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  1. Try going with a 160 Thermostat verses a 180.  Also, a thermostat is a good thing as it acts as a flow restrictor often more so than a thermostat - keeps fluid in radiator for a certain amount of cooling time.  Also, on the suction side of water pump make sure there is a coiled wire in the radiator hose to stop collapse under load - a water pump can be very powerful.  Also, when tube is out wish around and make sure you so not have sediment in the head - you can always poke around and then flush with a garden hose prior to installing your new radiator. 

  2. On 8/7/2020 at 9:47 AM, Walt G said:

     I have never owned any car or restored it to "win awards" I just don't really care for trophies. We all own the cars we own for different reasons.

    My mom generally has for years popped the plates of the trophies and donated them to the local boy scouts - they recycle them for Pinewood Derby awards.  

    That said, the Concours d'Elegance events have great awards and I especially love the Dayton Concours d'Elegance awards. 

  3. 18 minutes ago, edinmass said:


    Lesters “squirrel-y in the rain“ no........they are much worse than that. And in the snow, they are absolutely useless even on flat ground.....from experience.

    In maybe 1978, I recall John Tornquist and first wife Kathy stopping in one evening on way from somewhere - in 1 foot plus of snow and they were driving their AACA Senior Prize Winning 1949 Cadillac 62 Series Sedan (in Maroon) - The stayed for dinner, but would not stay the night as they wanted to be back home to Chicago to relieve the kids sitter - They left about 10:00 pm for the drive from Dayton to Chicago. 

  4. 1 minute ago, edinmass said:


    Lesters “squirrel-y in the rain“ no........they are much worse than that. And in the snow, they are absolutely useless even on flat ground.....from experience.

    I remember being out with the 1941 Cadillac, in maybe 1981, on the fall AACA tour and we were about 3 or so miles from home when it started to snow -  by the time we were on our street there was enough snow the car was everywhere on the street and by the time we made it to the drive there was maybe 1/2 inch and we could not even get the car up over the curb at the driveway apron - we shoveled the street to get it in the drive (that was a set of Firestone's bought in 1979).  


    Sidenote:  I also recall being in the car in a monsoon and soaking the headliner and carpet from side to side (and pretty much whole interior) with water sloshing around on the floor (why keep driving ?  We had been on the highway for two hours and knew better to shut it off as long as it was running then fine, plus the more simple answer was - dinner reservations).  And, there was the time of driving the Franklin off a flooded snowfield with water up over the spokes on the wire wheels (first time shown too). 

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  5. As to tire covers - they tend to be a tight fit on most everything 30's - the tricks are installing partially deflated and on the Auburn's, I actually take a grinder to the tire and knock off the edges of the tread.  And, I have installed smaller sized and "unmatched" tires in the sidemounts too.   Bottom line though is "generally speaking " if your Buick has 6:00 under covers then you may be able to get a 6:50 in the spare, but never a 7:00 and certainly never a radial as they are too boxy a tire.  

  6. I am running Goodyear 6:50 x 16's with the concentric pattern on the whitewall (a reproduction period tread and whitewall patterned tire) - I have bought several sets now and have zero complaints (including driving in the rain) =


    As to Lester's - we had them on the 1931 Cadillac's and dad's expression is "squirrel-y in the rain" and as a result I have always stayed clear (that said, the car ran silent and the tires were exceptionally nice quality).  And we have ancient sets of Lester's show up all the time via - I try to replace or get owners to replace with such as Firestone's or Bedford's (something with a more period looking tread pattern, plus I have bought just about every other brand too BF Goodrich, Excelsior, Cokers, and ...) - The Lester tires best I can tell are a rebanded "Lincoln Highway Tire" - the Lincoln's showed up somewhere in the 1960's and best I can tell Lester's started being made in very late 1960's or early 1970's.  In 1975, for the 1931 Cadillac the only real choice I believe was a Lester or a Denman (which the Denman was significantly higher priced for the time).  



  7. On 8/7/2020 at 8:43 AM, Lahti35 said:

     as did my 1961 Saab with a two stroke engine. 

    I thought the Saab used needles bearing too or instead of roller - neighbors had a SAAB's couple and I recall him making the comment that at a certain point of mileage/wear you had to rebuild as if you let the wear exist you stood the chance of the bearings pilling up on themselves and damaging the "case" which was also the "race"  ?

  8. 2 minutes ago, edinmass said:


    I’m convinced the exhaust system is totally contaminated with oil and needs to be removed.......


    2 minutes ago, edinmass said:


    Ed, that is the joy of a Sleeve Valve car - the exhaust will never rust out :) 

  9. 22 minutes ago, Matt Harwood said:


    It has changed, John. It isn't the club or the hobby you and I enjoyed in the '70s and '80s with our parents. I recall doing all those same great events with all the same great cars and everyone driving the cars was the age I am today (50), everyone had kids, everyone worked to make it fun, and it was wonderful. The reason I love touring as much as I do is because we had wonderful times between, say, 1978 and 1986, before I could even drive. I still love waking up early before the day's events start and going out to the parking lot to see all the sleeping cars covered in dew. I love listening to all of them coming to life as we get ready to move out. I love catching a glimpse of another car just around the next bend as if I was discovering something new.

    Today all those people who made those tours so special have gotten older and no longer wish to do the events like they used to. They say they love kids and want them to take part in the hobby and enjoy the cars, but when kids show up, well, it doesn't seem to work that way. They want it to be easy and catered and organized by someone else so all they have to do is show up and write a check.


    It isn't the club (or the hobby) we remember when we were young. Not anymore. And unless you have kids that you've tried to bring to a national CCCA event, you're missing my point entirely. I don't particularly care if kids aren't welcome in the CCCA or at their events, I'd just like them to stop pretending that they are. That's better than letting us think they are welcome then treating us like assholes when we show up while simultaneously charging us huge amounts of money just to make us feel like assholes.

    My 100 year old grandmother referred to them as "the old people."