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  1. I believe Duesenberg spoke of "stainless wheels" too (but I could be wrong and they could have called them Chromium plated), but probably the only stainless was the spokes and rest was chrome.
  2. Probably the only interchange on wheels would be odd duck stuff and Cadillac using 20 inch wheels - a Duesenberg for example is a similar wheel, but in 19"
  3. Fairly morbid and I left out plenty of shots, but your google search engine would be: Thelma Todd car
  4. Questions: Stainless or not stainless ? Who has the best reproduction and why is it the best ? And how well did it install ? Sidenote: Please refrain from comment if you have not purchased and had installed - I am very well aware there are options out there (I am just tired of the poor options).
  5. Who has bought a stainless system (and from who did they buy it) for a 1940 Lincoln Zephyr Continental and how did it go installation wise ?
  6. Here is something else to think about - does this years lack of activity to any club make it more or less valuable to the membership (ie they just learned for a whole year that they can do without X) ? I only mention this as I see pretty much the same people here on these forum pages and not like a herd is flocking to the door.
  7. 34/35/36 Auburns and 36/37 Cords (but not Custom Beverly's) are pretty nice as to length,
  8. It is an updated car - the grill with the lower panel in it in splash apron is a 1931 thing, as are the fenders and the bumpers. The headlamps are incorrect though, the spot light is a whole bunch of too much, and it would make a huge difference to change the trunk to cream/tan to match the car. RR offered stainless wheels and I would like to see an original one to see what all was stainless and what was chromed (anyway, 99% of the cars had painted wires with a chrome snap ring). Sidenote: Super clean and very correct under hood (at least on the passen
  9. Yes, those rims starting discussion are possibly a match to these that are 17" and no one knows what they fit or how they found there way onto a REO Royale.
  10. Those are drop center rims on this PA (with a stainless or chrome beauty ring) - a different style rim.
  11. But, they are not a Packard wheel - rim is wrong.
  12. It is a commitment - we have a discussion going on about the driveability of Supercharded Cords (and everyone has their two cents, but those successful tend to be very handy, engineers or engineering minded, rebuild for others, or ...) - anyway, my comment is that for all the 30's cars that we drive, Dad and I feel that it costs us on the average of about 2K extra a year for each 1K miles we put on the cars - seems small until you realize that is an extra 20K over 10 years - AND THOSE WILLING TO COMMIT THE TIME AND MONEY ARE FEW AND FAR BETWEEN, PLUS IT DOES NOT TAKE MUCH SITTING FOR A CAR TO
  13. As to windshield gaskets Metro Molded parts, Steele, and some of the Model T places, as well as restorationstuff.com and restorationspecialties.com
  14. Bummer about Phil - hope he keeps doing fine. Yesterday, I was over at the storage building stopping in to see one of the Auburn's and the building inspector was there inspecting work going on via new roof and was quick to warn to keep project in a good place to walk away at any time over next two weeks via possible second shut down here (last evening too Governor put in a mandatory mask order with business shut down penalties that allow unmasked in). I get the Friday report from work (we run Covid testing and numbers for the County) - doing a little better in some ways and not
  15. Problem here is this is probably a Randy Ema question (among a few others who have seen most of the existing cars) and you need to be on ACD Club website in the Duesenberg section - which Randy helps moderate.
  16. I was with dad when he took a Mustang SVT Cobra out for a test drive and did a little 365 number on a bridge overpass - he use to race with General LeMay and a few other notables. Sidenote: Lots of 365's in packing lots after snow storms. Add'l Sidenote; One other 365 like that in my life - new Suburban, new trailer, 100 point 1936 Cadillac 75 Series Town Cabriolet - and an Ice Storm. P.S. - My first car was a 1972 Oldsmobile 442 Indianapolis Pace Car Convertible Replica (Record: Downtown Cincinnati to Wyoming, OH on N. I-75 in 3.8 minutes, but traffic
  17. There was that time when someone stuck a set for Ferrari 365 California Spyder keys in my hands and asked me to see what I could do to get it to run better ....
  18. Most all pre-WWII stuff requires lessons on driving it and plenty of the stuff takes quite a while to master how to even get it started much less run it successfully. Even with such as my 1941 Cadillac with an automatic, you still have to know when it needed to shift and what to do when it was ready to change gears (you just lifted your foot ever so slightly upward on the accelerator and then pressed your foot back down - shifted like butter // or you could just run it until it reached its limits and then it would shift on its own with a big thunk, big jerk, and a "what did I do w
  19. I disagree - you want people to drive car, but you want to drive it first with them watching and then you wan to be next to them while they do it. We use to borrow cats from local club members for AACA tours and also borrow cars that were for sale via Leo Gephart (and bought a number via borrowing them).
  20. Helped friends buy this 1966 back in December/January - We used the AACA Forum here to find it and it is a super nice condition little car.
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