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  1. I had the seats on my '51 Roadmaster covered with the closest material I could find a year ago. It was a wool/broadcloth material, two colors and the job was $1,000. Ouch! Rod
  2. I am looking for a driver's side front hood pin that fits into the locking/release mechanism when I tilt the hood of my '51 Roadmaster up. As you probably know, I have the hood that will release from each side. There are two pins attatched to each side of the hood and my front driver's side is missing. Thanks! Rod
  3. Brian, Well said and you are correct. The '58 is rare and desirable so the price goes way up. To be very honest, I love my '51 Roadmaster but I bet I would be just as happy with a '52 or '53. etc. It's because I happen to own a '51 that causes me to like it as much as I do. Still, the '58, I don't know . . . the word "pretentious" keeps haunting me. Rod
  4. I'm sure I'll get some flames on this but I really don't like this model Buick. It is a very nice looking car and seems to be in wonderful condition but I think it's gaudy. I was at a show a few years ago and an old gentleman came up to talk Buicks with me and looked at my car and said something I will always remember; "Buicks are quiet money." I've always believed that Buicks are meant to be elegant but understated. The '58 is over the top in my eyes. I guess that's what makes owning an old car fun. What a boring world it would be if we all liked the exact same thing. OK, flame away! Rod
  5. Hi John, I have reviewed that site and I must be missing the info because I don't see it as related to "yom." They do provide numbers so I can call. I was just wondering if anyone had specific knowledge of Colorado laws. Thanks for your help. Rod
  6. I am moving to Colorado this summer and am looking for info regarding whether or not year of manufacture plates can be used there and if so, if one or two plates are required. Thanks for any help. Rod 1951 Roadmaster
  7. All in all, I would say . . .Deal. Although I must admit that I am partial to early 50's Roadmasters. I like everything about them. And the name . . .Roadmaster, is there a better name for a car? Not in my book. Good luck! Rod
  8. I have a few parts that I would like to sell that I have collected over the years for my 51 Buick. If you are interested in any of the following items, get in contact with me and I will give you more info. I don't want a lot of money for the stuff, just a reasonable offer and postage. Thanks! Rod Radio - Non working, no knobs but all buttons. Looks to be great for parts. Gas Door Guard - No*Mar Brand. Still in original box. Will not fit Roadmaster Courtesy Light Bezel - Lightly pitted. Has opening for switch. Rear View Mirror - Off of my Roadmaster. Has the Day/Night switch.
  9. Hi Buke, I do still need it. Are you sure it is for the '51? If you have settled on a price, email me at Thanks, Rod
  10. Hi Fred, I contacted Bob's and they told me it is out of stock and the part has been discontinued. We'll keep on trying. Rod
  11. Thanks John. I will call him. I have lots of flexibility on my part so maybe he can help me out. Rod
  12. I'm relocating from Vermont to Colorado Springs over the summer and have two questions: 1. Does anyone know if there are any car clubs and/or shows and gatherings for classic cars there? 2. I have been getting quotes from carriers (open transport) that have varied by a $1,000. Lowest so far was a company I got out of Hemmings named Classic Car Guy. The gentleman I spoke to is a broker who seeks the least expensive company. Has anyone had dealings with them or know of an inexpensive company that they liked? Thanks, Rod
  13. I'm looking for a hood plastic emblem in real good shape for my '51 Roadmaster. I believe the emblem is the same for '52. Bob's Buick and Cars both have them listed in their catalogs but I was told they are out of production. Thanks for any help! Rod
  14. sintid58, You shouldn't feel sorry for me, I'm not the closed-minded one. I mentioned earlier that I have three American daily drivers and one German car. I am looking to unload the '83 American made Chevy Monte Carlo we have (what a piece of crap). My son is the one who drives the German car. I spoke of Camrys and Volvos because they have served me well. If Ford is involved with Volvo and the quality is still there, then fine with me. By the way, I would think that all the parts on my Buick were made in America, can you say the same with your recent Buicks? Assembled in America yes, all components made in America? Think again.
