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  1. The Close Coupled (and a few others sedans) with little more rounded on the edges look better matched to the very formal closed coupled "Razor Edge"/Panel Brougham Town Cars (a carriage design) looking good too, but I am not one to write a check fast for the the run of the mill "Boxcar School of Design" or "Bus School of Design" either.
  2. While I am no longer brushed up on the improvements, I do recall the 50's Bentley had such as dual exhaust and better manifolding/Carburation making the Bentley actually a better car via performance, but make no mistake about it - the cars no matter what their advancements were still built with a 1930's car mentality.
  3. If it were not this Pierce Arrow, it probably would be a RR.
  4. I ran into one of the higher end Kroger's looking like s _ _ t one afternoon and had a very well intentioned woman give me the snub look and make a choice comment, to then have one of the neighbors see me and scream out John, I love your new Rolls Royce - her look was priceless.
  5. Soap sudsy water and a paint brush works nice
  6. If you cannot do it by hand - takes a solid couple weeks of practice to learn, then you can use 3M fine line tape and practice your hand to apply take and then useusing one shot sign painters enamel. As to pinstripe tape though as an end product - it is a think of the 1980's and 1990's and I would avoid use otherwise. Sidenote: A good pinstriper is around /can be found in every major US city (and often more than one)- ask around at the motorcycle shops or a good paint shop.
  7. Looks like it runs on a vacuum tank mounted on the cowl - Doesn't a DV-32 generally have mechanical fuel pump on the block ?
  8. I think it very interesting, but the Cadillac Grill shell did nothing for me - it is a shame they did not make something more generic or just use a Stutz part, but .... Yes, photos of it could surface in the future, but it has been around a long time too. It probably would help to have more information about what owner thought it was, where it was, and .... Running - it would probably be a blast to have some fun with.
  9. It just has to do with their bidding program and who chimes in post first bid.
  10. As to wordworking, most people I know have between 10K and 20K in their rewooding - the wood alone is probably pushing 3K just sitting on the shelf at the lumber yard.
  11. On the positive CCCA note (due to discussions like this that often bring out the negative) - some of the Regions are really great (Indianapolis for example) and I know it is probably hard for people to "break the ice" in Regions where they may not know any people or many of the people (just as with any club or even a move to a new neighborhood or a job change), but helps to get a car out on occasion and also to attend more than one Regional meeting or two a year. And the magazine really is quite nice too.
  12. I chased this car around probably 20 years ago and then again probably 10 years ago and thought it was long sold and long done - neat car and would love to see more pictures.
  13. I would be very careful with a reproduction wheel as there is a lot of engineering involved and I am not sure some of the reproduction companies have invested what it takes to make a safe product. That said though, someone cannot replate a wheel time and time again over the years and have it come out great either - or grind out deep pitting or .... - basically, a wheel has to be pretty good to begin with to replate and you can only replate so many times (probably twice replated over its lifetime is one time too many, but ...). On the 5:00 x 19 - I think possibly they have the siz
  14. Did I mention that dad's whole side of the family was from New Orleans and Pass Christian (on the Scenic Drive pass road off the Coast Highway) Mississippi - they all gave it up after Katrina and the operative quote was "the water is hot and the food is cold."
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