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  1. Yep, and perhaps they were a little shy on hardening technology (at least in automobiles). As dad says about many 30's cars - it was worn out at 30K miles (by the way if you work here in Cincinnati at Procter & Gamble, then I would have to say 30M for thirty thousand and MM is million).
  2. By the way, unless exceptional (and I mean TRULY TRULY EXCEPTIONAL) the day for over 100K project cars has sailed (perhaps $99,999.99 works, but ...). And, with the volume of projects cars coming on the market - let's just say I worked very hard at it to bail out over the past 8 weeks while the bailing out was good and stuff was at its near max value. There is now only one X left in the storage building - we will see where that goes over time. I am still happy to pick up projects (and always need one + to keep me engaged), but going to be much more choosy forthcoming.
  3. well, at least the interior is just amateur vinyl and not a moth hotel (all be it may have been a moth hotel once in time). Yes, I recognized it as the large Buick - poke around for wood rot (32 is a rough year for wood rot as they were trying new stuff lowing the body on the sill) and if not I would say you can go 14k-ish even given interior.
  4. It hit my shoe last night - 1K savings (foot is bruised though) - my having "butter fingers" sums it up nicely as it was there and next thing I was grabbing for it and .... Relocated the anti-fatigue mat for next project.
  5. It is a dedication and it gets harder by the day. It is also incredibly expensive - I should just open my wallet and ask people to root around in it until they are happy (happy for many to most would be emptying it and I do not blame them as I give people some horrendous projects of "that is really broken good"). Then there is just complicated: I think my posted somewhere here last week about my upholster threatening to "slap me silly" if I brought him another X to do - says I am great to work with, but my projects are much more not fun over the regular not fun projects.
  6. I like the disks, but would have been nice to have them all match and have all the mounting parts too.
  7. Sidenote: at our house the "restored" stuff does not last too long - I find better cars are usually upgraded originals or super nice originals. I have no problem with restored cars, but most restored cars are not all that well restored from a driveability standard (usually takes me a year plus to work all the gremlins out).
  8. Because they are more interesting generally speaking. By the way, ask someone who has ever organized a Concours about finding ACD cars to be on their show fireld. They want restored, but turns out most of the cars are "well driven" as they are eveyone's favorite tour cars (aka most people find that frustrating matched to many of the really shiny cars often has plenty of authenticity flaws to them and ...).
  9. You could probably go like 14K to 16K or so comfortably if the Coach/brougham has anywhere close to a usable interior (if a trainwreck interior then less). A rebuilt engine is still never cheap so that gives you some more wiggle roam perhaps.
  10. Years ago, Dad and I went into the Williams Rolls Royce to look at a New Turbo Bentley - the "hostess" asked if she could help and dad asked the cost of the black one in the window. She did the "have to ask thing." Dad asked her is she owned a home and she said yes. He asked if she asked it's price and she said yes. He then replied it was a shame she could not afford her home. She took offense. We then left and drove to Herman Albers RR in Zionsville and it was their lucky day.
  11. Your going to tackle the moth damage post your father's interior restoration ?
  12. Try this: Core-Sure http://damonq.com/Core-Sure.html = My radiator guy has been using it for 40 plus years and he puts a little in even on a new recore (anyway, a handfull of honneycombs in these parts have it in and are doing fine).
  13. Maybe 20K if it were in United States (and more loosely assembled for moveability).
  14. As to this car - price probably should be in the 30's somewhere (despite its flaws, it probably it equally strikes me as a pretty good car). And an S/C car with an S/C replacement engine is no big deal - common in Cords.
  15. Because the engine had issues - when you let a car sit with bad aluminum cylinder heads you get all hell breaking loose (so you have a car that is probably worth around possibly 50-ish if running and driving that needs 10K plus or minus of engine work (aka price is about right).
  16. Dis-assembly happens and bad stuff too = I try to tell people to get it running first and go from there or ... - point being to take it in small doses as you think you are going to rework something that it took 1000's of people to build in the first place. A good friend use to fully assemble any project and then take parts off and restore the parts to shelve them - basic point was by the time the car was dissembled the car was ready to re-assemble (lots of 100 point cars went through his shop on that process and only one car over 40 years did not get finished - that guy was cheap
  17. Horrid cars to put tops on - lots of extra work involved - my upholsterer says if I bring him another he will smack me silly.
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