  15. Sintid58, I am truly happy for you that you are so happy and have been so successful with your Buick products. My Buick is 55 years old and runs very well. I am grateful to all who must own American automobiles because that leaves more Camrys and Volvos on the lot for me to choose from. By the way, I'm not anti-American. Far from it. Three of the four vehicles in my family are American. I want to see GM succeed. They must make some important decisions if they are going to prosper. For example, I would like to see GM make Chevrolet their truck division. Get rid of GMC. I think GM also needs to lose Pontiac. I can honestly say that I have never met one person who had a kind thing to say about Pontiac. Make Buick their car division and keep Cadillac to serve the luxury market. Rod
  16. I am the proud owner of a '51 Roadmaster. It is a great automobile. The materials used to build that car are first rate. I now own a '97 Jeep Cherokee as my daily driver (why Jeep mistakenly discontinued the Cherokee is a whole different matter). My wife owns a Dodge Neon that has 120,000 miles. I have been very careful to maintain both of our drivers and they have served us well. But . . . I did own a '89 Camry that I eventually sold to my son-in-law. When I sold it, it had 250,000 miles and was running fine. Yes, the seats were not comfortable. The metal that was not rusted was thin. There was not a great deal of room, but we are talking 250,000 miles here and it is still on the road. The only American car that came anywhere near that total number of miles was an 80's Olds Cutlas Ciera. Except for classics, cars are a bad investment. They are expensive and if you drive them every day, they depreciate in value. It just makes sense that if you drive them until they can't be driven, (as I do) you want a car that will go and go and go. My Camry was great. Many have commented on their belief that the quality of GM products has gone up. I would agree, event though I personally have had horrible luck with Chevrolets. The reason I won't buy a new car, GM or any make, is that I refuse to fund the huge benefits package negotiated by the UAW. I don't blame the UAW, or the workers for that matter, it is fair to negotiate for as much money as the market will allow. MY MARKET doesn't allow for paying that kind of money and I just will not do it. The point of all of this rambling? I refuse to buy new, it just doesn't make economic sense. When I do buy a car, I am going to buy a car that will give me the most bang for my buck. If it is American, great! If it is a Volvo or a Camry, then so be it. Rod
  17. Hi James, I have a '51 Roadmaster that has a knock when first started and then I hear it at very low rpm's. I have gone to several mechanics who have had experience with this type of engine and they have all said the same thing . . wrist pin. My engine was rebuilt in the early 90's and have been told to leave it alone until I am ready for the next rebuild. I have been told that straight 8 wrist pin problems were common. I am not saying that this is your problem but it may be something to consider. Rod
  18. Have a very Merry Christmas! I am sitting here in Vermont with my family as it snows outside. I just replaced my sending unit in the Roadmaster yesterday and the gas gauge works great. I am truly blessed. Rod
  19. Hi John, I have a video tape on classic car commercials that has the start and end of the song. I don't want to use it for anything special, I just would like to be able to listen to it. I think it's catchy. Let me know. Thanks! Rod
  20. I am looking for a way to get the recording of the jingle that was played on the Milton Burle show when it was sponsored by Buick. Does anyone have access or know how I can get it. "Oh I love to drive my Buick, with my sweetheart by my side . . ." Thanks, Rod
  21. Thanks for your responses Matt and John. I think it would be a good idea to join the national club and then network from there. John, I will be in-touch. The former owner of my Buick was a member of the Buick Club so I think it would be a good idea to "keep her in the fold". By the way, I had a mechanic who works on older cars confirm my suspicion of the wrist pin knock. He said that I really shouldn't worry until I am ready to rebuild (the engine was rebuilt about ten years ago). Does this sound like good advice? I don't want to cause further damage. The knock is only noticeable at start-up and low rpms. Thanks! Rod
  22. Hi John, I live right along the Connecticut River. Traveling west in Vermont is a real pain. I looked over the chapter locations and I am 3 to four hours away from the nearest areas. I have thought of seeing if there is interest for a chapter in my area but when I go to shows, there are very few Buicks and the owners I speak to all belong to the Vermont Auto Enthusiasts (of which I am a member) and show little interest in participating in anything else. Are there any chapters in Southern Maine? Here in Vermont, I would have no trouble starting an old Volvo club, they are everywhere. My wife loves hers, it has a quarter of a million miles on the clock. I just wish I didn't have to listen to ABBA when she drives. One can only listen to "Dancing Queen" so many times. Rod
  23. Just got the new issue of Hemmings and my '51 Roadmaster is pictured in the letter section (page 612). The Dynaflo leaks a little and there is a wrist pin knock but she's great fun to drive. I am really considering joining the BCA but there doesn't seem to be a chapter or events that are reasonably close. Can anyone discuss the unique advantages to joining even if I am unable to attend events? Thanks! Rod
  24. Hi John, I have a 1951 Roadmaster and I can tell you that you will go through phases. There will be times when you feel totally frustrated, but those times are nothing compared to the enjoyment you will get. I have had very few problems finding parts. I have spent more money on parts/repairs than I probably should, the hobby kind of sucks you in like that. As for the 6v vs. 12v, I see no reason to convert. I drove my Buick last night with the lights on, the radio, the clock, and the defroster without problems. A good generator and voltage regulator go a long way. Good luck! I would never own any antique car other than my Buick. Hope you will feel the same way. Rod