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  1. A mechanical nightmare or at least a really bad dream
  2. This is a challenge given the angle of the photo, though this popped up on Facebook last night and is probably a Reo Royale Victoria - I was hoping it was the rare and illusive Reo Royale Dietrich Sports Sedan, but the windshield is too rounded at the top. Concourse d'Elegance Miss Austria ,Liesl Goldarbeiter c.1931
  3. Coker may make rims. That said, no harm in asking around - just keep in mind the scammers. Reach out to all the other Haynes owners - people have a tendency to squirrel parts as they too are aware of the problems with finding them. You will enjoy a set of good tires and being able to move car around. You may want to see if you can get it to run - keep in mind though that old oils tend to sludge up and/or solidify (oil pans often need dropped and cleaned out, oil pans often have baffles and ... - so just because oil may drain out does not mean other sludg
  4. Seems to be a topic people have 500 opinions death wobble. I take my cars (and he has done from brass cars for me to 60's cars, but mostly 30's CCCA cars) to Performance Alignment in Cincinnati, OH - http://performance-alignment.com/ Bill Braucksick is one of the more respected people in racing and in using a Hunter System (a good engineering mind). And, the price is usually reasonable, but I would not say cheap. And when they run into problems with worn out stuff they always have the solutions though you end up in a time crunch and have to be on your toes to respond (aka your
  5. One of their beige colors is fine (see below), but several others not so much - and always helps when done to or near 100 point. Personally, I am a fan of Silver/Black/Red. It took me about a day to start adding the Silver and Red.
  6. Evil necessity - car has near zippo storage space inside. Trunks will be the death of me - they look so harmless and then the issues restoring and bills for plating, paint, upholstery, and ....
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