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  1. As to roof = The horizontal panel on the face of the rear roof opens and there is a leather or oil cloth cover that pulls out with a header bar on it that attaches to the windshield. There are also side arms for over the doors, but interestingly these rarely fit in any storage area in the car (at least with rare exception any town car I have seen). Rolls Royce started playing with sliding metal roofs, but did not do so until middle 1930's I am aware of a 1930 Packard 745 Town Car with Lebaron body that had both a leather cover (also in storage in header) and also ha
  2. I am guessing that this is the Cunningham Panel Brougham that showed up for sale via an auction and then later by owner on Facebook and AACA site late last year - it is silver body and black fenders now - unfortunately had an unrealistic owner that wanted to be rewarded for neglect and amateur work.
  3. Colorized by Imbued with Hues via Patty (she is fabulous).
  4. What many do not understand is for example some of my observations from working at some major corporations - ex. I have the vendors sign statements that they will manufacture sub-components in exactly the same way we do - but turns out you do not look too close as that is not the way it is actually happening as a reality (there are some gross "chilling" environmental issues involved and you would probably be happier with blinders on just living in la la land). Not to pick on electric cars - the supply chain is pretty screwed up for all manufacturing no matter what it is.
  5. I made some comment on Facebook and everyone chimed in that Electric cars have a zero footprint in their production and I was full of _ _ _ _. Apparently, electricity comes out of outlets too with a zero footprint. Then, they started in on China being the worst offender - I could not help it and chimed back that the only reason why China is the worst offender is because they wanted them to be via outsourcing manufacturing and driving down profit to a level where there is no other choice than to have environmentally unfriendly manufacturing processes - I am sure they cannot see that either.
  6. You are on the right track here and I would definitely be looking how to make the heads look more appropriate. Eric, in speaking of heads - whatever they cast the block out of has a tendency to flake as far as rust and it will will the lower water passages and then tends to collect badly around the drivers side cylinder closest to the block. If the car has been sitting, you often need to pull the heads and the freeze plugs and start cleaning the rust out. There is a lot of discussion about evapo-rust and that may work, but the ones I have done the rust is so compacted/settled tha
  7. ??? The serial number is on the drivers side of the block at the rear by the bell housing (at least on a 1941 and older).
  8. Misnomer: A 1941 Cadillac still has a hand throttle on it.
  9. My favorite is when someone is all excited and asks me: Do you know this is an Auburn ? Interestingly, Yes, I do know.
  10. I gave up on that as people can usually tell anyway - now, I just do whatever it is to a 97 to 100 point standard and just don't clean it ever again - some dust, roar dirt, water, sunlight, and ... usually does the trick. Turns out too when time for sale, people really are not interested in big bucks for all original and seem much more happy with dusty 100 point and even happier with dusted off 100 point. Get your wife to go with you in a 1MM something with moths flying around in it or dirt on it - most wives won't and the neighbors have no respect for it either.
  11. That usually means a fat/thick washer is fine - you do not want any cupping into recesses or ... , but a BRASS NUTS ARE ESSENTIAL
  12. Just ask the locksmith for a house call - go to their office and ask in person if someone can stop by on the way home and tell them you are a it on a budget and could they swing you a little better deal.
  13. In other brands this would be a Town Sedan or a Club Sedan
  14. Very rare V-16 body style and quite attractive too - notice it i a 1934 with the bi-plane bumpers, the hard metal roof, and also the lack of side mounted spare tires.
  15. My guess is the auction estimate was low to begin with to attract buyers, but a great car for the money at 43K and really should have done better.
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