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  1. Not much to these cars - they are basically a scaled up Ford (albeit a really good looking scaled up Ford) with a V-12 power-plant (and having spent time with a lot of Continentals, I have the same opinion there too as to quality, just that they have very "classic"/elegant looks).
  2. They are basically a Cadillac for the loyal Buick owner - a car that should be in the Club and glad they are .
  3. I see both sides of the coin: Side one: They want to increase membership. Problem with side one: They just add cars and really do nothing truly constructive to increase membership. Perhaps just too much an overwhelming task to go out and get members - I do not know. But they keep adding cars and the membership keeps dropping - and I am seeing such as Chrysler Town & Countries at meets, but they are in the hands of existing members who want something more easy to drive. There was also not a flood of pre-1925 new members joining. An, there is only so much publication band width and ... - so when you cater to one it waters down another. When I had the 1941 Cadillac, I was always asked if I was a Cadillac Club member - my reply was "no as the club covers too broad a band width and I am mainly interested in pre-WWII cars." And possibly a "dark side" in that often the case of bringing in cars gets very political with someone wanting to drive up values - that it just cuts through our membership like the great divide every time we consider. Side two - Yes, a 35-37 120 Convertible is a pretty neat little car. Problem with side two - Having done a 1941 120, the cars are not the best quality - it is VERY light / "tin-ie" in the sheet metal and definitely not even close to the quality of what is currently a CCCA Packard. I have worked on 35-37's too - sporty, yet not what the Senior cars are in quality. And if you bring in lesser priced cars then it opens a floodgate of all the other comparable priced cars rejected over the years (ex. LaSalle's a bunch of Chrysler's, Franklin Olympics, and ...). Sidenote: It does not take too long to hear that it is a Club of snobs (Matt touches on that above) - so you can add cars all day long, but if it boils down to that then you still have same problem of fewer new members than hoped for. My suggestion was to start a Club within the Club for Junior cars (their own newsletters, tours, and ...) - but even then it may be more than people can handle administratively. My story: I have been attending CCCA events since 1975-ish. When I officially became a member it was 1989, when I started law school and wanted a diversion from my head in a law book. At that time we jokingly called it then the 30 under 30 (ie there were 30 members under the age of 30), then it was the 30 under 40, then the 30 under 50, and it is now like the 40 people under age 60. Personally, I love the Club - people I have known most of my whole life, great publication, cars I love, and .... Critically, I think CCCA needs to be the best at what they are already good at (the phrase that comes to mind is: Before expansion you need to "own your own backyard"). Add'l discussion point I will not discuss - There are also a lot of elderly people in Club that have trouble driving large cars
  4. If any help: I bought these on eBay to achieve same result - I had to tweak the socket for the tabs on the bulb base as they are chandelier and not tabbed for automotive - I used a miniature file eBay #: 271472979428 I then bought some single contact pigtails for the ones I needed singles sockets for. DC Double Contact Bayonet Mounting Bracket 500W 125V 22934
  5. Good car - if a real buyer at just under 70K it will make them a fine car. There as a recent sale of a one in slightly better condition that everyone suspected had been gone through mechanically (or at least some degree mechanically), but it was a bit of a fluke in probably not going as high as it should have and GullwingMotorCars had one three or so weeks ago for more money, but whatever it sold for it did not last long). And, there are a couple unrestored ones around in over 100K. They really are fabulous cars. I just added to my post above - there is one truly great advantage to this car over other cars (and its other advantages) and that it is a sedan with an adjustable front seat - you will find a ton of V-16's with fixed walls between the door posts, so the adjustable seat allows ability to fit any height driver is GREAT !!!
  6. I have looked at a couple of them recently mostly 53's, but one 54 - I want to restore one as a project to occupy time, but I am frying other fish at moment (and suspect for a good long while) and want it within reason of a couple of weeks and weekends to be somewhat usable even if usable to just an undependable drive around the block (aka do not want a long term boat anchor of a car) and I am NOT a fan of rust.
  7. Did you watch the video of it running - far too loud via exhaust or ... and then it pulled back in the drive with a cloud of smoke behind it ? I wish it had something other than V-8/V-12 ash trays in the back seat (albeit really nice ones of which one has unusually a compact in it), how do you loose the backs of the jump seats, and a bunch of other little missing and/or broken and/or incorrect trinkets (but as far as 30/31's car more complete than 99% of them, including a lot of restored ones). All said though, incredibly solid car with solid list of advantages over faults. Also a car you can restore to exact build sheet specifications = and it will be great looking in colors and .... I hope it did find a new owner for the price and I hope they have some exciting plans for it - the car deserves it !!! Sidenote: There is an advantage to this car (a true advantage too) - it has an adjustable front seat and that is worth gold as to its drive-ability.
  8. Owen_Dyneto Re: Vintage Packards on the Street Thread... #267 Forum Ambassador From New Jersey Posts: 16118 That "club sedan" in post #266 is a very unique Packard, a Derham one-off 1940 full individual custom owned for many years by Dr. Al Pressman of Cherry Hill, New Jersey. It was originally ordered by one of the principals of the NY investment house Drexel Lambert. Curiously, it does not have a Packard-issued vehicle number on the usual patent plate but rather has a Derham ID plate with a Derham-provided vehicle number. As originally delivered, much of the exterior brightwork was painted black. Walt Breithaupt's 1940 120 convertible and Bob Teller's 1942 Clipper club sedan just behind it. The photo was taken at a Packards East (region of PAC) gathering at the Teterboro Air Museum in NJ. Our next stop was to the preserved WW II submarine USS Ling in Hackensack. The Ling has become a sad story, If you have an interest in such things: ... unleashed-by-vandals.html
  9. You asked about listing times - keep in mind Eastern and Pacific time and you do not want things closing too late at night on Pacific (a lot of people do bid live), but other than that no problem. Personally, I never live bid on an item - I put the price I want to pay into my bidding program and if I win I get an email to complete deal.
  10. Nice car - needs a lot of help, but exactly what someone wants in regards to being "solid" and mostly complete.
  11. You had best post a photo - it could have something like an optional "motor wheel" brand wheel, but to match people would have to see a photo.