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  1. A 32 is a redesigned car and in some ways better looking (it may be their best year in looks as far as that goes) and the real advantage with a 32 is that they used a mechanical fuel pump off the cam so you do not have to mess with a vacuum tank and shutting the fuel on and off at the fuel bowl. They also created a lot of problems for themselves as 32 cars tended to rot badly (their first real year of dropping body down over frame). As to cars though - the 32 is nicely restored, but nowhere near the quality of restoration as the 31 in discussion (which far exceeds quality of the majority of 1931 V-8 cars for that matter).
  2. I do this perhaps every other week with various friends or via something we are selling via
  3. Ed is correct - CCCA does not accept commercial: " ... cannot be considered: 2. Commercial Vehicles including Hearses and Ambulances. Station Wagons are considered individually" = (see Classification Procedures page - which generally follows the list of Approved Classics as listed in the directory ex. 2019 Page 17, Second Major Heading). As to the Stutz part, I would have to read more and curious what they are powered with ?
  4. Maybe on the cheap on the front end, but black hole of money on the back end.
  5. This really is a great photo - notice the car has some customizing from the norm - no mascot, painted grill shutters, exhaust through the hood sides whether faux or real, and no addition of or deletion of wheel trim rings.
  6. I am not sure, but I recall (ex. 1931 Cadilac) the side rails go on after the front fenders
  7. The top looks a little pulled back from the drip rail above the driver's door - that will be expensive if not correctable.
  8. Yes, the BF Goodrich are available in 7:00 x 15 (they fit 1941 Cadillacs among a ton of other cars). The BF Goodrich nice tire too - I have bought many sets now. I usually go with Jegs for free shipping and if applicable discounts Or Coker: And, if you want a smaller whitewall then they have 7:10 alternatives (but not what I would call a 1940's tread pattern):
  9. Mark, I have played around with them when I get a car with them - I generally get a mirror with another inch of glass length - and have fiddled with the brackets and mounting = I have not found a car yet that I cannot improve upon what was done originally. The RR PI Springfield was only car I never fiddled with the mirrors - it had original rear view mirror, stunning mirrors on each windshield post, and stunning sidemount mirrors - AND NONE OF THEM ALLOWED THE DRIVER TO SEE ANYTHING.
  10. The dual mirrors are "practically perfect in every way" in anything pre-1933-ish - they allow you a better glimpse of what is on the right side of the road.
  11. Actually a really nice car and the 1 belongs starting the price, but strikes me the second number at 6 should also be a 1 or a 2 in the number. The bumpers are great on it (need replated though, as does the grill shell), and the headlights are correct, but a drum light may be more impressive. I think you could do better on the trunk (original I do not know, but it is still ripe for restoration or replacement). And, I hate to say it, but you need an auxiliary taillight over on the drivers side - people are just not anymore looking for a light in the spare tire (but they made awesome accessory stoplights for 20's cars and they are not much money on eBay or a good swap meet). Hopefully, this Hudson has a nice somewhat usable original interior - I have seen then in all cloth, leather, and leather/cloth combinations (pretty simple interior nevertheless), but if it needs a new one right away then ....
  12. It's a nice car - notice that it has AACA and CCCA awards "to the max" (inc. AACA Senior & Grand National and CCCA Senior & Premier) - very few cars ever achieve this (it takes multiple years to win all these awards and you can count the number each year that achieve on the fingers of one of your hands). And it has a bunch of rare 31 Cadillac parts that tend to be missing on a huge number of cars (that is what it takes to restored one to high point level and win major awards). Enjoy "as is" or crossed my mind that the a certain shade of Maroon could be used on the wheels and pinstripe (next owner could put their signature mark on the car).
  13. The canvas sidemount covers have a stainless bead on the edge - kind of nifty and you see such on Packards too.
  14. Take your distribution tube to the radiator shop and have them solder up the damage - it is brass so easy to do.
  15. Try going with a 160 Thermostat verses a 180. Also, a thermostat is a good thing as it acts as a flow restrictor often more so than a thermostat - keeps fluid in radiator for a certain amount of cooling time. Also, on the suction side of water pump make sure there is a coiled wire in the radiator hose to stop collapse under load - a water pump can be very powerful. Also, when tube is out wish around and make sure you so not have sediment in the head - you can always poke around and then flush with a garden hose prior to installing your new radiator.
  16. Nice car - they tend to be pretty driven hard and put away wet and/or worked over and this one strikes me as pretty middle of the road. it could stand a little wider whitewall and needs lots of tinkering, but nice car.
  17. I believe so - diffused the air so that it did not directly blow on you.