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  1. So, if I want to run R-134 in my 55 Roadmaster is it possible to rebuild the pump to use such ? And, if so who actually is doing this type of pump rebuild today (in August 2016). I am guessing I will also need a new condenser And, new hoses And, dryer will need rebuilt as well
  2. Auburn used tube shocks in 1934 and 1935 - by 36 things were rough and they were back to lever shocks
  3. I went with an Optima in my 41 Cadillac 60 Special - a wet cell is just not a fun battery to get in or out of the case. I put a new one in the car when I sold it two years ago - prior one lasted about 8 years and went countless 1000's of miles. The mileage was 17,500 when I bought it in August 1979, at age 14, and I drove it to 97,500 miles. I never ran two Optima in parallel - I always just focused on the car itself. You need to ground the battery to the frame and the frame to a bolt on the starter, You need clean connections *ie grind some paint off your frame), And, you need an origin
  4. coil or condenser are always good suspects for a line-up
  5. Not sure you would want to powder coat the flex blades on a flex fan - ask around about such.
  6. contact name: Leslie call or text: ☎ (678) 362-1654 ext. 678 reply by email: vkrvv-5728773164@sale.craigslist.org
  7. Saw this 1930 Speedster for sale on Craigslist - it is weathered, though you can still see the original pinstripe on the car ! http://atlanta.craigslist.org/eat/atd/5728773164.html
  8. Not too many Franklins around meet your description. Not to offend, though Franklin closed car values tend to be lower than the cost of a well done restoration matched to limited parts availability and ...... Most Franklins I use to see driving at Treks tended to have surfaced as fairly well preserved original cars that then received some degree of restoration, though rare to find one 100 percent restored that was also done with true drivability in mind. And, only a few people I ever thought were capable of really putting together a drivable car (touring suited), all be it a fair number o
  9. My experience is people want to put "hard" modern style linings on - you need a soft lining - exactly what car had in it via 1933. My brake guy screams they will only last 10K miles (I reply that should be just fine and then he mumbles and does it my way). I can generally do 4 wheel lock up and throw you into the windshield. You also have to arc the lining into the drum (ie lay the shoe in the drum and the the lining must fit beautifully into the drum verses hitting on limited surface area) A few people still have arc machines. I have seen people try to stop on an inch or two of area -
  10. Keep in mind that European cars in the United Sates were often titled via year sold verses year of production (ie could be a 1961 MK IX titled as a 62 even though the MK IX finished production in 1961)
  11. Generally speaking: The laws are complicated via war Also, there were ways to report stolen at time. And, a good starting point for reference via law generally is "stolen is stolen". I tried to buy a 1925 Delage perhaps 15 years ago - walked away due to its family history regarding ownership during war.
  12. I would say you have a vacuum tank leak or perhaps a worn pump piston (I assume it is like a 1930/1931 Cadillac and has a miniature piston driven pump that drives off the cam and my understanding it is more for priming purposes than for driving at speed) - if a vacuum leak perhaps at speed you have more vacuum so it tends to keep the tank full and at idle you may not have enough vacuum to keep up (and on hillclimbs you probably have fault as well). Also, I have always used a cork gasket (impregnated with fuel resistant material) for the tank top and serious drivers have told me to stay away
  13. The outside door handle should be pretty close to one used for a gym locker and ... - available in both locking and non-locking (130 specific part I believe).
  14. As a sidenote: I love Jeff's gaskets, though at the time I did my car most were not available from Jeff (all be it I eventually buy what I could from him for spares). I found new cylinder hear to exhaust manifold neck gaskets at the local muffler shop (had to do a small amount of filing), made the rest of the exhaust gaskets from Gasket stock, and reused the original intake manifolds via cleaning them up and annealing them.
  15. You can RTV the rivets if using an earlier than 55 Wheel to run tubeless.
  16. Not that I just do not love a lever type shock, but I do not love a lever type shock - very 1930's throwback technology. Does someone make a set up to replace the rear shocks absorber on a 1955 Buick Roadmaster to replace the lever shock with a piston tube type shock. I keep hearing reference to a replacement set up all be it have not found anything definitive.
  17. Add your to your post title please
  18. Keep in mind that the Roadmaster hubcap is also unique as to the hubcap itself - the spinner is not a bolt on to the standard hubcap - ie a Roadmaster has an extra metal stamping process and this appears to have been done so as to limit possible movement of the flipper/spinner, not allow light to pass under such, or ........ I do have one non-Roadmaster cap that has been drilled for a spinner/flipper and seems to have worked fine for someone for some time, all be it if mounted on a car upon very close examination you probably could notice there is a difference. Having recently bui
  19. Again, investigate the parts supply for 30's Buicks. That being said, you can also contact this fellow : Talk to Burr Ripley in New York. 607-844-8473
  20. John_Mereness


    A 145 has a Warner 3 speed transmission is a very different beast than a 147, 151, or 152 Series with the Detroit 4 Speed transmission (which has a rather complicated bearing and gear design for the time - transmission was also used in Stutz M cars and transmissions and parts are incredibly rare even when new). Thus, you may be able to get by fine with a thicker fluid in a 135, 137, 145, 153, and 163 transmission - I do not know answer though. I tried the 600 Ford Model A fluid in the 147 4 speed in 1980's and it was one of those things I did not ask the club members driving (a mistake on my
  21. Thanks, I have had person after person say such - very nice to hear as I was worried that is was a little on the matronly side.
  22. Thanks - it was a lot of project to get the correct wheels on car (had some 5.5's and had some bent, so pretty much had to start from scratch and quite a bit of work to build up a nice set of hubcaps as well (ex. repro 55 emblems are near unobtainum at the moment and 50 plus telephone calls later had a set)
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