21. I would think it would do 55 mph just fine and all day long, plus probably 60 mph too and 65 in spurts (given they tended to be faster cars than Cadillac's), though admire you for being conservative.
  22. This is an interesting car (Shawn and I have not discussed it as to anything (incl. price) as I have been frying other fish) - incredible condition though and could eventually be re-geared in axle as to ratio, the windshield glass is pretty yellowed and that may be an issue (you would have to live with the rest of the glass as it is pretty buried under a lot of fragile wool held in my hundreds and hundreds of little nails): http://significantcars.com/cars/1932packard11/
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