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  1. He now has a more appropriate luggage trunk (time to get painting), metal sidemount covers (time to get painting more), and the plan for the double pilot ray will work fine - as to sidemount mirrors - perhaps a set bolted through the tire covers (will limit the straps showing).
  2. We all use to call this "tomlesterizing" and people who bought his cars LOVED then for this as they were restored to tour with/drive.
  3. This is one that baffles me: This is a lovely car (notice it is boattailed and has a great history) with a great owner who has spent time with it (and my friends have his other cars and love them - LOVE THEM). He bought a house in NYC and has garage space for one car (a daily driver) and ... So, put it up for sale and it sold literally in 30 minutes - turns out that guy wanted to finance and could not. Put it up for sale again and ended up with the bottom feeders - they wanted to pay 50 cents on the dollar of a car that had its price already reduced to allow for selling in a week. Then Cov
  4. Yes, and then we can start a subchapter via the pure pain and aggravation of selling something under the cost of say 20K
  5. The flipping stuff was people pushing the car beyond its limits - a Triumph is not all that powered compared to its looks (ie. not a race car). As to general mechanics" The British cars tended to be a case of not understanding the engineering matched to tons of little tiny parts and all those parts being available via the local auto parts store. I usually have little to no problem with British cars - just a matter of taking your time and ....
  6. Interestingly, I came from the school of AACA touring for the day with your family packed into car out for 8 to 10 hours on the road on a Saturday or Sunday with driveability 1st and all the rest second, though I think people are conditioned to having the dealer sell them roses and sunshine - I tend to be pretty blunt as to issues and some people love it, but scares other people off to have them turn to the dealers of roses and sunshine to get something that they really cannot handle (and most people cannot handle for that matter) - baffling. Unfortunately, that driveability is oft
  7. Just needs a new top, tires, hubcaps, some wax, and a couple hundred thousand dollars thrown at it - this is the pep squad here.
  8. I have seen some serious junk in oil pans - my record was a 1932 Packard Twin Six Seven Passenger Sedan - 17 hours from start to finish (will all needed parts and tools within reach) - I used a hammer and a wood chisel to get the sludge loose (then put is in the steamer parts cleaner and worked like hell on the remaining sludge) - when completed I started on the oil pump and found the pick-up screen to have one single hole in the screening (one single 1/32 or so hole at most).
  9. Eric - a good offer (I think I ran a 54 Pontiac with 7 blade, but most Cadillac's of era have a 4 bladed fan and you need to at least go with a V-16 6 blade). As to a 37 engine - run the 40's engine currently in it, but start shopping for a 37 decent complete block with heads (and then run all the 40's stuff on that) - you eventually want the proper block/heads, but as to all the other engine stuff you will be happier ignoring 37 and going for the upgraded 40's stuff. As a sidenote again: We ran the 36 75 Series Town Cabriolet with 40's starter, generator, fuel pump, carb., and
  10. The serrations are usually a brand or an age, but yes lock washers come in certain grades (as to the local hardware store, I believe stainless is a 5 and then you have grade 8 hardened).
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