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  1. John, we never discussed your skill sets as to restoration ? Have you thought about something like this: https://rmsothebys.com/en/auctions/af20/auburn-fall/lots/r0367-1929-packard-standard-eight-touring/953471 . The price is pretty good at 46,500 and they may budge a few thousand more. It is probably fine for local casual driving. And it strikes me as a very solid car, though it does need top saddles (they appear to be in a box though or what is in box could be adapted), Oakes tire locks, plenty of detailing, and .... In the long run I would say an engine block rebuild would
  2. I often tell story of my friends in LA that say the ideal car for the city is a Model A Ford (every family member has one and ... - also they say they can valet often and the car gets left out front with no charge). For trips they have a 1935 Phaeton. If beastly hot they just go out really early or really late and can always uber or ....
  3. The savvy buyer should recognize this, but Matt and I had a discussion going someplace else about the number of buyers that focus on cosmetics and price over mechanics (I think the discussion involved a 1930 RR PI). When I get buried in a car dealing with its mechanics, I tend to also find some time to pick and choose the cosmetic projects for this very reason. Example: My 1941 Cadillac had 17K miles on it when I bought it in 1979 and when I sold it a couple of years ago it had 97,500 miles on it. To keep the car driveable and tourable for AACA and ..., I was on the car near cons
  4. Supercharged Auburn's are fine, but there is a like 20K in a whole bunch of extra stuff spinning around at pretty high RPM. Keep in mind that each year there seems to be fewer and fewer people touring ACD cars as a whole, but there are a significant number of S/C survivors and you rarely find people successfully touring with them to begin with (the most successful being driven by a super sharp engineer by trade). I have rebuilt an S/C unit and related parts - it was not too much a challenge given I already knew all the players regarding S/C's, but it still was like 7K in castings/parts plu
  5. Dad made a rare off the cuff comment the other night that he believes there are more owners in their 80's of age of pre-WWII cars that he believes ever before in time - a whole discussion in itself.
  6. Not sure much if any of this was selling - advertised and sold are two separate things. As market goes up on the rare and exceptional stuff within a marque one often thinks it will bring everything else up - well, often yes and just as often no as well (ie. it just depends). I spend a lot of my time on the phone discussing how to make a well thought through purchase that will survive time - very involved discussions and they seems to involve really high end stuff and lower end stuff that people may be stretching to buy (fun and interesting disussions no matter what anyone is loo
  7. Open cars and the really rare stuff will not be dropping much - perhaps a little, but then on the flip side of the coin there have been a couple price records near matched and even broken since March. I was surprised to see an X that recently traded hands for 125K was sold for 300K (nice profit for 3 months of ownership - and yes it was Italian so just won of those odd market things). I know a few people that are waiting for the bottom to fall out of the market - hope they are not holding their breath as wont happen (at least as far as the open stuff goes, rare, super well restored, tour-able
  8. Ed, YES, you and I have had many discussion on the topic of 28's to 31's - I realize you were not recommending (I just mentioned as 28's to 31's tend to have all that early 30's glitz that he probably likes and he may not know they are far from easy cars to sort mechanically, the problems dealing with all the die cast, most are missing parts or have some sort of authenticity issue(s), and ...). If he likes Cadillac's though I do think your advice to join the Club is great.
  9. Actually a pretty exceptional car !!! Wheels will take some thought to replate well and needs some other help, but great car for the money.
  10. I saw Ed recommended Cadillac Club (good to join) Sidenote: I am not sure a 1928-1931 Cadillac is a good car for a first timer (perhaps if it is the "right" one someone has spent a long time working with and ...., but I have been there done that and .... I also am not sure a Cord is a good choice for a first timer either. If you have to have one we can all keep you from jumping off the ledge, but .... I never had a Packard that stayed around too long, mainly as dad is not a Packard fan (Dad believes they engineered through bulk being their secret to durability)
  11. I do not have a directory with CCCA list handy, but I believe this is CCCA era, but is NOT a CCCA recognized car (it probably should be though and that is a whole other discussion).
  12. Impressive road cars - RM Auctions ran through this car at a 47,500 sale price and I would say very well bought: https://rmsothebys.com/en/auctions/af20/auburn-fall/lots/r0408-1931-chrysler-imperial-close-coupled-sedan/972740
  13. Good advice - the sky is not falling, it just is going to impact all the non-convertibles more so than not and probably will impact the convertibles too, but for the most part the convertibles have always been coveted/expensive since day one and will always be expensive to buy too. And, on the flip side of the coin some things CCCA are going up in value (and at surprisingly high increments) and there will be plenty of sale price records broken in the future.
  14. Here in my 2 cents (and at 55 years old too). First, everyone has an opinion and the ocean is a mighty big place - so do take your time (I saw that several people have said such aleady). Second, I will tell you a Club is a great thing. All fine and dandy to have the rare and elusive, but I would leave that to the second purchase and not the first purchase - nice to have some friends and some support. Third, I would say about 34ish you get a really the separation in driveability (and 36 even more so). I will tell you a story: Of all the hundr
  15. Not everyone likes the auction format - I rarely advise a client to buy a car at auction (not because I dislike or like the format, but because I would rather deal with an owner, take the car on a drive, do it at my/our own pace, and ...).
  16. People forget how core these two buildings and all the people in them were to the US economy A Partner in our office was there on business - he walked 6 hours to a family members home - he would not talk about it. We had British Car Club that evening - A fellow came but was in a panic as his wife was there and missing - she died. A Club I belong to had a tour there that day - they missed their ferry and thus missed their tour. Over the next few weeks there was plenty of disrupting in accomplishing various business - a couple of silences on phone calls with "Oh, they died a
  17. Don't worry - like things attract so having one White leads to ....
  18. 50's cars are pretty poor quality as a whole -via generalization.
  19. No, AC is a 1941 thing for Cadillac and then it does not really appear again until 1953 with I believe major 1955 being the launch year.
  20. Yes, saw that last night on facebook - www.significantcars.com
  21. I have an admiration for you getting your projects done - a lot of people would not ....
  22. As to the nut, are you sure you cannot get a model T part or maybe something from www.restorationstuff.com ? Sidenote: as to a die if needed - If cross threaded I recentl y sat for a couple hours with a thread file to correct cross threading (on the Auburn about two months ago)? Or, you can often get the part chucked up in a lathe and have someone hand turn the treads (which is sort of a lost art, but sure there are some people alive that can do it still) ?
  23. Sort of like the guys that build a garage mahal to work on their cars but spend all their money building it and/or never work on their cars. I have looked at a few carriage houses - problem is that the way the city evolved the neighborhoods are pretty run down matched to the carriage houses being near derelict - sort of like solving one problem to create a few more.
  24. Actually, a pretty good path - given them the ammunition for the gun and cross fingers while sticking to your guns.
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