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  1. This one is a little more thought out than most of the replicas. There are also replicas on complete Auburn drivetrains and ... - the variations are almost endless (some are just not done though to anything close to original looks - lets use the term for most of the replicas "cheese-y").
  2. You do not get much for 25K - the replicas have a certain cult following just like the originals
  3. Bidding stalled at 210K (which is pretty decent # compared to other recent sales) to be a no sale - we will see via their reporting if it sells behind the scenes.
  4. Dealt with Packard after Packard with too much wear on the rod/arm for the fuel pump and picking up extra noise there - best I can tell is rebuilders have time gave resurfaced the rod/arm. And, could be a part within pump. Perhaps try to find a NOS Buick fuel pump and then rebuilt that. And not sure who is the best pump rebuild person these days.
  5. As a sidenote: You cannot get a discount on your fire insurance by buying a Fire truck alone, you have to have a full time firefighter 'staff" on site and on salary 24-7 (- ie. friends recently tied)
  6. For a complete copy: 1932 Auburn Salesman's Handbook https://willennar.pastperfectonline.com/library/C4AA9610-1127-437C-95FA-029639265422
  7. Perhaps someone will answer the post as to the missing parts. Your reproduction parts source for speedster parts will be Prototype Research www.prototypesearch.com. Or, you can hunt out on ebay. There is no silver lining - you are missing 10K plus of castings and specialty hardware. You can also seek help via http://www.acdfactory.com/ (Glenn's Prey's son Doug runs Glenn's his former business)
  8. As a sidenote: The mold will etch the leather, so you really will only be able to get it say 80% of what you would hope for (aka never let your leather get mold on it). When my parents brought the cars back up from 10 years in Florida, we had mold issues to address - inside, outside, underside, and ... - the cars all cleaned up to win major awards in AACA and CCCA, but I could show you the location of near every spot that was on them looking hard enough.
  9. Agreed, the engine in a Kissel is actually the joyous part and in my opinion makes the car even more valuable that its contemporaries - you can actually service a Kissel and they run down the road great. Friends have a 1925 Goldbug and it is quite the road beast - lovely car to drive and amazingly easy to keep going.
  10. No expert needed - it is just a demonstration of a car restored in a certain period of time when Resell Red and ... was popular. It is actually a very lovely car - it needs a canvas cover (or perhaps Black vinyl) made for that trunk (which by the way is excellent woodworking) - and while at it a nice top boot made in Tan canvas or (Black vinyl) is needed, it could use a heal mat for the front carpet, and it really could use blackwall tires too, and any other "toning down" is probably a wise (perhaps Black painted wheel rims). I am while an "addition" - I am also a fan of windwin
  11. I am leaning toward a post titled: 3D printing who is having what made and where, the successes / failures, and I need this made ?
  12. That point too, though the point I was more making is that the Franklin club covers some 30 years, ACD Club for the most point covers 36 years, the Pierce Arrow Club covers about the same, The Packard Club covers 60 years, The Lincoln Club covers roughly 100 years, the Cadillac Club over 100 years, The Rolls-Royce Club the same, and ... - it is just too much diversity when I want to read pre-WWII issues. There are actually CCCA issues that I have little interest in too - the editor does not hit topics of interest to me via some particular issue. There are some great quality cars post war ca
  13. Water pump - I am leaning toward Additive Manufacturing via 3d printing time and it is a fun and interesting projects, so you will be able to find some help matched to not needing it to he made of super high tech space age X material. Sidenote: Does it fit another White and if you have a problem then plenty (or at least one) of people/person had the same problem before you - aka who has already recast.
  14. Sort of like the people that take photos of their X looking like S _ _ T as it has no hubcaps and there is a whole set of hubcaps in the trunk or the people that take pictures of their X in the garage, but do not take the cover off of it - AKA, the only people they hurt is themselves, but I have dealt with so many cars for people ill or estates and there just reaches a point where owner/family/friends rarely can deal with everything effectively.
  15. By the way, I believe this "limited" allows for better values - the Cadillac Club (and same with Lincoln and ....) covers a lot of ground and while something for everyone it is just too broad a span of different models. I am interested in Pre-WWII RR cars and really did not care to wade through 90% other topics in Club publication (no matter how nice their publication) to find the few Pre-WWII car topics that interested me.
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