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  1. Title says is all ... I am looking for a good solid (i.e. no serious rust) convertible. Willing to pay good money for the right car. I just wasted an afternoon looking at the red '59 LeSabre on collectorcartraderonline: about ten different poorly done patches in the trunk floor (some welded, some riveted), and convenient "access" holes to the rocker panels - all of this masked by recent paint, new chrome, and new interior. A "steal" at just $35K ... This is NOT the car I am looking for. I don't mind some rust-through on an all original car, but I do not tolerate a combination of fresh paint
  2. The subject almost says it all: we are selling a beautiful 1929 Stutz. This car is a rare 7 seater Speedster (body by Philips of Cleveland). More information and pictures can be found here: http://people.freenet.de/marcusschaper/stutz/ Best, Marcus Schaper
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