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  1. I assume too it had to do with parts supplies - they could fry other fish verses manufacture parts for British vehicles while purchasing parts from US. And, not sure how Lend-Lease imp[acted as to vehicles, but there were probably some advantages for a short time in 1941. Sidenote: I know the woman who had bought my RR PI Springfield new, bought the last unfinished RR PIII for 100K (Inskips finished the car) - that was I assume a "mercy buy" to funnel money into the country as apparently we were not able to privately donate to their effort.
  2. This is the interior from the Coaching Brougham from Harrah's Collection - National Automobile Museum
  3. I think this car possibly survives - the Esther Price Candy Collection that one of my earlier Auburn's came from had a Sedan with supposedly a paneled interior and interestingly a built in bustle trunk on the rear - it was partially restored = not sure where it was sold to.
  4. Now, Ed will be able to tell us how quality a White really is, though unfortunately no matter the quality there are still so few surviving cars.
  5. Nice car - the 6 is a bit of a detractor, but still CCCA and has incredibly rare wire wheels. call or text: (715) 323-9384 reply by email:
  6. As a sidnote: This one came up a a few weeks ago for more money (and supposedly sold) and it has its pluses and minuses as well, but equally has that super solid feel about it. And, within that post is referenced a Limousine sold by RM that supposedly had been fussed on mechanically and already had a bunch of subtle upgrading (including very decent interior) - it sold for same money as this one, but a fluke in that everyone suspected it would go higher. And there is such as this one at significantly higher cost.
  7. A couple of us commenting here have had 1930 and 31 Cadillac's (some with numbers of them, plus parent's with them, friends with them, and ... - the 29-31 were pretty high production cars for Cadillac even considering the depression - when you get to 1932 though it is a whole different story) - this car is pretty typical of what you find in a survivor car (some better and some worse, but pretty typical of a V-16 nevertheless). As to this particular car - yes, it has been worked on quite a bit over time, but nothing surprises me (my guess is that it has lead a sheltered life). I would say pretty rock solid. As to the nightmare part you reference - it is a huge 30's sedan and it is almost impossible to "cost effectively" restore it/them whether you are a do it yourself-er, whether you subcontract out portions of it, or whether you turn it over to a shop. And, you near have to get one in this condition as if you get anything else it really then cuts into the cost margins. And, it is acres of die cast trim, tons of little obscure expensive trim parts, and ... Well, I could go on and on and write a book too. Personally speaking, I am pretty handy, resourceful, know the cars, and ..., but if you "gave it to me" I would have trouble restoring it to a 99 point level without a queasy feeling in my stomach that I was running up to the level of diminishing returns. I really do love these projects though and so far so well, I have been able to accomplish - I just worry a lot when doing one. On the flip side of the coin: If you own a shop and decide to work evenings and weekends, a person such as Mark Clayton is geared to be able to absorb more costs via his business expertise/business focus/tools/and .... (there is still a cost value of money trade off though). There are some nice youtube video's of the 1931 Cadillac V-16 done by Mark Clayton:
  8. You also in the period had the theory going in certain circle regarding "plain and simple was modern" and fussy was antiquated - i think this has a lot to do with today when people run up to some town car or ... expecting an opulent interior and and then you see their reaction of "it's so plain inside."
  9. Very enjoyable posting - keep us in the loop and take care.
  10. The handle actually goes through the seat frame - that is why it looks a little odd in photo via someone having it apart and not putting it back tougher correctly - both rear quarters have been reupholstered (I assume via moths or leaky drains in the 1/4 windows via I noticed as color of wool is off, plus ash trays are typically those found in a V-8 and v-12 verses V-16).
  11. It was a nice car too, but as I have preached repeatedly, White cars are really difficult to deal with in sale matched to this being about the last thing you would ever want wooden wheels on (a car that truly cries for metal sidemount tire covers too). It takes a long time to find the "right" buyer - when something White comes up (or at least that is my experience). One of the things a lot of people fail to recognize too is what is a good "base product" - there are a lot of Imperials that came from hell and back in condition and I would take this car 100 times over those. A good friend has a White painted 1935 Auburn 851 Phaeton. The car came out of a great collection and was very nicely restored matched to being a proven driver/tour car. He and I were talking at Auburn just post a dealer acquaintance offering me the car - the dealer had just picked it up via bombing at a major auction and just wanted to make a few bucks and move on. My friend wanted a Boattail and I said to temporarily rethink that given their difficulty to find and pick the car up as it was super nice car for a very reasonable price (good way to get into Club and ...). And if wanted he could always repaint it and still be ok on it. Well, he did buy it - it has proven an outstanding car, it has been to ACD festival several times, it has allowed him to better meet a ton of people (it also holds 5 people so they have had their friends with them too), it has been shown at numerous Concours d'Elegance events, and best of all his wife loves it just the way it is (and loves to drive it too - great support to have her enthusiasm).
  12. Please do - it will make all the difference Also, my list above includes a few other things people will need to help him with. Friends had a 31 Model 42 Salon Club Sedan (I have Ed on the hunt for it) and the luggage trunk on that car fit close to the body and bridged the luggage rack to the back of the deck behind the body and then the small piece of the luggage rack was in the vertical position to make like a decorative bumper out in front of the trunk - it really made a whole world of difference in how the car looked as trunk was more "integrated" into the car verses sitting way back off car. And, yes the car was like that as an totally untouched (and I really do mean untouched) car pre-restoration. That car also had the original luggage trunk and it was of LeBaron style in metal with rounded front. Trunk was like this, but sat on the both rear body platform and luggage rack.
  13. I assume it ticks all the boxes for what someone would want in an Imperial and from appearances I doubt there are many that were ever this nice a car to start a restoration on if one would choose to do so (personally, I would just be tinkering with it and having a great time doing so matched to lots of nights out on the town for dinner and ...). It should soar up over 100K within a few seconds of bidding starting.
  14. I spotted this at RM's Hershey Auction - Great car and just the way I like a car (fun "as is" and plenty of projects for me to do in my evenings and weekends). Kills me though that someone could not spend a few minutes to put the metal sidemount covers on for the auction photos.