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  1. This is a WTF pricing kind of thing (other than it really is a beautiful condition ornament in the big or small picture of Stutz caps that have survived)- from the car of GOD or !!! ?
  2. Go to Autozone (Duralast brand), O Rilleys, or NAPA and get a coil for a 1954 Chevrolet Belair 6 cylinder car - sorry I do not have the part number handy, but I think it was a C809, but that was the project late yesterday afternoon and I had to go about 20 miles to the next autozone, but project is done and they were 21 dollars and change each after tax.
  3. Eric, you will be happier with the 41 Carb set up with the Stromberg AAV-26 unit with the matching air cleaner - we ran one on the 1936 75 Series Town Cabriolet (and it may have lost points, but car was a National Winner in AACA, CCCA, and Cadillac Club - matter of fact it won everything in all those clubs that you could possibly win). I do not think you can put 37 heads on a later engine, but possibly. The engine has a lot of subtle differences, but heads are the largest difference and rest is relatively minor block casting differences.
  4. See the Hershey notice of Cancellation. The problem here is that you cannot get a permit, needed inspections, and ...
  5. You need to start a post on the Buick pages under "Me and My Buick"
  6. Nice "look" - the blackwalls are really nice and I like the sidemount spare tire covers - this was one of the first high point Franklins I ever saw (about 1975-ish via Ed Wyle). The only thing I miss was when it was first restored it had a tan undercarriage to match the fenders.
  7. As I mentioned - AACA needs to better ramp up its lobbying efforts - if intention is to only have cars in museums then ....
  8. There are still a few people doing this, but 8's are pretty much all accounted for (plus very much serial number tracked) and it is highly discouraged matched to the cost of an open car being so much to begin with whether a 6 or 8 that there is little economy or profit in doing such. And keep in mind that if you do it and pass it off as legitimate then it is basically fraud (and fraud is generally 3x times damages) and .... The real offenders were converting the Coupes to Cabriolets, but even then there is a separation of the men from the boys. Basically, the sins of the 70's, 80's, and 9
  9. A 6 came in a Cabriolet, a Coupe w/rumble seat or w/trunk instead, a Phaeton, a Sedan, and a 2 door Brougham
  10. Sidenote: This is not a RR - it is a Roamer or something like that.
  11. Perhaps relief's routed for the brackets and ... verses planed more thin ?
  12. They do not go cheap, but this is probably 10 to 15K -ish overpriced with about 18-20K + or - (and probably no lower than 15K and no higher than 22.5K) being about right price for a solid disassembled 6 cylinder.
  13. I have made wood patterns out of fiberboard and then gone from there to duplicate in White Ash. Not really a fun project though any way about it and most woodworkers I know really do not enjoy the work either.
  14. The Buick owner may enjoy reading about your "woodworking" - I was just about to find your "page", but maybe you could post the link. And absolutely nothing wrong with replacing the wood with metal.
  15. Not particularly more valuable due to rarity or desirability, but these 2 door Broughams in 851 and 852 cars are as rare as hens teeth - they were all scrapped out early in the game as the cheapest proposition for a parts car for an open/convertible 851/852 Auburn.
  16. Yes, the top boot looks exactly like this one (fits 1934, 1935, and 1936) - I would like to find an original and then make few so other people have them (though not sure other people will like end price as it was $390.00 in fabric alone) or at least get everyone in a better spot (I have paper patterns from a deconstructed one that Curt took apart and have a collection of photos from one of the few surviving originals).
  17. And, that is why we no longer have one - 1930 proved not to have a very comfortable seating position - your "rear" is actually lower than your feet on the clutch and brake as you sit low in car with your head just slightly above the door window sill.
  18. This also caught my eye - it is a 1931 Franklin 153 Sedan (the high end car in base model equipment - rear mount and wooden wheels) - nice colors though.
  19. I consider this RR PII along the lines of a "Razor Edge"/Panel Brougham Town Car - perhaps a touch more updated version though
  20. This is a 1932 Franklin 163 Series Sedan - I liked this particular photo as very few of these cars are really well restored matched to even fewer in well thought out paint colors.
  21. And RARE as hens teeth, a 1927 Tandem Sedan is just "wicked" for the time period - a car photos do not do justice
  22. 1929-1932 Speedsters are great too
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