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  1. Perfect convertible tops while nice are highly overrated. I admire him for getting the car to this condition. Top does not bother me - After I would put the top down for a summer it will come back up looking just like this anyway - just needs a 100 point top boot. Cars like this are great as you can use them as is and then tinker with them in your free time (and nobody in the neighborhood raises a "condition" eyebrow when they are in the garage).
  2. My parents will tell you the Kids always came to AACA and CCCA events - I was the CCCA person starting at like age 7 (in 1973) - My parents are Sports Car people and they started with CCCA via my interest. Of course it helped to have relatives with CCCA cars and live in a community that was a hub for car activities (example: within a block from our house was a 1933 Buick 90 7 Passenger Sedan , 1928 Packard European bodied Convertible Victoria, a 1936 Packard Standard Eight Convertible Victoria, and a 1931 Marmon V-16 Sedan).
  3. The movie history was I assume its second life (but, obviously had enough impact on public to be put into film) - would be interesting to know if Rust Heinz had "movies' on the brain when he built it or ... As to Cord engines - no big deal, but when the Aluminum Cylinder Heads go bad then all hell can break loose (same with Auburn's). And, not a very expensive engine to do (other than supercharging add a whole dimension of emptying a wallet).
  4. There was plenty of this color on cars in 30's - keep in mind that Reds are unstable paint colors and the cars were bought by the "live fast die young crowd" In a 1930 Franklin the color combination would be Satin Red.
  5. I would describe the car in person as a Turquoise leaning toward more Blue (that Green), pearled with gold metallic flake (it was shiny, but had a pearl look to it and interestingly was done with the Gold Flake verses silver metallic flake).
  7. Keep in mind - The fellow who owned the Pierce Arrow and the relative with the Packard knew each other most of their lives from High School (plus Dayton is a pretty close knit car community) - so when topic of PA restoration came up ... (and yes, that was original paint on the Packard - the car survived pretty untouched excepting top and leather until 1990's (to unfortunately be painted resale red in hands of next owner).
  8. Reminds me of their Indianapolis Racing Cars - the most famous loosing cars in history (I am not sure they ever won a thing with them)
  9. Let's see everyone's photos of and relating to: Fuller Auburn Cord Photos - Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles Not the customized windshield on the Cord L-29 Cabriolet
  10. Good stock to make crank hole covers for 1930-1933
  11. My painter does very nice for around 20K (I cannot afford his 100 point though), but either way it is one of the reasons I do not jump on things like this matched to my upholster being 20K plus, the chrome plate the same, the engine rebuild guy, and .... And, then as a result I end up doing a ton of it myself too. Ed has made the comment that I am lucky to have the skills/support and know he is right as so many people are dependent 100% on others, but still ....
  12. I am still leaning toward do what you do the best that you can do it and own your own backyard before expansion.
  13. It will be tight getting your feet between the seats and the door post, but these cars tend to have a slight adjustment on the pedals (not much though) and I think the steering column is bolted to the dash so no adjustment there, but when you upholster you will probably have to delete the padding from the backrest seat cushion or possibly have to have a more thin cushion made if more springs than padding already. It will be dreamy large compared to a Model A
  14. I think Height would be a non-issue once the sidemount spares are installed (which I hope they have as a 745 I believe uses its own wheel).
  15. Speedwell ? They supposedly used some sort of rotary tubing within tubing design for valves = LOW SURVIVAL RATE
  16. Rather rare artillery metal wheels - also unusual lighter colored top and pinstriping (as well as whitewalls) - I would say this one was could be headed for Los Angeles.
  17. I would be looking around at what other trucks had a similar sized transmission tunnel and then ordering a carpet set for that - most carpet sets are trimmed extra large so are most adaptable. You would probably just ask for no trimming. Also, A good upholsterer can custom sew up carpets too (even with a hump). My last sets came from here: A mat alternative "
  18. The auction/sale/collection has some really neat mascots in it too !!! Plus, some really neat just stuff in general. Plus, oddly a bunch of Duesenberg parts and no Duesenberg. And some cool Stutz's. And unfortunately, an L-29 Cord Brougham just when I am not in an opening my wallet mood (a car like this needs to come up in another year to two).
  19. Actually, other than the color (which is WHITE and does ZIPPO for it - you know ZIPPO the other Marx brother that was nonexistent), my comments are going to be most kind. It appears a pretty decent car and could be made to be quite spiffy. The stupid Darrin emblems in the sidemount holders need to go away. Also, needs door check straps so the door handles do not hit each other when front and rear door open. There is a wire off the generator (no longer recall the wiring diagram as to what that does). I dislike the taillights brackets being so long. And, I am not sure you get maximum top folding potential with the rear most bow at that angle - I do not mind canted bow either, but a little less canted may give the car a far better look. I probably would also remake he little piece of of trim in the rear quarter next to rear rear passenger's shoulder (and do not really like the extra wood via door pulls on rear doors, but then if changed you need probably to reupholster. Actually looks pretty good under hood. Do I get a set of keys with it - noticed there is not a set in the ignition lock ? Any chance I have a period picture back in the first 250 pages of the car possibly being a Hollywood film rental vehicle ?