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  1. I am looking for some real nice outside door handles for my '51 Roadmaster. It is a 4D and three are badly pitted. I have looked at other GM models for that year and they are close but do not match exactly. Thanks! Rod
  2. I am looking for two items that I spotted fron my 1951 Roadmaster accessories pamphlet: 1. Gas fender door guard. 2. Buick Kleenex Dispenser. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Rod
  3. That is some car. Hats off to anyone who wants to customize a big Roadmaster; makes me feel that much better about my original '51. I've taken my Roadmaster to a couple of general local shows with mixed results. Mostly '57 Chevys win out. I love to go anyway because here in Vermont/New Hampshire, I haven't run across another '51 Roadmaster (I'm sure they are out there). I love original, nothing worse than looking at what appears to be an original with a modern sound system. But that's just me. What a boring world it would be if everyone liked the same stuff. P.S. - My radio works. Not too many AM stations in Vermont though!
  4. I took Estelle to the mechanic and he believes the noise to be a wrist pin. He says that the noise is not too bad and to leave it until the next overhaul. He says that 20/50 oil will quiet it down. Does this sound like good advice? Rod
  5. The sound is not a tick but really not a bang either. I had a '49 Chrysler with a similar sound and it wound up being the exhaust manifold. Although that sound was constant unlike this one. I had a mechanic listen and he said it could be a rod bearing (yikes). I use the middle grade gas so I would think octane may not be the problem. Thanks for all the replies so far. Any more thoughts about non-detergent? I would be happy to use a modern oil but I am afraid of causing leaks. The engine was supposedly rebuilt in the mid 80's. I've spoken to a lot of old timers (many at shows) who use the non-detergent and swear by MMO. Thanks, Rod
  6. Hi everyone, I am new to this board. Within the year, I bought a 1951 Roadmaster. Her name is Estelle. What a great car. She is two-tone. The body is black (as it should be) and the top is Cloudmist Gray. The chrome and stainless is unbelievable. I had the seats reupholstered to look original. I got the windshield wipers to work as well as the clock and radio! Two quick questions: 1. Fluids- Was told by the previous owner to use non-detergent oil. I am afraid of the engine "gunking up". Will throwing in a quart of Marvels Mystery at each oil change help to prevent that? I plan on draining the tranny. Merc 3? 2. I notice a knock when I first accelerate. I don't hear it at over 30 mph or when she idles. Any guesses?