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  1. House cleaning of spares: RR PI Springfield: I have a reproduction RR PI Springfield oil pump from Fiennes https://www.ebay.com/itm/1925-1932-Rolls-Royce-Phantom-I-Springfield-Reproduction-Oil-Pump/173957049311 I have an original radiator cap with what is believed to be a DESMO Scottie / Scotty Dog installed https://www.ebay.com/itm/1920s-1930s-Rolls-Royce-Radiator-Mascot-Phantom-I-Springfield/174493618557 And, I probably have an oil drain plug for the Transmission.
  2. Remember - if you break it then it was well on its way to being broken before you ever put your hand to it.
  3. Nice License Topper. Looking good ! It will be a whole other car with properly done wheels and blackwalls. I had these kind of plates on front of cars when mom and dad lived in Jacksonville - being a rear plate only state and all our cars having front brackets. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-FLORIDA-SUNSHINE-STATE-METAL-SOUVENIR-LICENSE-PLATE-EMBOSSED-FULL-SIZE/303513165367 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Antique-Style-Florida-Sunshine-State-License-Plate/383773691264 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Florida-The-All-American-State-License-P
  4. It is a sewing project and you need access to an commercial sewing machine, plus it will take a great time and care - or you need to find an upholsterer. The metal pinweld bead will be difficult to handle - it is brass, lead, or aluminum and has a nails soldered into it about every inch (it warps and distorts, the nails break and ....). The drip rail will also be difficult (generally aluminum) - they often have a fold down edge to cover the nails (if really lucky you will have the type with a piece of fabric covering over the nails). My upholsterer would not
  5. Notice it has a pair sidemount tire mirrors
  6. Have you thought about a Blue painted frame to match your fenders ?
  7. I posted photos of the Pacific Auto Rental fleet circa 1940
  8. Also shows up in Lucile Ball "Auntie Mame"
  9. Is there such thing as a "C" movie or even a "D" movie ?
  10. You need to be careful out on the street as all the 28 - 30 auburn cars are the same (no special steering wheel for a speedster) And to Franklin - only 1929 130 Series.
  11. The emblem in the upper left is a prize !!! The rest are just nice Packard emblems. Most all have a decent value.
  12. The steering wheel and cluster parts fits 1929 Franklin 130 (may have a wooden rim though) and 1929/1930 Auburn
  13. The only advantage to a project car is if you are the one who takes it apart. you may or may not have to deal with other peoples sins, and you know what you are doing. A lot have total parts unavailability as people did not buy what they needed while someone else was doing the project. I like to tell the story of the reproduction hubcaps - The first one off was reproduced for $12,800 (and 2 years of pain) and the second reproduced one was $10.00, plus it then took 2 years to break even on the project. People think they can get parts for X and technically they shou
  14. I sent you a private message through the forum - Thanks !
  15. While stainless nuts and lock washers from hardware companies work fine (excepting a lot of the hardware is black parkerized on certain year Auburns), every single bolt on an Auburn and Cord are unique to the car - PUT ALL THE ORIGINAL HARDWARE BACK ON .
  16. You need a 6 or 7 bladed fan - car is not new and traffic is different these days
  17. A "decked" V-16 Cadillac too (custom order paint - plus frame painted too, chrome metal sidemount covers with mirrors, whitewall tires, Pilot Ray driving lamp, spotlights, luggage trunk, license plate frames, and some sort of aftermarket radiator ornament,
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